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The Free Map Tools User Menu is an addition to the Free Map Tools website intended to allow user-specific work to be saved, reloaded and shared between different pages on Free Map Tools.

There a number of aspects to the User Menu:

Explanation of Options

User Menu
Option Explanation
Save [Area] Save the [Area]/[Route]/[Radius] on the current page
Load [Area] Load the [Area]/[Route]/[Radius] on to the current page
Export Data This will allow you to export and data held in memory to a file that you save save locally. The file is in XML format
Import Data This will allow you to import a previously exported XML file. It will load all saved areas, radius and routes and allow them to be loaded on the page(s) on Free Map Tools. Note, all existing saved data is overwritten
Remove All User Data Removes all data stored on your machine
Settings Allows you to change various settings relating to markers
About User Menu This page!

XML Export

The XML export file can be used to...

Context Options

The options that appear in the menu are made available depending on the context (the page) you are on. Some pages with have no options to save or load. Others will allow you to save and or load. Depending on the page, there will be three 'types' to save and load:


User Menu Settings

The Settings option inside the User Menu can be used to change the appearance of the markers on the map. You can adjust the size of the markers by selecting Large, Medium or Small. You can also change the opacity of the marker using the slider. A preview marker is displayed on the Settings window. Once you have the correct settings, click Apply. If you do not want to make any changes, click Cancel.

Feature Table

A table to highlight the options for saving and loading areas, radius and routes on pages on Free Map Tools. Generally you should be aiming to save on one page load the save 'type' on the same or another page.

Page Load Area Save Area Load Radius Save Radius Load Route Save Route
Radius Around a Point on a Map     Yes Yes    
Area Calculator Using Maps Yes Yes        
How Far Is It Between           Yes
Measure Distance on a Map         Yes Yes
Distance Between UK Postcodes           Yes
Find ZIP Codes Inside Radius     Yes Yes    
How Far Can I Travel   Yes        
Find Population on Map Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Find UK Postcodes Inside a Radius     Yes Yes    
Find UK Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area Yes Yes        
Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area Yes Yes        
Find Australian Postcodes Inside a Radius     Yes Yes    
Find Australian Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area Yes Yes        
Draw Concentric Circles N/A (It's own custom type to allow save/load on the same page)
...More to Follow Soon...            

Suggestions and Bug Reports

Please contact us to highlight any bugs or suggest changes to the User Menu.

Comments For This Page

how do I print off the area I havemeasured On 22nd March 2018
By arsen on 23rd March 2018

how do I print off the area I havemeasured
On 22nd March 2018

How can I print the map with the radius that I have created?
By Judy Petersen on 16th January 2018

How accurate is this for Canadian cities? What is the source for population? What year is the census from? Thanks!
On 20th July 2017

What are the populations based on? Sources?
On 5th January 2017

Thanks for the feedback. We will review these and look to make improvements.
By Free Map Tools on 26th September 2016

both the instructions and the comments are unclear
On 25th September 2016

Thanks Rod
By Free Map Tools on 9th February 2016

I use the area measuring option regularly in my work... appreciate it a lot...
By Rod on 9th February 2016

The language of place names changes depending on the location. Where abouts are you looking?
By Free Map Tools on 30th November 2015

How do I get English names on the map???
On 28th November 2015

Hi, which page are you on? What this the URL?
By Free Map Tools on 9th November 2015

how do I print only the marked map?
By Tiago Cecatto on 9th November 2015

Hi Roger, just to check ... so you can see 1 or more saved routes on the saved routes list in the user menu?
By Free Map Tools on 2nd November 2015

Do I have to register to recover a saved route? I can't see how to use your website! I've saved a route but now can't see how to recover it!
By Roger Halford on 2nd November 2015

Great tool, saved my S trying to figure the locations contained within 7.5 and 10 miles radii around the wife's office.
By The Marmota 07/20/2015 @ 11:58 on 20th July 2015

All my comments refer to Radius around a point. Where you aware that the Large Map option doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. Also the Clear Last option seems to remove the first radius on a map where multiple radius are applied. Also you can't delete a radius by clicking on the 'X' on the map. I absolutely love this service and use it all the time. I'd love to help provide feedback to make it better. Kind Regards
By Alex Cameron on 1st June 2015

Charles, I'm not 100% sure what you mean. Can you explain in more detail please?
By Free Map Tools on 17th December 2014

Very interesting tool. There are times we have thought; (What's on the other side of the World?)
By Coyle DeMoss on 12th December 2014

When starting a new area, Is it possible to have a list of the prior areas? For instance 1,2,3, etc. ? Thanks
By Charles on 2nd December 2014

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