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Previous Comments For This Page

It's not working. Map doesn't appear and it's not calculating all the distances
On 08/12/2013

Hi, can you explain what is not working?
By Free Map Tools on 29/10/2013

Not working - again!
On 29/10/2013

Brilliant site for drawing groups of circles! Pity there appears to be a limit on the size of KML file that can be downloaded.
On 31/07/2013

gave me the exact info i wanted. i think its a great tool. i will be passing it along to all of my real estate investor friends.
By WALT on 16/01/2013

can i search mobile phone no. in city or any more this?
By amirmasoudhojattyjavahry on 12/01/2013

i find that it shows you the long way around and thus it is wasteful.
By michael mcgee on 10/11/2012

Terrible site! All the download links lead to software other than free map tools!
On 27/10/2012

faszinating ! ( Spock )
By Andreas on 18/09/2012

This is awesome, I tried a few other sites and gave up because of hoops that they wanted you to jump through. But I found no resistance or sales of any kind. Thank you!
By N. Balcom on 24/08/2012

An excellent tool that I have been searching for! Thanks!
By Rudolf on 23/08/2012

Great.where i get the api of this site
By prabu on 10/05/2012

how can I integrate this tool in my own web site. Is there any web service for that?
By Sameer on 26/01/2012

Perfect just what I needed
By BlueTop Lettings on 21/06/2011

after many attempts on other websites finally this one helped me calculate the school area to see if i could find out if we are in the cathchment area THANKYOU
By lisa jean on 20/10/2010

Thank you
By Yoel Covel on 06/10/2010

Great. Used to check distances to schools to check entry criteria correctly applied.
By Dave, Surrey on 26/08/2010

Fantastic tool for calculating distance from home to school for school appeal
On 06/05/2010

Great Site. Very hard to get something of real value on the internet without all the sneaky peripherals and selling/sign-up angles. This is good. Useful and appreciated, Thank you.
By Philip Pass on 28/10/2009

I thought it was a great app, being able to cut and paste to a document would be great, or for electronic form. With that said it's still a GREAT App!!
By Christina W on 15/10/2009

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