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This tool can be used to find places with a particular name


  1. Type a name to search for such as your own name
  2. Click Search
  3. Once the search is complete, you can see the list below the map and click on a marker to find more deatils

Version History

  • 19th July 2023 : Version 2.1 - Reset button added. Marker/place text now appears when mouse hovers over marker
  • 1st June 2020: Version 2.0 - Converted to Leaflet maps
  • 10th January 2017 : Version 1.1 - Bug fixes
  • 10th January 2017 : Version 1.0 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

This is pretty good but if you provide the excel version because with the help of this i can generate the details of the 1000 cities in one time.
By Aditya on 27th March 2024

I need car root finder wirh names of village going jamshoro tool plaza towards larkana city
By Hidayat on 14th February 2024

Out side
On 12th September 2023

How do I clear locations if I don%u2019t need them anymore
On 6th July 2023

I want to see my place
On 23rd June 2023

By Dragon rao on 20th January 2023

Find this city name
On 18th January 2023

Very useful in searching up weird places.
By Drew D on 5th January 2023

By Kedir on 10th October 2022

By Herbcookie on 1st October 2022

On 12th September 2022

By Moop on 26th July 2022

Very nice
By Drew on 25th June 2022

Tunisia, Poland, Iran, India, Azerbaijan, China, and Czechia are all sus...
By SuperGaming on 5th April 2022

Solid traffic solid traffic
By Luke Gordon on 9th January 2022

I am a rock .
By LinksSimp on 18th January 2021

Bacon, Ohio Bacon, Texas Bacon, Missouri Bacon, Indiana
By James Combs on 4th January 2021

On 22nd August 2020

It can't find a place called "London". So I guess that is a fail.
On 8th April 2020

Really needs a "Not found" message as suggested by Bill
On 7th February 2020

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