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An online resource that enables visitors to easily and quickly use maps in order to measure, search and overlay mark-up elements on maps for a wide range of useful applications. Click on one of the Map Tools below to find out more...

Popular Tools

A list of some of the map tools that are currently available for use. There is a more comprehensive list of tools and resources here.

Radius Around Point Measure Distance
See the radius around a point you click on a map Find the distance between two points that you click
Radius Around Point Measure Distance
How far is it Between Area Calculator
Find the distance between named points A and B Calculate the enclosed area that you specify on a map
How far is it Between Area Calculator

General Tools

General map tools that are relevant to all locations.

USA FlagUSA (ZIP Code) Related

Tools that are specific to the USA and concern ZIP codes.

UK FlagUK And UK Postcode Related

Tools that are specific to the UK and UK Postcodes.

Australia FlagAustralia Related

Tools that are specific to Australia

Canada FlagCanada Related

Tools that are specific to Canada

France FlagFrance Related

Tools that are specific to France

India FlagIndia Related

Tools that are specific to India


Reference and downloads.

Free Map Tools makes use of the Google Maps API, PHP and Ajax.This site is always being developed and improved, so check back often to see what has been updated.

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This is an excellent tool.
By Jimmy kostro on 02/03/2015

There are some useful features here. Thank you.
By JE on 23/02/2015

Hi David, please have a look at How Far Can I Travel.
By Free Map Tools on 15/02/2015

Is there a feature possible such that instead of drawing a restricted radius of x kilometers/miles 'as the crow flies', one can draw a restricted radius of x kilometers/miles 'by land transport' and retrieve all zip codes and cities?
By David on 05/02/2015

This site is great! Thank you for sharing this article to us! good luck!
By Cheap RS Gold on 09/01/2015

Just what I was looking for!
By GT on 03/01/2015

Bonne continuation c'est super ! I love it
By Brahim on 31/12/2014

great site, very usefull
By delores on 16/12/2014

Awesome work. Keep it up India
By Vishal B on 10/12/2014

A great website I would totlay tell a friend
By Ben Ryan on 27/11/2014

herramienta excelente para trabajo
By ruben on 15/11/2014

Is any API available for integration of this in our web application
By Krish on 12/11/2014

Great Tool for drawing radius and create KMZ files!!! Greetings from Portugal
By Alexandre on 30/10/2014

Use this for work, great tool
By Entrep. on 25/09/2014

Does this work on a Samsung tablet?
By James on 10/09/2014

By JOSUE on 07/09/2014

thanks for your great tools, but the "population finder" is kind of outdated. doesn't work for Iran for example.
On 06/08/2014

Hi, if you can explain which page is not working as you expect and how it is not working, we will address any issues.
By Free Map Tools on 28/07/2014

doesn't work at all. Sorry excuse for a map finder
On 26/07/2014

doesn't work on my Win 7 laptop! :(
By Anthony on 16/07/2014

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