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An online resource that enables visitors to easily and quickly use maps in order to measure, search and overlay mark-up elements on maps for a wide range of useful applications. Click on one of the Map Tools below to find out more...

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A list of some of the map tools that are currently available for use. There is a more comprehensive list of tools and resources here.

Radius Around Point Measure Distance
See the radius around a point you click on a map Find the distance between two points that you click
Radius Around Point Measure Distance
How Far is it Between Area Calculator
Find the distance between named points A and B Calculate the enclosed area that you specify on a map
How far is it Between Area Calculator

Country Specific

To see a list of tools specific to a country, use one of the links below:

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Germany India UK USA

General Tools

General map tools that are relevant to all locations.

Free Map Tools makes use of the Leaflet Maps, PHP and Ajax. This site is always being developed and improved, so check back often to see what has been updated.

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Make a flood map. because an alternative web site is expensive
On 19th January 2022

it is so cool i have never seen something so cool
By maalyna123 on 14th December 2021

I Am New Here So I am loking how far will santa travel to russia
By Unicorn on 8th December 2021

Awesome, seeing it on the map makes me actually feel closer to those I love and care about.
On 25th November 2021

I loved it....thanks to you!
On 15th November 2021

bad bad
By lily on 29th October 2021

What year is the population data representing?
On 28th October 2021

How do I get this map
On 26th October 2021

This is a great tool
On 12th October 2021

How to know aerial distance between two points by latlong
On 5th August 2021

How to check aerial distance between two GR
On 5th August 2021

Hello I noticed early this morning that my saved links from drawing lines on Freemap tools have all been wiped out.
By Steve Chong on 7th July 2021

Does anyone know if there is source like this can tell me how far I am at given time to the nearest freeway onramp?
By Gary on 16th June 2021

can anyone let me know whether it is applicable for South East Asian countries use
By Gordon on 5th June 2021

Do a map that highlights everyone who would be underwater if all ice caps melted and sea level rose 70m. I just used elevation checker and saw i would be wet but i want one for everywhere lol
By Chris on 5th April 2021

Hi all, anyone know of an online global map that will allow a number of separate users (eg all employees at a company) mark their place of birth? (We're keen to highlight the diversity of the origins of our workforce :-)
By Michael of Sydney Australia on 7th February 2021

Hi guys, I have a query, please note it is said in humor. My brother lives just outside Denver USA and I live just outside Brisbane Australia. Tomorrow is Australia Day, but due to the virus the usual crowd turn out for looking at the firework displays has changed. The displays in a couple of cities are now going to be set off in stadiums. By default, it means the fireworks have to go higher but by the same token people will see it not being locked into crowds. My thoughts were telling my brother the best way to see the display :-) was it look East or West, and Unless I overlooked something, your software picked the shortest route, for him and family to look west, but Denver is about a mile above sea level and the speed of light travels 670,616,629 mph faster than the earth spins at about 1000 mph. Now, could it be that by looking East and by standing on their roof and looking west they would have a better chance of seeing the firework display? Did I miss a button %u201CAs the crow flies.%u2019 that would of indicated to a second option.
By Mike on 25th January 2021

I'd to calculate the distance between 2 points on the planet by knowing only the geografical coordinates.
On 30th December 2020

Babu Rao used it for calculating elevation thank you
By Babu Rao Ganpat Rao on 22nd December 2020

Te best map tool ever, thank you
By Kris on 25th November 2020

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