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The Free Map Tools User Menu is an addition to the Free Map Tools website intended to allow user-specific work to be saved, reloaded and shared between different pages on Free Map Tools.

There a number of aspects to the User Menu:

Explanation of Options

User Menu
Option Explanation
Save [Area] Save the [Area]/[Route]/[Radius] on the current page
Load [Area] Load the [Area]/[Route]/[Radius] on to the current page
Export Data This will allow you to export and data held in memory to a file that you save save locally. The file is in XML format
Import Data This will allow you to import a previously exported XML file. It will load all saved areas, radius and routes and allow them to be loaded on the page(s) on Free Map Tools. Note, all existing saved data is overwritten
Remove All User Data Removes all data stored on your machine
Settings Allows you to change various settings relating to markers
About User Menu This page!

XML Export

The XML export file can be used to...

Context Options

The options that appear in the menu are made available depending on the context (the page) you are on. Some pages with have no options to save or load. Others will allow you to save and or load. Depending on the page, there will be three 'types' to save and load:


User Menu Settings

The Settings option inside the User Menu can be used to change the appearance of the markers on the map. You can adjust the size of the markers by selecting Large, Medium or Small. You can also change the opacity of the marker using the slider. A preview marker is displayed on the Settings window. Once you have the correct settings, click Apply. If you do not want to make any changes, click Cancel.

Feature Table

A table to highlight the options for saving and loading areas, radius and routes on pages on Free Map Tools. Generally you should be aiming to save on one page load the save 'type' on the same or another page.

Page Load Area Save Area Load Radius Save Radius Load Route Save Route
Radius Around a Point on a Map     Yes Yes    
Area Calculator Using Maps Yes Yes        
How Far Is It Between           Yes
Measure Distance on a Map         Yes Yes
Distance Between UK Postcodes           Yes
Find ZIP Codes Inside Radius     Yes Yes    
How Far Can I Travel   Yes        
Find Population on Map Yes Yes Yes Yes    
Find UK Postcodes Inside a Radius     Yes Yes    
Find UK Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area Yes Yes        
Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area Yes Yes        
Find Australian Postcodes Inside a Radius     Yes Yes    
Find Australian Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area Yes Yes        
Draw Concentric Circles N/A (It's own custom type to allow save/load on the same page)
...More to Follow...            

Suggestions and Bug Reports

Please contact us to highlight any bugs or suggest changes to the User Menu.

Comments For This Page

What happened to the ability to lable a marker?
By Chuck on 10th July 2023

By ED on 15th March 2023

This is an excellent tool!
On 14th November 2022

download link is gone
On 28th September 2022

Should be working again now
By Free Map Tools on 31st July 2022

as of Sunday 31st July 2022 The distance only shows as crow flies not land distance Please can this be fixed
By Pat Graham on 31st July 2022

Very disapointed
On 26th May 2022

How can i calculate shipping distance?
By L on 27th April 2022

I am trying t find the distance from my location in feet, and I cant seem to click on any part that will help me find it
By thom on 20th April 2021

map gold iran
By iran on 16th February 2021

How do you change The display s language
On 24th October 2020

Raminta, sorry, this is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 27th July 2020

Hi, Can i upload a file with a list of locations (lat/ long or address) and get population estimate withing a certain radius for each of them?
By Raminta on 22nd July 2020

Hi Paul, sorry, that is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 26th June 2020

Can I upload street addresses and zip code and see which ones are within a certain radius from a given address?
By Paul on 25th June 2020

Map doesnt load
On 16th May 2020

I do not see a "clear all labels" option, also i was starting to get -32,000 for every place i clicked when i zoomed way out.
On 1st May 2020

This map shows cities and towns
On 9th March 2020

The ground height of my house is 20 metres. What is the reference point where it is taken from ? Ie what or where is zero height.
By Anthony Loach on 26th February 2020

Stuart, please try it again and let us know if it works now?
By Free Map Tools on 12th February 2020

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