UK Postcode Map

Map of the UK where you can see the locations of all area level / out code postcodes. This tool can be used to find out roughly where in the UK a postcode is.

UK Postcode Map

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Simply select the out code (most left hand letter(s)) in the postcode from the dropdown list and click the Show button. After a small delay the map will then show all area level postcodes in that area. If you hover over a marker with your mouse, you will see that postcode displayed.

To see a full screen button of the map, click the [Full Screen] button above the map. You can choose to show the outcode postcode boundaries or not by toggling the tickbox. If you wish to search for a location on the map use the search box above the postcode map.

List of Postcodes used here...

  • AB Postcode
  • AL Postcode
  • B Postcode
  • BA Postcode
  • BB Postcode
  • BD Postcode
  • BH Postcode
  • BL Postcode
  • BN Postcode
  • BR Postcode
  • BS Postcode
  • BT Postcode
  • CA Postcode
  • CB Postcode
  • CF Postcode
  • CH Postcode
  • CM Postcode
  • CO Postcode
  • CR Postcode
  • CT Postcode
  • CV Postcode
  • CW Postcode
  • DA Postcode
  • DD Postcode
  • DE Postcode
  • DG Postcode
  • DH Postcode
  • DL Postcode
  • DN Postcode
  • DT Postcode
  • DY Postcode
  • E Postcode
  • EC Postcode
  • EH Postcode
  • EN Postcode
  • EX Postcode
  • FK Postcode
  • FY Postcode
  • G Postcode
  • GL Postcode
  • GU Postcode
  • HA Postcode
  • HD Postcode
  • HG Postcode
  • HP Postcode
  • HR Postcode
  • HS Postcode
  • HU Postcode
  • HX Postcode
  • IG Postcode
  • IP Postcode
  • IV Postcode
  • KA Postcode
  • KT Postcode
  • KW Postcode
  • KY Postcode
  • L Postcode
  • LA Postcode
  • LD Postcode
  • LE Postcode
  • LL Postcode
  • LN Postcode
  • LS Postcode
  • LU Postcode
  • M Postcode
  • ME Postcode
  • MK Postcode
  • ML Postcode
  • N Postcode
  • NE Postcode
  • NG Postcode
  • NN Postcode
  • NP Postcode
  • NR Postcode
  • NW Postcode
  • OL Postcode
  • OX Postcode
  • PA Postcode
  • PE Postcode
  • PH Postcode
  • PL Postcode
  • PO Postcode
  • PR Postcode
  • RG Postcode
  • RH Postcode
  • RM Postcode
  • S Postcode
  • SA Postcode
  • SE Postcode
  • SG Postcode
  • SK Postcode
  • SL Postcode
  • SM Postcode
  • SN Postcode
  • SO Postcode
  • SP Postcode
  • SR Postcode
  • SS Postcode
  • ST Postcode
  • SW Postcode
  • SY Postcode
  • TA Postcode
  • TD Postcode
  • TF Postcode
  • TN Postcode
  • TQ Postcode
  • TR Postcode
  • TS Postcode
  • TW Postcode
  • UB Postcode
  • W Postcode
  • WA Postcode
  • WC Postcode
  • WD Postcode
  • WF Postcode
  • WN Postcode
  • WR Postcode
  • WS Postcode
  • WV Postcode
  • YO Postcode
  • ZE Postcode

Version History

  • 4th October 2012 : Version 7 - Postcode text now appears on the marker
  • 5th February 2012 : Version 6 - Added address finder to estimate address of map centre, including the full UK postcode
  • 16th January 2012 : Version 5
    • Now uses Google Maps API V3
    • Full Screen Option
    • Search Facility
    • Option to Show All Outcodes at once
    • Simplified Boundary on/off/single to just be on/off
  • 27th February 2010 : Version 4 - Added address finder to estimate address of map centre
  • 13th October 2009 : Version 3 - Added postcode area boundaries
  • 4th January 2009 : Version 2 - Added option to plot single postcode
  • 1th June 2008 : Version 1 - Simple interface set up

Previous Comments For This Page

Brilliant, centred the map on the remote location I wanted the postcode for and up came the result. Very handy page.
By Keith on 12/01/2015

Excellent, fast and accurate
By JC on 15/12/2014

This has NOTHING to do with what I searched on Google. This site sucks anyway.
By SP on 23/11/2014

I wanted to cut and past part of a map to help candidate coming for interviews to my companies new location but haven't been able to achieve this outcome on this website. Great clear maps though.
By John on 11/10/2014

very helpful and found the information I required within seconds. If people want to moan they should learn to spell correctly.
By Janet Horton on 09/10/2014

Absolute rubbish, I hope you have not pad anyone for this!!
By Alan Ward on 04/10/2014

Cant make sense of this website
By Andrew on 18/09/2014

great use of locating area postcodes. for my business prospecting
By Andrew H on 16/09/2014

Useless and incomprehensible. Waste of time
On 28/08/2014

waste of time!!
On 23/08/2014

Usless just another advertising tool
By cb on 21/07/2014

Its useless if it won't load
On 10/07/2014

Brillant resource, thanks very much for doing it.
On 14/06/2014

Hi Peter, which postcode did you enter?
By Free Map Tools on 29/05/2014

website did not locate the valid uk postcode I entered
By Peter on 29/05/2014

Useless.. i can get that info from a google image search.. cant find specifics.. why bother?
On 25/05/2014

The information provided here is helping me to create a really insightful mapping tool to track fraud. Thanks for making it all available. i do have a question though if anyone can help me. I can see that Isle of Man is acknowledged as having its own postcode boundary, yet there are no links to download IM postcode data. And this seemes to be uniform on all Postcode databases. While the IM area remains clean and fraud free for the time being, it would be a bonus if I didn't have this hole in the data on my end in case this changes. Any ideas?
By RobW on 28/02/2014

perfect for what i needed it for many thanks :))
By Iain on 26/02/2014

Useless, complete waste of time, NR30, NR31 etc all have the same boundaries!!! O_o can't why they even have it on the web!
By tb on 21/02/2014

I want postcode
By toby on 20/01/2014

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