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An online resource that enables visitors to easily and quickly use maps in order to measure, search and overlay mark-up elements on maps for a wide range of useful applications. Click on one of the Map Tools below to find out more...

Popular Tools

A list of some of the map tools that are currently available for use. There is a more comprehensive list of tools and resources here.

Radius Around Point Measure Distance
See the radius around a point you click on a map Find the distance between two points that you click
Radius Around Point Measure Distance
How Far is it Between Area Calculator
Find the distance between named points A and B Calculate the enclosed area that you specify on a map
How far is it Between Area Calculator

Country Specific

To see a list of tools specific to a country, use one of the links below:

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Australia Belgium Canada France
Germany Flag India Flag UK Flag USA Flag
Germany India UK USA

General Tools

General map tools that are relevant to all locations.

Free Map Tools makes use of the Google Maps API, PHP and Ajax. This site is always being developed and improved, so check back often to see what has been updated.

Comments For This Page

This worked well, wish I could get a larger radiouse than 50 Km but still usfull.
By Trevor B on 9th October 2019

Serge, sorry we have nothing quite like this...
By Free Map Tools on 29th September 2019

It would be nice to have a compass tool that shows exact degrees from magnetic north pole anywhere in the globe on google maps (as in navigation charts), is there such a tool? Thank you..
By Serge Caz on 29th September 2019

Don%u2019t know why people complain, it%u2019s very informative. Perhaps it%u2019s beyond their capabilities to use it properly.
On 31st August 2019

Distance from your place
On 10th August 2019

how we can use this functionalities in our application?
On 8th July 2019

simple and efficient ;) thanks
By FBI on 6th July 2019

By K M Atikur Rahman on 28th May 2019

thank you love your site & answers easy to understand & lots of fun answers!! who knew??
By ann kessler on 21st May 2019

Great tool, but the new map for Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area lost functionality as continually zooms in after three points and no ability to remove points.
By Joel on 20th May 2019

good and bad
By gbg on 14th May 2019

Works great and so easy to use.
By Big Mac on 7th May 2019

Abha saudi arabia
By أمل on 26th April 2019

hello people
On 8th March 2019

Great for elevations.
By Francisco Fernandes on 26th February 2019

I did not get South America & Africa maps .
By Ruchi on 22nd February 2019

No elevation finder iOS 12 iPhone 8 Plus United States.
On 18th February 2019

Is there a Uribe tutorial on the site?
By John on 22nd January 2019

it's intersted
By yahia on 9th January 2019

How do down the app for android
By K. Mungai on 18th December 2018

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