Elevation Finder

This tool can be used to find an estimate for the elevation of a point on the earth.

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Input the latitude and longitude of a point on the left map and see the estimated elevation.

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To use the elevation finder tool:

  • Zoom and pan the map to find the desired location
  • Click on the map to place a marker. You will then see the estimated elevation displayed below the map.
  • Click again to place further markers
  • You can find the elevation of any old marker by hovering over the marker with your mouse.
  • Use the search facility to:
    • Find a location
    • Find a business nearby
  • Any search results will be displayed below the map
  • Click clear map to remove all markers from the map

Version History

  • 3rd November 2016 - Changes to number of decimal places in elevation reading and latitude/longitude
  • 4th August 2015 - latitude and longitude of location displayed below the map
  • 1st August 2015 - New option to estimate elevation by inputting latitude and longitude
  • 14th November 2013 - New search tool
  • 12th August 2010 - initial version

Previous Comments For This Page

Useful! Now I know I gain 302.5 ft ele. in 9/10 mi. when I walk home from work!
By Terri on 14th January 2017

Is there a way to combine the "measure distance on a map" with the "elevation finder" and obtain a CSV file of the elevation along a particular path? That would be super useful!
On 12th January 2017

Very nice tool, Thank u So much
By Hybrid Computer Solutions on 25th December 2016

Steve, the data is based on point samples so the precision of the sample could be relatively high, but the ability to find the highest point (in order words, just so happen a sample point falls on the highest point) is the downfall.
By Free Map Tools on 15th December 2016

Hi: Very Nice site. I was checking Mount Kilimanjaro (Uhuru Peak). The highest I find on your tool is 5,873m rather than the 5,895m listed as the "official" height. 22 m seems to be a large difference given the accuracy presented (1DP). Can you advise why? Thank you
By Steve on 14th December 2016

Thanks. This is a great tool for ....stuff.
By 00soul on 5th December 2016

Nogales AZ My Little Pony
On 3rd December 2016

Thanks for your comments. Can I ask why? It was providing (apparent) precession to 3DPs, so to the nearest mm. On the scale this tool operates we decided 1DP was sufficient, so to the nearest 10cm.
By Free Map Tools on 16th November 2016

Can you please change the decimal places back to how it was before?
On 16th November 2016

It has probably said 13.606 feet
By Free Map Tools on 2nd November 2016

Just clicked on smugglers lane near Chichester/Portsmouth and it came up 13,606 feet !!! I doubt it, its almost sea level, not the top of K2
On 2nd November 2016

its not very accurate, just clicked my house and another that is down the hill from mine, that i know is 15 feet lower, but this map shows it as 1 feet higher, OK as a guide only but as useful as a chocolate poker.
On 27th October 2016

Map doesn't load on my iPhone. Mobile version?
By Anonymous on 6th October 2016

Can anyone tell me where is the highest point in Flintshire?
On 4th October 2016

Hi, I am trying to calculate elevation for Mashomack Preserve on Shelter Island, NY - a coastal location. The elevation is coming back as 660.0 M. Is this above sea level? If so it could not be right. Can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong. Thanks. By Brook on 03/10/201
By Brook on 3rd October 2016

Despite placing pointer on map I cannot get an altitude reading.
By Precise Annie on 14th September 2016

salmat sa oagg bigay neyo ang guesto ko nadd yo yung lubusan
On 12th September 2016

If this is using the Google API, you may be hitting the max requests per day for some of the outages referenced in other comments. Unfortunately, I don't know a way around that limitation.
On 30th August 2016

It should be working again
By Free Map Tools on 27th August 2016

Elevation service failed due to: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT
On 26th August 2016

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