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This tool can be used to find an estimate for the elevation of a point on the earth. Click/tap the map or type the address in the text box.

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Click on the map or input a location below to find the elevation.

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To use the elevation finder tool:

  1. Zoom and pan the map to find the desired location
  2. Click on the map to place a marker
  3. You will then see the estimated elevation displayed below the map.
  4. Click again to place further markers and find the elevation

Other Notes:

  • You can find the elevation of any old marker by hovering over the marker with your mouse.
  • Click clear map to remove all markers from the map

Version History

  • 9th April 2019 - Click/tap on a marker to remove it
  • 10th September 2018 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 11th March 2018 - Estimated elevation now changes as the Street View position changes
  • 3rd November 2016 - Changes to number of decimal places in elevation reading and latitude/longitude
  • 4th August 2015 - latitude and longitude of location displayed below the map
  • 1st August 2015 - New option to estimate elevation by inputting latitude and longitude
  • 14th November 2013 - New search tool
  • 12th August 2010 - initial version

Comments For This Page

it's giving me a negative value, but I am on a mountain.
On 29th March 2020

I am measuring elevation around ZIP 51235. It is giving me the same elevation of 389.0 meters everywhere I click, even areas I know there are hills or valleys. Something is messed up with the program.
By NW IA on 27th March 2020

Very nicely done, thank you
On 24th March 2020

Actually pretty good, close enough to what I read from DTED Level 1
By SPW on 19th March 2020

Buddy, it's the river floor.
By Free Map Tools on 19th March 2020

when I clicked on the river, it has shown the elevation as -2, is this referring to the elevation of river floor or the water surface of the river ?
By Buddy on 19th March 2020

How often do you update your satellite imagery? When was this imagery taken?
By Lexy on 12th March 2020

The elevation is from mean sea level.
By Free Map Tools on 12th March 2020

What is the definition of sea level? is it chart datum or a mean of tidal heights?
On 11th March 2020

I can't find the Nile River in Africa.
By ksksk on 4th March 2020

Used this program to setup a professional weather station. The only other information that I needed was the magnetic deviation for my location so that I could set the wind direction instrument. Great job !!
By Paul Hetzer on 2nd March 2020

works great thanks
By killerchef on 29th February 2020

Elevation appears to be wrong. My new home in a coastal town is showing 12286.7 feet above sea level. I don't think that is correct.
By Terri on 28th February 2020

On 24th February 2020

Works very well for Pershore indeed, it shows what we already new about the defences put in (incomplete). Needs to be used with precision checking.
By David Constable on 24th February 2020

Accurate & very quick for Norfolk UK. Thanks..
By Paul. on 24th February 2020

Total waste of my time. Highly inaccurate.
On 18th February 2020

So, so wrong, At least a hundred metres out based on known data.
By Don't bother on 17th February 2020

ocean rise of 100' will give me beach front property..
By kyler jenson on 16th February 2020

This site is broken today. Incorrect elevation
By Adam on 14th February 2020

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