Draw Concentric Circles

Use this tool to draw Concentric Circles on a map. You can bulk-upload the location, start radius, end radius and fill colour for multiple circles at once.

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Units Miles km

Input Data

For example "48.857798,2.299962",25,30,blue

 Draw Concentric Circles 

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How to use the Concentric Circles on a map tool

  • Input one row per concentric circle, with location contained in double quotes. Then start radius, end radius and colour.
  • Click Full Screen to see the map full screen.
  • Click Clear Map to clear the map and start again.


This tool will draw concentric circles on map. This can be used to illustrate delivery areas.

Future Ideas and Features

  • Nautical Miles available as units
  • Transparency
  • Label for center of circle
  • Option to draw X concentric circles at an equal spacing

Version History

  • 11th November 2020 - Bug Fix with KML Export data
  • 8th November 2020 - Convert to Leaftlet maps
  • 29th July 2019 - Bug fixes
  • 26th July 2017 - Resolved issue with KML export in Firefox browser
  • 21st July 2017 - Full Screen option is now an icon on the map
  • 2nd December 2016 - Export to KML option added
  • 22th July 2016 - Text bok no longer clears when you click inside
  • 11th September 2014 - New User Menu functionality allows dthe concentric circles to be saved and reloaded
  • 7th February 2014 - Update to resolve issue with incorrect measurements
  • 4th February 2014 - Added Option for KM or miles
  • 27th January 2014 - Initial version

Comments For This Page

Worked it out - errant quotation mark on first line
On 3rd March 2023

"51.1374899,11.6904702%u2033,0,4,blue "51.2580935,9.4057882",0,15,red This worked on the first try, but now I only get the red circle!? And the textbox is clearing on click so like the last comment shown - making edits is a pain in the proverbial ;)
On 3rd March 2023

Allan, you can input each circle on a new line in the text box. So by processing 2 at the same time, this should do what you need.
By Free Map Tools on 13th July 2022

In the past, I found optimal routes between two distance locations in different states by drawing concentric circles of equal radii, one at point A and the other at point B (both specified as a set of GPS coordinates), using this excellent tool. Today, I find the concentric circle I drew at point A disappears when I enter the command to draw the concentric circle at point B. I can't remember what I did in the past to make both concentric circles visible simultaneously. (Typing "hold on" after drawing the first concentric circle did not work.)
By Allan on 12th July 2022

Thanks for the suggestion Antony.
By Free Map Tools on 22nd November 2021

Thank you for a useful utility. As an enhancement it would be useful to be able to specify an interval between concentric circles so that a set of n concentric circles can be drawn.
By Antony on 19th November 2021

"Prairie Village, KS",100,399,blue "Prairie Village, KS",400,401,red
On 30th August 2020

It would be great for math problems, if I could figure out how to use it.
By Rather not say on 8th March 2019

Jeff, it doesn't really take in to account drive time. More of a line of sight circle. You may be better looking at : How Far Can I Travel.
By Free Map Tools on 14th May 2018

How close are concentric circles and realistic drive times? (NJ)
By Jeff on 13th May 2018

Steven, an option would be to use Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius and use it twice then find the ZIPs common to both radius.
By Free Map Tools on 13th December 2017

Would it be possible to generate a list of ZIP codes inside an area where two circles overlap?
By Steven on 13th December 2017

Hi, you can use https://www.freemaptools.com/how-far-is-it-between.htm to find the distance between the places. So 130km between NTY and Philadelphia. The make the circles on this page half that or a bit more to get some overlap. So, 80km radius gives:
"Philadelphia, PA, United States",0,80,red
"New York, NY, United States",0,80,blue
By Free Map Tools on 7th March 2017

I want to be able to make circles around 2 points where I click so that the concentric circles meetup. Say Where are the halfway points between Philadelphia and NY City?
On 3rd March 2017

"san ramon, ca",5,5,blue "san ramon, ca",10,10,blue "san ramon, ca",15,15,blue "san ramon, ca",20,20,blue "san ramon, ca",25,25,blue
On 26th January 2017

Stephan, you can now export to KML format
By Free Map Tools on 2nd December 2016

Stephan, you comment has been noted, understood and something is in the pipeline.
By Free Map Tools on 29th November 2016

hi there, great job. but i think a very good additional feature would be to have som eexport, that can be importet in google-maps. this would be really great.
By stephan on 25th November 2016

satish, sorry this is not possible
By Free Map Tools on 23rd September 2016

Is it possible to create Square or Rectangle on the map
By satish on 23rd September 2016

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