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Can I print a map?

Please refer to

How do I use a map?


This moves the map up and down and from side to side. Much like sliding a page around on a desk in front of you. Click and hold the map using your left mouse button and then move your mouse to move the map OR use the pan buttons :

Pan Buttons

Simply click on one of the arrows to map the map along in that direction by one notch.


Use the slider along the left hand side to zoom the map in or out :

Zoom Slider

This will make an area larger so that you can see more detail.

Map Type

Use the Map Type Buttons to change the type of map displayed :

Map Type Buttons

The 3 buttons show the following views:

Can a tool be used to do XYZ instead?

If you wish a tool do something similar but slightly different or in a different way please contact Free Map Tools using the online contact form. We do respond to most queries even if the answer is no!

How do I Contact Free Map Tools?

The best way to contact Free Map Tools is to use the online form. Remember to include your email address if you require a response. All efforts are made to respond to all enquires as soon as possible.

A Tool isn't Working for me

IE6 Users

There have been reports of maps not loading in IE6. The suggestion is to:

If you are still having problems then please contact us as described below


If something on this website does not appear to be working then we do want to hear from you. Please contact Free Map Tools via email. Remember to include your email address if you require a response. Please provide details of..

All efforts are made to respond to all enquires as soon as possible, but please remember that Free Map Tools guarantees nothing is terms of support, only our good will to help users out.

Previous Comments For This Page

Curiously, almost anywhere you are on habitable Earth, the exact opposite side is water. Just goes to show how much water covers the Earth.
By Skeen on 24/01/2015

Thank you, I wish Google Maps had such functionality integrated. Great work and thanks for having such a helpful site.
By Mosin on 22/01/2015

Hi Richard, the precision of the lat/lng doesn't match up the accuracy. Its something we have never considered but you make a valid point.
By Free Map Tools on 18/12/2014

Hi Garry, which page are you referring to?
By Free Map Tools on 16/12/2014

is there a way to use feet when measuring? But this is great anyhow.
By Garry on 16/12/2014

How come so many of the latitudes and longitudes are presented to such high apparent precision? The seventh decimal place corresponds to about a metre.
By Richard on 23/11/2014

Hi Brian, we have added a new option to the Settings inside the User Menu. This lets you change the size of the marker.
By Free Map Tools on 03/11/2014

Can I change the icon from a balloon to something smaller? The balloon is so large it is sometimes in the way of the next point.
By Brian on 01/11/2014

Hi Sheryl, Just to check, counties for which country?
By Free Map Tools on 30/09/2014

I really, really, really need to have the counties outlined.
By Sheryl on 26/09/2014

Hi Brian, once every few months. Please provide an example and we will look in to it.
By Free Map Tools on 16/09/2014

How often is ZIP data updated? ...there have been instances where ZIP codes were not pulled into a radius query that fell well within the parameters.
By Brian on 16/09/2014

Still wish you would show counties!
By Barb on 14/08/2014

Can i use this map in Java webapplication. Please let me know the procedure for the same
On 01/08/2014

Vcar, unfortunately this is not possible at the current time.
By Free Map Tools on 25/06/2014

Great tools, but how can i use multiple tools...ex. combination "how far..." and "radius"
By Vcar on 25/06/2014

Hi Amit, there is a Full Screen option that becomes visible when you expand the Map Options
By Free Map Tools on 14/04/2014

Hi Free map team, can we use full screen option in this app, if its not there then request you to provide a full screen view of the map (radius around the point) to view it clearly. Thanks
By Amit on 11/04/2014

Hi, it is just just Longitude and Latitude.
By Free Map Tools on 01/04/2014

Absolutely terrific! Are the calculated areas given in "surface area" to account for mountainous elevations or just Longitude Latitude?
By Allan on 31/03/2014

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