List of Map Tools

There now follows a list of all the tools available on Free Map Tools:

General Tools

General map tools that are relevant to all locations.

USA FlagUSA (ZIP Code) Related

Tools that are specific to the USA and concern ZIP codes.

UK FlagUK And UK Postcode Related

Tools that are specific to the UK and UK Postcodes.

Australia FlagAustralia Related

Tools that are specific to Australia

Canada FlagCanada Related

Tools that are specific to Canada

France FlagFrance Related

Tools that are specific to France

India FlagIndia Related

Tools that are specific to India


Reference and downloads.

If you have any suggestions for possible tools to use then get in contact.

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Not helped much
By Aastha on 24/02/2015

Love to be able to find all "keyword" within a area. for example: all "dentists" within a "3mile" radius. I'd like to plot them as well as list them"
By Bobby on 12/02/2015

excelentes herramientas
On 04/01/2015

Thank you , this is very helpful
By Dimas on 01/12/2014

very cool but we are missing German postal codes!
By Erick on 01/11/2014

By Dan on 05/10/2014

Thanks for all the great tools!
By John on 19/06/2013

Thank YOU!
On 17/01/2013

Absolutely outstanding. Thank you
By Denise Welsh on 14/01/2013

es excelente
By enrique on 27/11/2012

Great Tools !
By Praveen Kumar Reddy Chinta on 26/11/2012

Very useful. Do you have the google coordinates that you use to outline the various postcode areas? (the red outlines on your home page map). I'm needing to assign postcodes to various areas and these would be really useful! Some great tools by the way!
By Dilbert on 16/09/2012

how do i change the measurement to air miles or nautical miles?
On 16/09/2012

this is really helpful for my "proportional states" project!!! thank you website!!
By petra on 14/05/2012

This is very useful for my vehicle fuel economy simulation
By Prakash Puttewar on 20/03/2012

This is awesome for my project. Thanks
By Chris on 01/12/2011

Thanks - fascinating and useful. Much appreciated.
By Terry on 13/09/2011

Hey this is very useful. Thank you sooo much.
By Dalreen on 05/05/2011

This is great stuff! It was the best zip code radius I could find. I can't wait to dig more into them.
By Chris Walden on 30/03/2011

Thanks muchly. Really good stuff here, very useful for me today and hopefully again
By Brian on 07/02/2010

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