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Can I buy you a virtual beer or coffee?

Q: Thanks for providing this service, can I buy you a virtual beer or coffee?

A: Many thanks for the offer but we will decline any payment. We would however be very grateful if you could do one or more of the following:

Can I print a map?

As the website is rendered in many different browsers, it is hard to have full control over this, however the general procedure is to switch to full screen view, print from the browser and adjust the scaling to get the best fit. Switching to landscape orientation is also helpful.

How do I use a map?


This moves the map up and down and from side to side. Much like sliding a page around on a desk in front of you. Click and hold the map using your left mouse button and then move your mouse to move the map OR use the pan buttons :

Pan Buttons

Simply click on one of the arrows to map the map along in that direction by one notch.


Use the slider along the left hand side to zoom the map in or out :

Zoom Slider

This will make an area larger so that you can see more detail.

Map Type

Use the Map Type Buttons to change the type of map displayed :

Map Type Buttons

The 3 buttons show the following views:

Can a tool be used to do XYZ instead?

If you wish a tool do something similar but slightly different or in a different way please contact Free Map Tools using the online contact form. We do respond to most queries even if the answer is no!

How do I Contact Free Map Tools?

The best way to contact Free Map Tools is to use the online form. Remember to include your email address if you require a response. All efforts are made to respond to all enquires as soon as possible.

A Tool isn't Working for me

General Troubleshooting

Please try some of these steps to help resolve any issues:

Continued Issues

If after general troubleshooting something on this website still doesn’t work we do want to hear from you. Please contact Free Map Tools via email. Remember to include your email address if you require a response. Please provide details of..

All efforts are made to respond to all enquires as soon as possible, but please remember that Free Map Tools guarantees nothing is terms of support, only our good will to help users out.

Do You Offer an API?

Please get in contact to discuss.

Can I implement this on my website?

Free Map Tools does not encourage or support any functionality provided being implemented on other websites. There will be no free support given and no guarantee that any results will be accurate. If you wish to discuss custom / paid for solutions, please contact us.

Comments For This Page

Fabulous resource that I use often. Thank you. Cheers, Jim
By Jim Mamay on 19th July 2017

Lee, which page are you referring to and can you describe the blue overlay so I can be sure what you are talking about?
By Free Map Tools on 19th June 2017

Want to print results but the blue overlay is in the way, how do I get red of it?
By Lee on 19th June 2017

free map tools is great to measure the distance between locations, but what routes were taken to arrive at this distance.
By walter on 5th May 2017

I find it useful but I think you need to display the 'assumptions' like data source, technique used in estimation and projection, data good as of date, etc.
By Bryan on 27th March 2017

Cool tool. Sorry you're not up for sharing it. Would love to embed/access via API. Don't have the budget.
On 9th March 2017

Sam, please get in Contact to discuss.
By Free Map Tools on 27th February 2017

Api available?
By Sam on 27th February 2017

Can comments be searched? And can you remind me how to click on a zip code and then copy the entire list with alt or fn or ? Thanks!
On 13th February 2017

great tool, and great to see this as a service to the public without a desire to try and monetize it.
On 8th July 2016

Do you mind sharing the data source for US population? Thank you. Great tool.
On 4th February 2016

For population by radius, is this age 18 population or total population? Also, do you know what year data this information is based on?
By Stacy on 6th January 2016

Hi Mike, the data comes from the Google Maps Elevation API. I'm not sure about the original source or year of the data.
By Free Map Tools on 14th October 2015

Great tool for searching for archeological sites (indian mounds, American Civil War redoubts, etc.) that have disappeared due to urbanization. Can you tell me where the US elevations come from and what time period they cover? Thanks a lot.
By Mike Larkin on 13th October 2015

Great tool for searching for American Civil War gun positions that are now under houses and expressways. Where to the US elevations come from? Thanks a lot.
By Mike Larkin on 13th October 2015

TH, How Far Can I Travel uses a database of roads and some additional walking routes, but it wont be comprehensive so there will be limitations.
By Free Map Tools on 2nd September 2015

HI there, does the "how far can I travel" walking setting take into account specific walking routes or is it just run on the A/B & minor roads?
By TH on 2nd September 2015

Hi Jon, I assume you are talking about the page Radius Around a Point on a Map. Please expand [Colours and Line Thickness], under [Fill Colour], choose the [Clear] option.
By Free Map Tools on 28th July 2015

How does one remove the radius shading so the map can be clearly viewed on the iPhone 6 version?
By Jon on 28th July 2015

Hi Alan, this is not possible, but out of interest, on which page would you like this to happen?
By Free Map Tools on 17th March 2015

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