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This tool can be used to find an estimate for the elevation of a point on the earth. Click/tap the map or type the address in the text box.

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Click on the map or input a location below to find the elevation.

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To use the elevation finder tool:

  1. Zoom and pan the map to find the desired location
  2. Click on the map to place a marker
  3. You will then see the estimated elevation displayed below the map.
  4. Click again to place further markers and find the elevation

Other Notes:

  • You can find the elevation of any old marker by hovering over the marker with your mouse.
  • Click clear map to remove all markers from the map
  • Elevations below zero are not returned and will instead report 0m

Version History

  • 9th April 2019 - Click/tap on a marker to remove it
  • 10th September 2018 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 11th March 2018 - Estimated elevation now changes as the Street View position changes
  • 3rd November 2016 - Changes to number of decimal places in elevation reading and latitude/longitude
  • 4th August 2015 - latitude and longitude of location displayed below the map
  • 1st August 2015 - New option to estimate elevation by inputting latitude and longitude
  • 14th November 2013 - New search tool
  • 12th August 2010 - initial version

Comments For This Page

Great for finding height AMSL before flying RPA AGL.Height AGL + AMSL gives total height AMSL which can conflict with GA aircraft flying AMSL.
On 19th September 2021

not working
By rt on 14th September 2021

This Elevation Finder page is excellent and works well.
By DaveW on 13th September 2021

totaly useless
On 12th September 2021

I've used this tool successfully (via gps), and after receiving the exact value from city hall, I found it to be relatively accurate.
By Johnathan on 10th September 2021

This is a very useful tool for me! Thanks in advance
By Sulaiman on 9th September 2021

would really help if it also had a distance-measuring tool (so you get both elevation change and distance for the same two points)
By wRog on 8th September 2021

Sioux Falls, South Dakota is found : https://ibb.co/5KNpLw6.
By Free Map Tools on 3rd September 2021

This Site can't find Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It's elevation is 443 M/ 1453.41 FT
On 2nd September 2021

Loved this site when it worked. Now there doesn't seem to be a good way to search by address.
On 31st August 2021

By Moe on 31st August 2021

my area no data
By mh on 29th August 2021

This tool still does not appear to be working. Looking at a site in Temecula which I know is above sea level and map is showing large negative values.
On 24th August 2021

height above ssea level is absolute nonsense
On 22nd August 2021

no good cliffs near by
By neil on 18th August 2021

I am from Sri Lanka. I checked most of the local places. All of the elevation calculations are wrong.
On 13th August 2021

My house is on a hill with 3 acres of land sloping away. The map shows it to be flat, so not accurate.
By Martin on 9th August 2021

James, it should be working again now.
By Free Map Tools on 9th August 2021

The tool appears damaged/broken. When trying to input coordinates, pressing enter, then clicking on the map beside the input coordinates marker, the elevation shown has extremely large discrepancies.
By James on 7th August 2021

I can clearly look down the hill into the valley where my sister lives, according to your map she's 5 metres higher than my house. Whats going wrong?
By Chris on 6th August 2021

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