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Comments For This Page

Very helpful website
By Muhammad Yousuf on 5th March 2023

I'm making a frontend portfolio project, so it's not commercial and trying to get distance for any two cities. Could you point me to an api to achieve this? Thanks guys!
By Milosh on 21st February 2023

@guy_who_didnt_see_Mexico - have to zoom the map - Wheel or Ctrl-Wheel :-) They don't have maps at all - it's just a layer on top of Google Maps.
On 16th August 2022

Dont see that south and central america are included on your maps. What about Mexico.
On 21st February 2022

Please have a look at Find ZIP Codes Inside State County City.
By Free Map Tools on 25th November 2021

Hi, how can i find all the zip codes for a certain state?
On 23rd November 2021

Amanda, which page are you generating the KML on?
By Free Map Tools on 13th October 2021

I can%u2019t seem to open a KML file in google earth. It downloads, but is not recognized as the right file type.
By Amanda on 13th October 2021

Do you have a database of all the cities, counties, zip codes, area codes and population for US?
By Shaz on 26th September 2021

Hi Sam. Sorry it's not possible. There is too much data to process to facilitate this.
By Free Map Tools on 16th September 2021

I'm trying to find zip codes 75 miles OUTSIDE a certain zip code. Is this possible?
By Sam on 16th September 2021

Which Map?
By Free Map Tools on 20th August 2020

This map have API?
On 20th August 2020

super helpfull site even i can make it work
By anthoy bealing on 23rd July 2020

Why can I no longer calculate a swim distance. I used to use this site all of the time but it no longer works. Whats the deal?
On 12th July 2020

Hi Amy, it should be working now.
By Free Map Tools on 5th June 2020

This site is broken, I put in a zip code and get nf2 in it's place and no distance is given. Please fix....
By Amy on 3rd June 2020

Hi Paul, we have a paid-for API to provide some of the back end services. Send us an email (details above) to discuss further.
By Free Map Tools on 7th October 2019

Hi Guys, Do you have an API ? Cheers
By Paul on 7th October 2019

Hi Do you have any API access? I want to implement same service on my webstie
On 8th May 2019

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