Distance Between UK Postcodes

This tool can be used to find the distance between postcodes in the UK. Type in the two postcodes and click the Show button.

Map Showing the Distance Between Two UK Postcodes


Postcode 1 Postcode 2


Measure in : miles km
Distance as the Crow Flies : As the crow Flies
Distance by Land Transport : Land Transport

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How to Use Postcode Tool

Type in the first and second postcode then click the Show button. The map will then display the location of the two postcodes and also show the routes for:

  • As the crow flies - the straight distance between the points
  • By land transport - by car and/or boat

You will also see the distance displayed below the map for the distance as the crow flies and also by land transport. You can then type in more postcodes and click the show button to see more distances.

Note : This Postcode distance finder will measure the distance between full UK Postcodes.

Format of Outward Code / Out Code

Use the format "A(A)0(0)(A)", where:

  • A is a character
  • 0 is a digit
  • () means optional

Format of Full UK Postcode

Use the format "A(A)0(0)(A)_0AA", where:

  • A is a character
  • 0 is a digit
  • () means optional
  • _ is a space

So any input of 2,3 or 4 characters is assumed to be an Out Code format and anything longer than 4 characters is assumed to be a full UK postcode.

Uses of This Postcode Tool

This tool has a wide range of possible uses from delivery estimation to point to point measurement. If you know of a useful application of this tool, let us know.

Problems or Suggestions

If you notice any errors or have suggestions for further development, then please contact freemaptools.

  • Change land route colour from blue as it is easy to mix up with motorways.

Version History

  • 8th January 2015 - New function that generates link to share the result
  • 5th November 2013 - Implemented Google Maps API V3 including new google.maps.DirectionsService.
  • 20th September 2011 - Resolved issue where a postcode not found in the right hand textbox would be reported as not finding the value of the left hand textbox.
  • 9th October 2008 - Resolved issue when Show button is clicked multiple times and distance keeps changing. Improved automatic zoom function.
  • 23rd December 2007 - Added enter to submit function
  • 22nd December 2007 - Improvements to back end storage system and some of the text on this page
  • 16th December 2007 - Version 1 of functional system completed
  • 15th December 2007 - Page created

Relevant Links

Google Maps API

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Previous Comments For This Page

Hi, please use http://www.freemaptools.com/distance-between-uk-postcodes.htm
By Free Map Tools on 28/05/2015

Hi Iwould like to pin this site to my favorites ,but cannot seem to find the link for this ,could you point me in the right direction
On 28/05/2015

Hi Adam, sorry, we don't support this.
By Free Map Tools on 24/05/2015

Great site! Is there a way to implement the distance app on our own websites? Thanks
By Adam on 23/05/2015

Great site! i work for a recruitment company for all over the word and this shows the distance for us.
By Anonymous on 19/05/2015

What a spoiled and over-indulged society we've become when users of this free - remember, free - site make petulant comments about how its information has sent them further than they might have suspected. Have the complainers ever considered actually cross-checking against an atlas? They're readily available at most petrol stations...
By John Eden on 01/05/2015

Hi Jo, we will look in to this.
By Free Map Tools on 23/04/2015

I live on an expanding estate, how soon can you update new postcodes? TS17 5LU,TS17 5LT,TS17 5NJ. Thank you
By Jo on 22/04/2015

F.C.U.M football fan went to Halesowen town yesterday. Awesome site. Can't read a map. Just get the post codes.Stick them in sat nav. Never let me down. Recommended site P.T.B F.C.U.M supporter
By Philip THomas Bradbury on 15/03/2015

Hi, you may be thinking of the comments on this page ... How Far Is It Between.
By Free Map Tools on 09/03/2015

I saw some recent comments during the week that I wished to re-read and refer to, but they have been removed. So the comments now visible are NOT the most recent. The comments referred to some cross London journeys that were quite relevant to me.
On 07/03/2015

Very helpful map system. It's quick, easy to find information and accurate. Thanks to its founders.
By Dr Harish Nair on 20/02/2015

Thank you. I was hoping for an even more direct route, but I tried yours. It made a long dog-leg to create a route between consecutive motorway junctions, and I had to go quite a long way round to get to the motorway, then travel back on myself. Perhaps this is something that might be looked at in the future Keith
On 16/02/2015

Hi Keith, I didn't spot any questions on 9th. Sorry if you were expecting an answer. There will be times were the route selected isn't the fastest or the shortest. It uses a standard algorithm that does tend towards motorways when possible so there are times when local knowledge can find a better route.
By Free Map Tools on 15/02/2015

Further to my still unanswered question posted on the 9th, I tried your clogged M25 route yesterday. It took 35 minutes longer
By Keith Williams on 13/02/2015

Very useful. Helped my out when booking a hotel. Thank you,
By Lesley. L on 11/02/2015

Hi, which 2 postcodes are you using?
By Free Map Tools on 10/02/2015

i cannot find distance betwwn the above postal codes?
On 10/02/2015

I still think that this system too easily elects to choose longer routes via motorways. To go from Hampton to Woking via the M25/M3 interchange rather than a direct route via Weybridge and West Byfleet is madness. Sending someone on the clogged M25 unnecessarily is insane!! By Keith Williams on 09/02/2015
On 09/02/2015

I still think that this system too easily elects to choose longer routes via motorways. To go from Hampton to Woking via the M25/M3 interchange rather than a direct route is madness. Sending someone on the clogged M25 unnecessarily is madness!!
By Keith Williams on 09/02/2015

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