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This tool can be used to find the distance between two named points on a map. You can decide which two points to measure and then find out the distance between them as the crow flies and distance when driving. Type in the names of the places below and click the Show button.


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Measure in : miles km
Distance as the Crow Flies : As the crow Flies
Distance by Land Transport : Land Transport

Map Showing the Distance Between Two Points

How to Use

Simply type in the name of the two places in the text boxes and click the show button!

The best format to use is [City, Country] to enter a location - that is [City(comma)(space)Country]. You can also type in major places straight in such as "USA", "Tokyo", "London" etc. Postcodes and addresses can also be used.

When you click the search button, a search will be made to find which place you are referring to. Firstly, a search is made of an internal list of common places. If no match is found then a search will be made using the Google Maps API GlocalSearch feature. If this also returns no results then you are asked to indicate the location of the point by clicking on the map. This allows you to then see the distance between the two points and also inputs the location into the internal database so that the next time a visitor searches for that location, it will be found.

Once a result is returned, you can copy a URL to use as a permanent link back to the result for your own reference or to pass on to other people.

Note : For UK Postcodes, use the UK Postcode distance tool. Also, to find the distance between points that are not named, you can use the Measure Distance tool.

About How Far is it Between

This tool can be used to find the distance between countries, cities or towns.

There are two distances output:

The distances can be output in the following units:

The output is via a measurement of the distance and also a map that shows that two locations and the path between them as the crow flies and the route by land transport.

You can use the controls on the map to:

Some Examples of Distances

Some of the distances between cities that can be found using the system. Click on one to see it or type in your own places above in the text boxes.

Known Issues

If you spot anything that needs addressed, then please contact Free Map Tools.

Version History

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Previous Comments For This Page

it would be nice is this tool was able to determine a mileage radius around a given location
On 13/11/2014

seems to thing that Southern California is the same place as NSW, Australia
On 10/11/2014

It is very helpful and easy to use. It would be more helpful if there is a print option.
On 07/11/2014

Fantastic tool - extremely accurate. I use this to calculate pay for my drivers. They keep a mileage log and it matches within a couple miles. Keeps everyone honest!!!
By Barry on 04/11/2014

A handy tool for radio operators to find their contact mileage to other countries
By 690 Arkansas on 02/11/2014

It would be useful to have a 'via' option. The route suggested (Penzance to Dover) uses the main roads, but is two sides of a triangle.
By Rosie on 31/10/2014

Hi, the 404 should now be resolved.
By Free Map Tools on 29/10/2014

Handy tool, but the link that is generated results in a 404 every time for me.
On 29/10/2014

Why "as the crow flies" instead of air distance? It's 2014, not 1914. Thanks for the help, anyway.
On 28/10/2014

Very good
By Tilly on 28/10/2014

the distance from Borivali,Mumbai to Thottakad,Kottayam,Kerala, do not seem to be correct since the road map shown is via bangalore,but when you use the konkan route,via Mangalore,the distane will be less.
On 24/10/2014

This is a great tool, thanks.
By Cam on 23/10/2014

By Hahha on 23/10/2014

How do I convert the miles into hrs?
On 20/10/2014

Very helpful thank you
By Rachid kassanda on 19/10/2014

This is fantastic! I'm using it to plan my next road trip. It also came in so very handy when i was calculating the cost of automobile travel for my tax return. I've sent the link to all of my traveling friends.
By Barbara on 15/10/2014

Very useful
On 13/10/2014

Useful and enjoyable.
By Geoff on 12/10/2014

Phyllis , Yes, that sounds right. The number of miles on this website should be multiplied by 5280 to get the number of feet.
By Free Map Tools on 09/10/2014

My BB9900 wouldn't operate app.Please help out.
On 09/10/2014

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