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Map of the world where you define an area then find out the estimated population inside that area. You can use this tool to find the population inside a radius of any location in the world or define a custom area and find the population in the area.

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  1. Search, zoom and pan the map to find the desired location
  2. Toggle the Polygon or Radius above the map to start drawing a polygon or a radius circle
  3. Click on the map to define the outside edge of the polygon. You can move the edges after it has been drawn. You can delete an edge by right clicking
  4. Once the area is defined, click the [Find Population] button to find the population inside
  5. After a delay, the estimated population is returned and displayed below the map

Other notes:

  • Click the [Full Screen] icon on the map to view the map in full screen
  • Click the [Zoom To Fit] button to zoom your map in/out on the area drawn
  • Click the [Reset Map] button to start again

Example Population Estimate

Population esitmate for Dublin, Republic or Ireland

Screenshot of radius population estimate for Dublin, Republic or Ireland

Version History

  • 15th October 2018 : Version 3.0 - Converted to Leaflet maps
  • 22nd March 2015 : Version 2.3 - Radius can now be drawn with a manual radius and location
  • 15th January 2015 : Version 2.2 - Now displays circle radius in miles as well as km
  • 8th November 2014 : Version 2.1 - Added Zoom to Fit button
  • 15th July 2014 : Version 2 - Added radius circle search for population
  • 15th July 2014 : Version 1.1 - Polygon Search now works clockwise and anticlockwise
  • 28th June 2014 : Version 1 - Initial Version. Polygon Search

Comments For This Page

I think that you should have latitude and longitude for locations as well
On 17th August 2019

Only worked the first time i used it. gave me an accurate reading for the bay area at around 6.3 million. Did the Dallas Ft Worth area and it gave me 80k
On 6th August 2019

Combined population of KS and western MO returned total of 600k. I would expect it to be ~10x this many.
By rg on 22nd July 2019

literally completely incorrect the pearl river delta should have 100 Million residents but this map says 1 million
By sexy boi on 16th July 2019

taxation is theft
On 12th July 2019

I'd love to be able to put in a population number, click a point and get an approximate radius for that population.
By Dinobabe on 28th June 2019

Hi Roger, thanks for your comments. The circle should go away if you click [Reset Map].
By Free Map Tools on 10th June 2019

Current update map starts with a circle down I cannot remove or modify. It limits the usefulness. Unlike the other complainers, I appreciate ALL your brilliant tools. Some are just more functional than others. :-)
By Roger Perry on 10th June 2019

Population counts are off and useless. I now get 17 million inhabitants in an area that was given as 150 million a while ago. This sucks.
By Thorsten on 7th June 2019

U cant change the size of the circle
By Josh on 4th June 2019

Not accurate anymore. It used to be a great, reliable tool. Whatever changed caused population totals to be WAYYY low.
On 12th March 2019

The Full Screen button has been re-added.
By Free Map Tools on 3rd March 2019

Please - where is the FULL SCREEN button
By David on 27th February 2019

Hi, This services available with webservices? Thank you for your answer! Zsolt
By Zsolt Boszormenyi on 8th February 2019

It puts the estimated population of Istanbul and the surrounding peninsula as 146,000. There are nearly 15 million people in Istanbul alone.
On 7th February 2019

Ace - it's back working again. Thank you for sorting it out.
On 1st February 2019

I can no longer get this application to work either. I'm not sure how accurate it was but it certainly gave me a rough figure in the past to be able work with.
By Francis on 31st January 2019

this is a very useful tool, however it does not work anymore.
By Athena on 21st January 2019

What's happened? This was such a useful tool. Now no longer works properly at all... What a shame.
On 20th January 2019

Thanks, got what I needed!
On 7th December 2018

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