UK Postcode Map

Map of the UK where you can see the locations of all area level postcodes toghter with the boundaries for areas, districts and sectors. This tool can also be used to find roughly where in the UK a postcode is.

[16th July 2018] Unfortunately, due to a large price increase in back-end services, we can no longer offer some features on this page.

UK Postcode Map

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Display Postcode Area Boundaries

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Display Postcode District Boundaries

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Display Postcode Sector Boundaries

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e.g. "AB10 1" will show "AB10 1", "AB10" will show "AB10 1","AB10 6","AB10 7" and "AB" will show all postcode sectors that begin with AB, but will take a while to load.

Plot Single Postcode

Display a Single Postcode  Plot 


Simply select the out code (most left hand letter(s)) in the postcode from the dropdown list and click the Show button. After a small delay the map will then show all area level postcodes in that area. If you hover over a marker with your mouse, you will see that postcode displayed.

To see a full screen button of the map, click the [Full Screen] button above the map. You can choose to show the outcode postcode boundaries or not by toggling the tickbox. If you wish to search for a location on the map use the search box above the postcode map.

List of Postcodes used here...

  • AB Postcode
  • AL Postcode
  • B Postcode
  • BA Postcode
  • BB Postcode
  • BD Postcode
  • BH Postcode
  • BL Postcode
  • BN Postcode
  • BR Postcode
  • BS Postcode
  • BT Postcode
  • CA Postcode
  • CB Postcode
  • CF Postcode
  • CH Postcode
  • CM Postcode
  • CO Postcode
  • CR Postcode
  • CT Postcode
  • CV Postcode
  • CW Postcode
  • DA Postcode
  • DD Postcode
  • DE Postcode
  • DG Postcode
  • DH Postcode
  • DL Postcode
  • DN Postcode
  • DT Postcode
  • DY Postcode
  • E Postcode
  • EC Postcode
  • EH Postcode
  • EN Postcode
  • EX Postcode
  • FK Postcode
  • FY Postcode
  • G Postcode
  • GL Postcode
  • GU Postcode
  • HA Postcode
  • HD Postcode
  • HG Postcode
  • HP Postcode
  • HR Postcode
  • HS Postcode
  • HU Postcode
  • HX Postcode
  • IG Postcode
  • IP Postcode
  • IV Postcode
  • KA Postcode
  • KT Postcode
  • KW Postcode
  • KY Postcode
  • L Postcode
  • LA Postcode
  • LD Postcode
  • LE Postcode
  • LL Postcode
  • LN Postcode
  • LS Postcode
  • LU Postcode
  • M Postcode
  • ME Postcode
  • MK Postcode
  • ML Postcode
  • N Postcode
  • NE Postcode
  • NG Postcode
  • NN Postcode
  • NP Postcode
  • NR Postcode
  • NW Postcode
  • OL Postcode
  • OX Postcode
  • PA Postcode
  • PE Postcode
  • PH Postcode
  • PL Postcode
  • PO Postcode
  • PR Postcode
  • RG Postcode
  • RH Postcode
  • RM Postcode
  • S Postcode
  • SA Postcode
  • SE Postcode
  • SG Postcode
  • SK Postcode
  • SL Postcode
  • SM Postcode
  • SN Postcode
  • SO Postcode
  • SP Postcode
  • SR Postcode
  • SS Postcode
  • ST Postcode
  • SW Postcode
  • SY Postcode
  • TA Postcode
  • TD Postcode
  • TF Postcode
  • TN Postcode
  • TQ Postcode
  • TR Postcode
  • TS Postcode
  • TW Postcode
  • UB Postcode
  • W Postcode
  • WA Postcode
  • WC Postcode
  • WD Postcode
  • WF Postcode
  • WN Postcode
  • WR Postcode
  • WS Postcode
  • WV Postcode
  • YO Postcode
  • ZE Postcode

Version History

  • 7th October 2016 : Version 8.1 - Bug fix when searching for Display sector boundary
  • 11th March 2016 : Version 8 - Split out functionality for displaying area, district and sector postcode boundaries
  • 4th October 2012 : Version 7 - Postcode text now appears on the marker
  • 5th February 2012 : Version 6 - Added address finder to estimate address of map centre, including the full UK postcode
  • 16th January 2012 : Version 5
    • Now uses Google Maps API V3
    • Full Screen Option
    • Search Facility
    • Option to Show All Outcodes at once
    • Simplified Boundary on/off/single to just be on/off
  • 27th February 2010 : Version 4 - Added address finder to estimate address of map centre
  • 13th October 2009 : Version 3 - Added postcode area boundaries
  • 4th January 2009 : Version 2 - Added option to plot single postcode
  • 1th June 2008 : Version 1 - Simple interface set up

Comments For This Page

Hi ralph, when you say "unable to get it workin", can you give a bit more detail please?
By Free Map Tools on 13th September 2018

no comment, i think someone needs to address issues here, i alos am unable to get it workin
By ralph on 13th September 2018

Very sad Great loss
By Charles on 13th August 2018

..... It does not work for me either. I tried filling in the single postcode field, then the Sector Boundary field, then the Postcode area field. NONE worked when I clicked on them.
By Adrian Hanwell on 6th August 2018

What has happened to an excellent Post Code finder; just does not work.
On 31st July 2018

As most people say, it doesn't work; no postcode displayed when double-clicking on an area.
By Des on 21st July 2018

cannot seem to get a postcode for a street. it would have shown at the bottom of the map, but now it doesnt.
On 16th July 2018

Post code function should now work.
By Free Map Tools on 15th July 2018

Post code function doesnt work
On 15th July 2018

Post code finding function not working. Placing cursor on location as usual but no post code identified.
On 12th July 2018

Brilliant website! Is it possible to add a KML export function for this please? Thanks
By Andy on 22nd June 2018

very nice tool, possible to add tool for export to pdf or jpeg map highlighted ?
By alifiya on 25th March 2018

Hello. I want to be able to shade selected postcodes areas in one go. eg all LU , HP1-4 and all SG
By Alex on 16th February 2018

is there anyway that the postcode sectors can be shown on the map as labels ?
By paul on 13th February 2018

any chance of retrieving greater granularity (FULL postcode boundary - i.e. LN11 8xx) ?
By Jos on 12th January 2018

Dun Street, Sheffield - all I can get is S3 - it doesn't seem to know in any more detail the postcodes for this region - even when I enter a specific house number.
By Neil on 9th January 2018

Hi, re. RH17 ... it seems in the right place: Crawley. Can you give a bit more detail about expected and found results please?
By Free Map Tools on 18th December 2017

Great site. RH17 district 'bubble' on uk-postcode-map.htm appears to be in the wrong place when looking at postcode area RH.
On 16th December 2017

Hi, I have some feature requests: 1) Bulk input of postcodes so we can input a list in one go. 2) Surrounding postcodes (If I select SE, then a checkbox to show any postcode that shares a boundary with SE would be useful) 3) A hybrid option of the District and Sector options where we can see the boundaries of individual sectors, but have a thicker boundary line and a pin for the District at the same time. 4) An export feature, and/or a way to save a list of postcodes to recreate a given boundary map. 5) The ability to add/remove sectors from by clicking on the map. EG. my work patch covers all of SE, except SE2, so an easy way of selecting all sectors, then removing some would be great.
By SR on 17th November 2017

This site had made my month!!
By Miss J Hatcher on 15th November 2017

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