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Can I buy you a virtual beer or coffee?

Q: Thanks for providing this service, can I buy you a virtual beer or coffee?

A: Many thanks for the offer, you can donate using the PayPal button below

We also be very grateful if you could do one or more of the following:

Can I print a map?

As the website is rendered in many different browsers, it is hard to have full control over this, however the general procedure is to switch to full screen view, print from the browser and adjust the scaling to get the best fit. Switching to landscape orientation is also helpful.

How do I use a map?


This moves the map up and down and from side to side. Much like sliding a page around on a desk in front of you. Click and hold the map using your left mouse button and then move your mouse to move the map OR use the pan buttons :

Pan Buttons

Simply click on one of the arrows to map the map along in that direction by one notch.


Use the slider along the left hand side to zoom the map in or out :

Zoom Slider

This will make an area larger so that you can see more detail.

Map Type

Use the Map Type Buttons to change the type of map displayed :

Map Type Buttons

The 3 buttons show the following views:

Can a tool be used to do XYZ instead?

If you wish a tool do something similar but slightly different or in a different way please contact Free Map Tools using the online contact form. We do respond to most queries even if the answer is no!

How do I Contact Free Map Tools?

The best way to contact Free Map Tools is to use the online form. Remember to include your email address if you require a response. All efforts are made to respond to all enquires as soon as possible.

A Tool isn't Working for me

General Troubleshooting

Please try some of these steps to help resolve any issues:

Continued Issues

If after general troubleshooting something on this website still doesn’t work we do want to hear from you. Please contact Free Map Tools via email. Remember to include your email address if you require a response. Please provide details of..

All efforts are made to respond to all enquires as soon as possible, but please remember that Free Map Tools guarantees nothing is terms of support, only our good will to help users out.

Do You Offer an API?

Please get in contact to discuss.

Can I implement this on my website?

Free Map Tools does not encourage or support any functionality provided being implemented on other websites. There will be no free support given and no guarantee that any results will be accurate. If you wish to discuss custom / paid for solutions, please contact us.

Comments For This Page

Which Api you use to do the zipcode generation by radius?
On 25th August 2021

Upload should be working again
By Free Map Tools on 29th June 2021

can i upload my selected zip codes to my pc? not sure what KML means, but when i do a upload it just sits and thinks
By Keith on 29th June 2021

Hi Chelsea, which page are you inputing the coordinates? Usually the format is latitude,longitude. For example the Eiffel Tower would be 48.8582701,2.2943991
By Free Map Tools on 14th June 2021

I was wondering what format to put latitude and longitude coordinates? I cant seem to get it to work.
By Chelsea on 13th June 2021

Really liking the plot airport routes map... Thanx Would like to help in anyway I can. Can't really donate so if there's something one could help with, let me know. Great job!
By CaptnOgre on 13th May 2021

Can you tell me how accurate this information is and when the population census was last updated?
By JOhn on 14th April 2021

Lachie, which page/tool are you referring to?
By Free Map Tools on 9th February 2021

Can I input multiple postcodes at once? I tried using the XML import tool, but it told me my XML format was invalid. What is a valid XML format?
By Lachie on 8th February 2021

How to clear the elevation labels
By jeves on 25th October 2020

Hi Lisa, we are not sure which map (tool) you mean, but in general we only develop these tools to work on this website. There is no effort or consideration made to allow others to use the code on other websites.
By Free Map Tools on 14th September 2020

Hiya, is it possible to extract the map to embed on a website?
By Lisa on 11th September 2020

Awesome tool, very helpful! I noticed that some parts of the map are actually more up to date than Google maps. Where do you get your data from?
By Arnav on 29th June 2020

jens, no, elevations along the route are not accounted for.
By Free Map Tools on 27th October 2019

when measuring distance between two points, do you also use elevation data?
By jens on 27th October 2019

LEH, which page are you looking at? Is this the country labels on a map?
By Free Map Tools on 10th February 2019

great tool. I was trying to see the countries labeled in English. Available? or did I just miss
By LEH on 10th February 2019

Hi Dave, which page/tool do you need this on?
By Free Map Tools on 1st December 2018

I would like to use a VERY small point marker. Is this possible?
By Dave Skye on 22nd November 2018

I no longer see an option to output distance in MILES versu Kilometers. I have to convert all of the data
By Christine Bjorklund on 19th October 2018

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