How to Find Population Inside a Radius

This article will describe how you can use Free Map Tools Find Population on Map to produce an estimate for the population inside a radius.

Find Population Inside Radius Icon

  • Draw the radius by dragging clicking on the map at the desired center point
  • Adjust the position of the radius by dragging the center grip

Find Population Inside Radius Posistion

  • Change the radius itself by dragging one of the four outside grips

Find Population Inside Radius Button

  • Once the radius is correct, click the [Find Population] button. After a shortly delay, the estimated population will be displayed below the map.

Find Population Inside Radius Output

3 thoughts on “How to Find Population Inside a Radius

  1. Dave Guppy

    Interesting, useful. Two questions:
    1 Can you/how can you specify centre and/or radius numerically?
    2 What’s the ‘granularity’? That is, given the pop is an estimate, how small can the circle be without the estimate becoming too unreliable?
    Thanks, Dave Guppy

  2. freemaptools Post author

    Hi Dave,
    In answer to your questions:
    1) Not possible right now, but this is something we will add in soon
    2) We don’t have a hard figure for this but once the radius gets less than about 5 miles, the results do get a bit hit and miss.

    Free Map Tools

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