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Download a list of UK out code postcodes with their latitude and longitude coordinates.


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The UK postal system uses postcodes to help with automating the sorting and delivery of mail. This is made up of a 2-part code, an out code and an in code. As the out code is the most significant part of the system, it can be used to obtain a rough area level break up of the UK. There are approximately 2971 out codes and approximately 1762460 full postcodes (out code + in code).


The uses of these out codes and lat/long values include mapping applications such as:

List Status

Current List : 2973 Outcode Postcodes

Total Possible : 2971 Outcode Postcodes

Number of missing outcode postcodes : 0

Current List : 1703526 Postcodes

Non Geographic Postcodes

AB99, BT58, CA99, CM92, CM98, CR44, CR90, GIR, IM99, IV99, JE5, M61, ME99, N1C, N81, NR99, NW26, PA80, PE99, RH77, SL60, SO97, SW95, SY99, WD99, WF90


Outcode Area

Full UK Postcode Latitude Longitude Download

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2013

Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2013

Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2013

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Previous Comments For This Page

Hi Andy, I can see the EC1, EC2 .... postcodes inside the CSV and SQL files.
By Free Map Tools on 21/04/2014

Hi, can't see any EC1, 2, 3, 4 postcodes?
By andy on 17/04/2014

Hi Tony, As far as we are aware, they are all active ... no doubt there are a handful of errors inside, but the majority are active. Out of interest, where are you seeing the [terminated date] mentioned?
By Free Map Tools on 20/03/2014

This is so useful, however the size of the csv file is so large that I can't open it in either Excel or Notepad . Since it looks like > 1/3 of the postcode records have been terminated (if I interpreted the fact that there is a terminated date correctly), would it be possible to have a version of the download that just included active postcodes? That would save download/import times for many people I would imagine.
By Tony Payne on 20/03/2014

Just loading in the data now, I think this will be really useful. For others that are trying to use this on an MS SQL server and finding that it won't load because of the size you might find this helps: sqlcmd -S (server name) -i C:\(file name).sql -o Taken from this thread:
On 17/02/2014

Thanks for reporting, these have been removed.
By Free Map Tools on 20/01/2014

Very useful, but it has an odd entry: 1699835,47,37.784963000000000,-122.418871000000000 What is that?
On 19/01/2014

Hi, There are more than 1.7M lines (postcodes) in the full CSV file and that number looks like the Excel limit so yes, I would assume Excel is unable to open the file in full and is cutting off rows.
By Free Map Tools on 07/01/2014

The CSV list I downloaded only goes upto 1,048,576 and misses all the C-G post codes. Is this because of excel having limited space?
By BennyHill on 07/01/2014

for christmas i want aiphone 5
On 06/12/2013

great job many many many thanks ;)
On 15/11/2013

After trying a few different encodings, I found ISO8859 worked for me. It would be good to know what it was encoded in though.
By Arthur on 13/11/2013

What is the character encoding for the CSV file?
By Arthur on 13/11/2013

Excellent! Thanks ;)
By Webby on 26/10/2013

Even 1 San Fran Long Lat in the list post code 43.. !
On 11/10/2013

Seems a few dud entries exist. Maybe a postcode verification tool would be useful. Also a column to state if postcode is no longer in use and what it has been replaced with.. Entries that are clearly not full postcodes yet found in sql are: AB10 BT36 WV5 ST10 BT93 BT94 47 CH43 SR7 SR8 CM20 RH1 DY6 DH6
On 11/10/2013

Great resource.. Thanks! It seems however there are 43764 postcodes missing compared to Code Point open. and 62373k that are in this not in codepoint.
On 11/10/2013

In the full postcode list CSV file, there are over 5000 postcodes with the co-ordinates "49.766805724377600, -7.557159803639920". This is somewhere in the ocean off the coast of the UK.
By Sam Anthony on 01/10/2013

MySQL found 22 duplicates when loading. They are ignored if you have created indexes. Fab resource though.
By Jonathan on 26/09/2013

Great resource thank you :) Is there any chance of getting the Postcode areas they fall into included in the download please? eg The Midlands, South East England etc or can you point me in the direction of where to find this kind of document? Thanks so much. :)
By Jess on 26/09/2013

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