How Far Does Santa Have To Travel


Have you ever wondered how far Santa Claus has to travel to get to your house?

You can find out how far it is between the North Pole and your house by using the tool below. You will also be able to see a map showing the route Santa will take from the North Pole to your house.

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About Santa Claus

Santa holds a huge list of children who have been good throughout the year. This list has the addresses, post codes and ZIP codes of all the children. The population of the world right now is 6,630,000,000 so if 27% of the worlds population is below 15 years old then Santa has had to visit 1,790,100,000 children (nearly 2 billion). The list, of course, gets bigger each year as the earths population grows.

Santa has less and less time every year to delivery all the presents to the good children on Christmas Eve, but you can find out how far he has to travel to get from the North Pole to your house.

Please contact Free Map Tools if you experience any problems using this tool.

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I want a family for Christmas
On 18/12/2014

Dear Santa I have nothing but want nothing even though I have been good. I would just wish that those in the same situation are looked upon favourably, especially those in colder climates.
On 17/12/2014

hi santa I think you are real I want iphone 5s and new shoes beats I have been good
By jordan on 14/12/2014

Dear Santa I have been very helpful good And nice and I will love if you can get me a iPhone and a laptop.
By Jada on 14/12/2014

Santa people don't believe in u but I do. I want a barbie dream house so much.
By ciera on 14/12/2014

By HAILEY on 07/12/2014

dear Santa I want an iPod and a monster high shirt and an ever after high all the chapters of ever after high books, thank you very much I've been good all year
By jaimme lecia on 07/12/2014

Can I have pokemon cards
On 05/12/2014

dear santa this year could i have ipone 6 please i haven be good this year and santa happy christmas
By gulmira on 30/11/2014

dear santa could i have iphone 6 i haven be good i would wait until santas comes in my house and happy christmas 11/30/14 by gulmira turakulova
By gulmira on 30/11/2014

I have been very very good this year. I would be super happy if I could have roller blades.Thanks you very much love, GRACIE
On 30/11/2014

Santa can i have a ipad and new headphones?
By Aaron Marnes on 30/11/2014

Santa I have been a good girl my sister are yelling at each other. What I want are beats wireless headphones
By Chloe4567rose miller on 29/11/2014

dear santa I been very good this year I want a Ipad and 3dsi and a xobox 360 and a xobox one ok !
By jaden coobs on 16/11/2014

To santer pleas can I have a bike for Christmas and merry Christmas
By Ellie-Rose on 15/11/2014

dear santa all i want is head phone marry chrismis
By by sarah emily perrin on 09/11/2014

Dear Santa can I have a sparkley shorts
On 05/11/2014

Dear,Santa Cluas and Mrs Cluas all I want for Christmas is a good year and a razor dirt quad fourwheer mx500, new pair of beats,a laptop and maybe a iPhone 6 please I have been good
By Arianna Young on 24/10/2014

Dear Santa please get me every I want I have been good .all I want is an razor dirt quad four wheeler, new pair of beats and a laptop and maybe an iPhone 6
On 24/10/2014

Dear Santa, please come to me this year and bring me mommy;(
By KubuĊ› on 22/10/2014

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