Find Population Inside a Drive Time Radius

In this example, we will show how to use multiple pages on Free Map Tools to estimate the population inside a ‘drive time’ radius. We will then find the estimated population within a 1 hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. Make your drive time radius. E.g.,%20Georgia&speed=60&time=1&accuracy=10&u=km&hw=false&m=false&mode=DRIVING
  2. Once processing has finished, choose Save Area from the User Menu found near the top right of the web page
  3. Give the new area a name

    Drive Time From Atlanta

  4. Go to
  5. Choose User Menu > Load Area
  6. Click your new area name from the list to load it
  7. Click the Find Population button

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Find USA Cities inside Radius

Need to find a list of US Cities found inside a radius from a center point?

Using Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius you can do this quickly. We will show an example of all cities in a 50mile radius of Denver, Colorado.

  • Step 1: Visit Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius
  • Step 2: Add the input parameters of 50 miles and the center point of “Denver, Colorado” in to the text boxes
50 miles from Denver, Colorado

50 miles from Denver, Colorado

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