International Meeting Centre of Gravity Tool

Use this tool to find the best place to hold a meeting for it's attendees by inputting various international addresses. The international COG tool will then work out the centre of gravity for the meeting. This will be represented by a marker on the map. This marker may be on land or on the sea. If it is on land, then the nearest address will be shown.

International Meeting COG

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Input Data

Address 1
Address 2
Address 3
Address 4
Address 5
Address 6
Address 7
Address 8
Address 9
Address 10

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How To Use

Input two or more addresses in the text boxes provided. Click the Find COG button.

Pre-Defined Search Using Query String

You can predefine the search using query string parameters. For example
So use a=1,a2=,a3= etc... up to 10 addresses

Version History

Comments For This Page

By Free Map Tools on 17th November 2023

add more space
On 17th November 2023

Sorry, I don't understand your question.
By Free Map Tools on 26th November 2019

why there this not support coordinates?
On 24th November 2019

No, the maximum is 10
By Free Map Tools on 29th July 2019

Can I input more than 10 places?
By Marvin Kennebeck on 28th July 2019

can it calculate out the average radius from the COG to all of the cities enteredÉ Or else the center of a freehand-drawn polygonal area on the map?
By JB on 21st January 2019

elisa, you can do that using this tool : Radius Around a Point on a Map.
By Free Map Tools on 7th June 2015

LOVE IT and use it all the time to meet clients. Is there a way to add a radius around the central location point?
By elisa padilla on 6th June 2015

1)Can we add more addresses to the COG list? 2)Can we use multiple features on a map (e.g. Concentric circles and also the COG on the same map or others simultaneously) 3) Add Multiple placeholders to a map. I am really sorry, but I know I am asking for a lot especially, when it is a free service you are providing.
By Rufus on 27th January 2015

Hi Rufus, good idea. We will look in to this.
By Free Map Tools on 27th January 2015

Can we get the address (or location), when we click on a placeholder?
By Rufus on 27th January 2015

Hi Jo, there is a UK version here ...Meeting COG For Postcodes but there is no driving route.
By Free Map Tools on 16th November 2014

This is good! Just wondering if you can create a UK version, including drivetimes? Many thanks
By Jo on 12th November 2014

By Ian on 4th September 2014

Hi Rich, thanks for reporting. This should now be fixed.
By Free Map Tools on 7th July 2014

Tried Florida and New Zealand, got a spot off the E coast of Africa. I would have thought mid-Pacific more likely. Date-line issue?
By Rich on 6th July 2014

Hi, It should now work.
By Free Map Tools on 25th February 2014

I don't see the map. Is this supposed to be up and running?
By Olivier on 25th February 2014

Fantastic tool. Is there anyway to add more addresses?
By pmjf1977 on 9th October 2013

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