How Far Can I Travel

Discover how far you can travel on land from a fixed point. Specify the start point, then input either how far you can go or your mode of transport with time available. This tool will then show you the range of locations that you can reach in that time on and isochrone map.

How Far Can I Travel Map



  Units of measurement km miles  
(1) Enter an Address  

(2A) Speed 0 KPH120 KPH
  And Time : hours  


(2B) How far can you travel km  

(Optional) Choose Processing Speed Vs Accuracy
  Avoid Highways?
  Show Markers?
  Mode of Transport?
  Fill Colour: Transparent


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Google Earth KML Output - Feedback is welcome as this will most likely have bugs
Once you have a radius on the map :
URL to link back - Feedback is welcome as this will most likely have bugs
Use this URL to link to this map :

How to use the How Far Can I Travel Tool

You do not need to interact with the map as it will move and resize depending on what you input. To start with, input an address / location in to option 1. Remember, the entire world has to be searched to find this location so make it precise. For example "123 Example Road, ExCity, Excountry" is a good method.

Next you need to indicate the total road distance you can travel. This can be done in two ways:

2A : By inputting a speed of travel and a travel time. For example you may wish to walk for 1 hour.

2B : By inputting a distance. For example you wish to find somewhere 50km away.

Optional, Specify how accurate you want the results to be. Accuracy can be low medium or high. This will result in the tool running faster or slower (more accurate means more time needed). If you find your web browser becoming slow of even crashing you are advised to lessen the accuracy.

Then click [Search] and wait a short time for the start point and all points on the perimeter of your range to be displayed.

Hover over a perimeter marker to see it's road distance from the start point and the as the crow flies distance. Click on a marker to see the address of any nearby locations.

You can then export the area to KML file with or without endpoints. Endpoints are the yellow pins that appear inside Google Earth


The How Far Can I Travel tool has been developed after requests by numerous people all of whom had different applications for it but all asked for a similar thing. "Instead of a radius as the crow flies, can you do a radius as the car drives" was the most popular way of explaining this. Please get in contact to report bugs or suggest improvements.

Version History

  • 30th January 2016 : Version 4.6 - Added transparent fill option
  • 7th January 2016 : Version 4.5 - Small improvement to search algorithm to help deal with coastlines better
  • 22nd March 2015 : Version 4.4 - Fill colour can now be changed
  • 16th January 2015 : Version 4.3 - Added Public transport to the list of travel modes
  • 10th September 2014 : Version 4.2 - Find ZIP Codes inside the area option removed - The new User Menu replaces this functionality
  • 15th July 2014 : Version 4.1
    • Multiple areas can now be added
    • Improved algorithm to prevent 'cross-over'
  • 10th July June 2014 : Version 4.0
    • Improved search algorithm
    • New option to select mode of travel (walking, cycling, driving)
    • Now shows percent complete during processing
  • 26th June 2014 : Version 3.2 - New option to Find ZIP Codes inside the area
  • 23rd January 2014 : Version 3.1 - Added Full Screen option
  • 13th November 2013 : Version 3.0 - Google Maps API V3 Implemented
  • 13th June 2012 : Version 2.9 - URL generated now includes the settings for avoid highways and show end markers
  • 27th September 2011 : Version 2.8 - URL generated now includes the units (km/miles)
  • 27th July 2011 : Version 2.7
    • Added notification when processing is finished
    • Added option to show/hide markers
    • Added option to switch between km and miles
  • 29th June 2011 : Version 2.6 - Added avoid highways option
  • 21st September 2010 : Version 2.5 - Added miles output on each markers's hover over event
  • 17th August 2010 : Version 2.4 - Added export to KML with End Points option.
  • 29th July 2010 : Version 2.3 - Added URL output to allow you to send a link with your map criteria to someone else.
  • 10th March 2010 : Version 2.2 - Added export to KML option.
  • 31st January 2010 : Version 2.1 - Increased maximum range to 999km instead of 99km.
  • 22nd December 2009 : Version 2.0 - New option allowing user to specify how fast or slow (inverse to accuracy) they wish the tool to run.
  • 25rd November 2009 : Version 1.4 - Added notification when address is not found. Before this nothing seemed to happen on screen.
  • 23rd November 2009 : Version 1.3 - Added nearby location text upon clicking a perimeter marker
  • 23rd November 2009 : Version 1.2 - Fixed javascript error in Internet Explorer
  • 22nd November 2009 : Version 1.1
    • Corrected units issue
    • Added as the crow flies output to the tooltip for each marker.
  • 22nd November 2009 : Version 1.0

Future Ideas

  • Allow input of time in minutes
  • Export polygon as shapefile

Previous Comments For This Page

What about leveraging google traffic to see how far you can get during certain hours? This would be really useful in seeing where one should live, you could enter the address and see how far you can go during rush hour to see if its a good place to rent.
By Adrian on 25/04/2016

Very nice, thanks for this.
On 24/04/2016

Logan, it should work if you put the lat,lng in the address field.
By Free Map Tools on 14/04/2016

Would it be possible to add latitude and longitude coordinates as the starting point?
By Logan on 14/04/2016

1.5 hr radius @ 70 mph top speed. Blue = USA-IL_Rolling-Meadows Magenta- USA-IL_Bradley
By John on 11/04/2016

Using the public transport option does not give a very good indication for how far can be traveled in a certain time.
On 07/04/2016

When I type in the address and do a 15 minute (.25) search, the resulting area does not even include the original point.
By Nick Chen on 28/03/2016

Great App; will come in very handy. I concur with JG of 24/02/2016 that the ability to compute distances based on various highway speed limits as opposed to a constant speed would be beneficial
By L. Krehbiel on 20/03/2016

Would be nice to be able to specify the time of day that we want to calculate the travel distance for. Example, travelling for an hours in rush hour is not the same as travelling for an hour at midnight.
By Jimmy on 14/03/2016

Miguel, do you need more characters in the address box? I have increased it to max 100
By Free Map Tools on 11/03/2016

I won't let me write the whole address. It would be great if I could pinpoint the location instead of writing the address.
By Miguel Brunell on 10/03/2016

Nick, it isn't possible on this page. Is this tool ... International Meeting Centre of Gravity Tool any use?
By Free Map Tools on 09/03/2016

Is there a way to "batch process" multiple radii from a text file of multiple addresses and a constant distance? We are looking to move the company and would like to find a location which is fairly equidistant drive time from all employees' homes.
By Nick B. on 09/03/2016

how can I download this in pdf form
By Jamie Howe on 04/03/2016

It would be great to use this tool as a way to visualize electric car travel areas with different types of charge types and ranges. Set travel distances around multiple fixed points based based on charger types (
On 01/03/2016

Ability to use typical street travel speeds would be much better than a fixed travel speed. (If I leave the city and start driving, I start as slower city speeds but then get to higher highway speeds). Use of this would make for far more realistic drive time shapes.
By JG on 24/02/2016

I'm in the process of getting a job in an area that I'm not too familiar with. It would be ideal if I could plot the area around my future work place that keeps my commute down to 15 minutes or less. This tool comes close, but it would be even better if it could consider typical traffic information (which Google's route planning system can). Anyway, it's already a big help, thanks!
By P.N. on 22/02/2016

For a long-distance trip consisting of several stops, would it be possible to plan the stops by providing multiple locations and speed/time parameters? For instance, drive from Washington DC to Los Angeles, but include reachable stops along the way (may not be straight-line). Of course, it would be possible to indicate the first stop, draw the map, indicate the second stop, draw the map, third stop, etc., but it would be nice for planning purposes to include these in one view.
On 21/02/2016

Thanks. Great tool for electric cars.
By FJ on 21/02/2016

This page is ruined for tablets once the ads start to pop up, can't even see what to enter where.
On 20/02/2016

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