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Previous Comments For This Page

I want to enter a list of map points, then, be able to choose any one and be given all others within a selected radius of it.
By Lucas C. on 23/04/2015

thanks for your site. Could you please give some brief information about the method of population calculation over an area? thanks
By Rita on 03/03/2015

Oi. Wonderful app!!!
By Optimus on 12/01/2015

It's so useful and is cool that you can watch everything that happens!!!!
By By Alexis on12/24/14 on 24/12/2014

Very good does what its meant to, had none of the issues mentioned by others above.
By Nigel on 24/07/2014

I am frequently finding that the "crow flies" distance is listed as MUCH longer than the transportation route. Does that make ANY sense to ANYONE??? I'm not using this site anymore!! Either it's totally inaccurate or their CROW IS DRUNK!!
By Jude on 14/07/2014

It's not working. Map doesn't appear and it's not calculating all the distances
On 08/12/2013

Hi, can you explain what is not working?
By Free Map Tools on 29/10/2013

Not working - again!
On 29/10/2013

Brilliant site for drawing groups of circles! Pity there appears to be a limit on the size of KML file that can be downloaded.
On 31/07/2013

gave me the exact info i wanted. i think its a great tool. i will be passing it along to all of my real estate investor friends.
By WALT on 16/01/2013

can i search mobile phone no. in city or any more this?
By amirmasoudhojattyjavahry on 12/01/2013

i find that it shows you the long way around and thus it is wasteful.
By michael mcgee on 10/11/2012

Terrible site! All the download links lead to software other than free map tools!
On 27/10/2012

faszinating ! ( Spock )
By Andreas on 18/09/2012

This is awesome, I tried a few other sites and gave up because of hoops that they wanted you to jump through. But I found no resistance or sales of any kind. Thank you!
By N. Balcom on 24/08/2012

An excellent tool that I have been searching for! Thanks!
By Rudolf on 23/08/2012

Great.where i get the api of this site
By prabu on 10/05/2012

how can I integrate this tool in my own web site. Is there any web service for that?
By Sameer on 26/01/2012

Perfect just what I needed
By BlueTop Lettings on 21/06/2011

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