Radius From UK Postcode

This tool will allow you to plot a radius around a point on a map. That point is defined by the position of the post code input.

Radius From UK Post Code Map


Radius Settings

UK Post Code Radius of Circle miles OR km  Plot 

 Zoom to Fit 

 Clear Map 

 Full Screen 

Show Mid-Postcode Marker? Show UK County Borders Show Postcode Area Boundaries

Label text for next marker label :

ExpandColours and Line Thickness

Line Thickness Line Colour Fill Colour Fill Transparency
Thin Red Red Full Transparency
Medium Blue Blue Medium Transparency
Heavy Green Green Low Transparency
    White White    
    Yellow Yellow    
    Black Clear    


Area covered of last polygon
km ²

 Generate KML 


  • Type in a UK postcode. The format should be XX00 0XX or XX00 or X0 0XX. The important thing to remember is the space in the middle.
  • Type in the value of the radius to plot in miles
  • Click Plot to plot the radius
  • Continue to add more radii to the map by varying the postcode and radius and clicking Plot again and again
    Click Zoom to fit to fit all the radius data on to the map
  • The clear the map click the Clear Map Button

Future Ideas

  • Allow user to change transparency and line thickness of radius plotted
  • Allow radius to be entered in kilometers
  • Allow remove a circle once placed
  • Ability to bulk upload postcodes

Any comments, bugs or feedback regarding this postcode radius tool would be greatly appreciated!

Version History

  • 5th October 2018 - UI Updates. Fixed bug with colours, thickness and transparency not taking effect
  • 16th September 2018 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 28th March 2017 - Bug Fix : Invalid, expired or partial postcodes were not found. There is now a catch-all method to find these postcodes
  • 20th January 2016 - Added option to Show Postcode Area Boundaries
  • 22nd April 2014 - Radius circle can now be removed by clicking on it
  • 10th February 2014 - Added option to Generate KML File of radius
  • 21st January 2014 - Added option to show UK county borders
  • 23rd July 2013 - Option to input radius in km
  • 13th January 2013
    • Converted to Google Maps API V3
    • Added extra options for line thickness, line colour and transparency of the radius fill
    • Add / Show marker now works retrospectively on all radii
    • New option to add a label below the marker
  • 9th January 2012 - Added [Show Mid-Postcode] option
  • 15th February 2011 - Reduced opacity from 50% to 30%
  • 4th April 2009 - Zoom to fit automatically runs after a radius is plotted.
  • 17th May 2008 - Added area covered output. Added colour choice for fill colour.
  • 21st February 2008 - Basic version created

Comments For This Page

Can I print the map, when I try it just gives me a blank circle
By Chris on 29th October 2018

Hi, not sure what you mean? It does allow you to plot 1,2,3 ... postcodes and keep them all visible. Do you mean something else?
By Free Map Tools on 9th October 2018

ability to overlay plots from additional post codes would be very useful
On 7th October 2018

Hi Liz, it should work now...
By Free Map Tools on 5th October 2018

Hi - I am trying to print a map using your radius from a UK post code with a transparent fill and a red line but, it keeps giving me a blue fill with a red line. what am I doing wrong?
By Liz on 25th September 2018

Works perfectly fine, don%u2019t know what the complaints are about
By Kim JooByeon on 20th September 2018

Date region
By P on 15th September 2018

Issue Fixed
By Free Map Tools on 14th September 2018

rubbish, I entered all the information but asked for when I pressed 'plot' - NOTHING HAPPENED!!!!! It didn't even try to load another (possibly error) page!
By ANON FROM ST NEOTS on 8th September 2018

doesnt work
On 2nd September 2018

Bad I can't see it properly (though there isn't phone's where I am right now )
By Princess Diana on 2nd August 2018

Wish it was more accurate as could be quite useful
By Gary on 20th July 2018

Great idea very useful
On 26th June 2018

Hugh, please have a look at How Far Can I Travel.
By Free Map Tools on 23rd May 2018

is it possible to add distances via roads not as the crow flys. example if trying to plot a map showing driving distances NOT distance as the crow flies? trying to plot a map which has driver distances for costs and radios doesn't do that accurately enough.
By Hugh on 22nd May 2018

On 9th May 2018

Paulat, use the print option in your browser.
By Free Map Tools on 27th April 2018

How do I print the map ?
By Paulat on 27th April 2018

On 10th April 2018

Excellent for job search areas
On 10th April 2018

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