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There now follows a list of all the tools available on Free Map Tools:

Country Specific

To see a list of tools specifc to a country, use one of the links below:

Australia Flag Belgium Flag CanBrazilada Flag Canada Flag France Flag Germany Flag India Flag South Africa Flag UK Flag USA Flag
Australia Belgium Brazil Canada France Germany India South Africa UK USA

Cant see your country listed? Get in contact and make a suggestion.

General Tools

General map tools that are relevant to all locations.

USA FlagUSA (ZIP Code) Related

Tools that are specific to the USA and concern ZIP codes.

UK FlagUK And UK Postcode Related

Tools that are specific to the UK and UK Postcodes.

Australia FlagAustralia Related

Tools that are specific to Australia

Austria FlagAustria Related

Tools that are specific to Austria

Canada FlagCanada Related

Tools that are specific to Canada

France FlagFrance Related

Tools that are specific to France

Germany FlagGermany Related

Tools that are specific to Germany

India FlagIndia Related

Tools that are specific to India

Belgium FlagBelgium Related

Tools that are specific to Belgium

Brazil FlagBrazil Related

Tools that are specific to Brazil

Mexico FlagMexico Related

Tools that are specific to Mexico

Netherlands FlagNetherlands Related

Tools that are specific to the Netherlands

New Zealand FlagNew Zealand Related

Tools that are specific to New Zealand

Japan FlagJapan Related

Tools that are specific to Japan

South Africa FlagSouth Africa Related

Tools that are specific to South Africa

Switzerland FlagSwitzerland Related

Tools that are specific to Switzerland


Reference and downloads.

If you have any suggestions for possible tools to use then get in contact.

Comments For This Page

I wanted to find the highest and lowest elevation inside a radius. This will be really really useful.
By FireExit on 18th July 2021

Yo do this elevation idea. I want to know who would be wet if all the ice caps melted.
On 5th April 2021

David, please try : Find Australian Postcodes Inside a Radius.
By Free Map Tools on 13th July 2020

A while ago I used a tool from you that allowed me to put in an Australian town and it would show the distance to all other towns in a certain radius (eg 500km). Is this still available as it was really useful? Thanks
By David G Herboldt on 12th July 2020

Is it possible to upload a list of addresses and see the number of addresses that fit within a certain radius (e.g. 5 mile radius)?
By Paul on 25th June 2020

Hi, sorry this is not possible. As you say it only works the other way around on the Elevation Finder page.
By Free Map Tools on 17th June 2020

Hi, Is it possible to find locations with a certain altitude/elevation using your tools? I think currently it is possible to find only the altitude/elevation of a single place. Thanks
On 17th June 2020

Can i get a list of all brazils post codes from somewhere?
By JS on 4th December 2019

Hi! Do you have any tool to find zipcodes inside radius in Portugal? thank you
On 12th October 2019

Would be nice to be able to adjust sea level up to see flood planes and areas in danger from rising sea levels.
By Malcolm G on 18th June 2019

Looking for a usa map software program that can draw a radius. And then calculate the number of households within that radius drawn.
By DaveL on 20th April 2019

how do I find counties in a circle ive created
By Ron Fuller on 1st October 2018

In light of the recent natural disasters in the United States, I'm looking for a map that would indicate the nearest "safe" cities I should to evacuate to. Example: If I live in eastern Oklahoma, and an event happens in Oklahoma City, what are the nearest cities I should travel to to maintain a known distance of 300 (?) miles --as the crow flies [not road miles]. The inputs to the map are: Desired distance (ie. 300 miles), My Location (city/state), and Event Location (city/State). Possible alternate to city/state might be gps location for more accuracy.
On 25th September 2018

Michael, can you give a bit more detail please? We are up for suggestions but need a bit more info on this.
By Free Map Tools on 14th September 2018

Hi, Please add a map that you can upload a CSV Name, Lat, Long and be able to polygon export the data into a CSV file. Many use cases I can think of.
By Michael on 14th September 2018

Faline, sorry this is not possible to control.
By Free Map Tools on 11th September 2018

Can you change the roads you use using this tool. For instance this takes me on some roads that are under construction. Can I change the road that I want to take?
By Faline on 17th August 2018

I love your Map Tools and use them a lot! One new tool I would like to see would be a "reverse Center of Gravity Tool" for the USA, where the user can define a search area and enter a set of points, the the map tool calculates the point (or points) farthest away from any of the user-defined points. This would be handy for businesses or public safety agencies (such as fire departments) to determine where their customers are farthest away from a site/station/store to help determine where to build new locations.
By Chase on 15th August 2018 i find business demographics on this web page?
By Matthew tusi on 6th August 2018

Frank, there should be a control on the top left of each map to change to satellite view.
By Free Map Tools on 17th May 2018

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