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An online resource that enables visitors to easily and quickly use maps in order to measure, search and overlay mark-up elements on maps for a wide range of useful applications. Click on one of the Map Tools below to find out more...

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A list of some of the map tools that are currently available for use. There is a more comprehensive list of tools and resources here.

Radius Around Point Measure Distance
See the radius around a point you click on a map Find the distance between two points that you click
Radius Around Point Measure Distance
How far is it Between Area Calculator
Find the distance between named points A and B Calculate the enclosed area that you specify on a map
How far is it Between Area Calculator

Other Tools Available

Free Map Tools makes use of the Google Maps API, PHP and Ajax.This site is always being developed and improved, so check back often to see what has been updated.

Tools in Beta

Some tools not quite yet fully featured (or fully working) but put on view to allow feedback and suggestions.


A list of resources provided by Free Map Tools.

Previous Comments For This Page

In the area calculator, it would be nice if the footage was given for each parimeter line. Great tool though.
By Mike on 10/04/2014

Maybe we can rid the world of the "Know-It-All" GIS people!
By Handsome Squidward on 12/03/2014

me gusta mucho
By rafael on 02/03/2014

Great, so helpful since Google doesn't have the distance measuring tool anymore in the new maps.
On 19/02/2014

hola edgard gracias por el link, tus videos son muy buenos
By on 31/01/2014

very good
By Elio Bugueño freeMap tools on 28/01/2014

I Like it for truck driver who can only drive in 100 mile radius
On 08/01/2014

By Rah on 29/12/2013

Its very helpful to me. But I am not able to edit the route in the map. Is it possible? If so, it will be more helpful to find the distance between two cities through different routes.
By CYRIL on 28/12/2013

pueden decirme como imprimo o guardo el poligono?por favor.
By on 24/12/2013

By luis rey tapia on 23/12/2013

I need a map where I can create a radius geo target for zip code or city or an address, and show in the radius all the cities and zip codes. Could you show the population as well
By Al McClure on 09/12/2013

No, it doesn't take in to account any hills.
By Free Map Tools on 09/12/2013

Do the distances between two places take account of hills or does it assume that the earth is a perfect sphere
On 08/12/2013

it's a really useful tool.
By mairon on 04/12/2013

Is there an android app for all these useful tools
By fady on 04/09/2013

I think this is good enough to be used.
By malik M/M on 22/08/2013

It looks handy. Very useful for planning trips
By Richard on 15/08/2013

Great tools for planning vacations travel my trip to malaysia Thanks
By S PERIA KARUPPAN on 05/08/2013

i like maps
By lulu on 22/07/2013

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