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Download a list of UK out code postcodes with their latitude and longitude coordinates.


UK and Northern Ireland Postcodes

The UK postal system uses postcodes to help with automating the sorting and delivery of mail. This is made up of a 2-part code, an out code and an in code. As the out code is the most significant part of the system, it can be used to obtain a rough area level break up of the UK. There are approximately 2971 out codes and approximately 1812402 full postcodes (out code + in code).


The uses of these out codes and lat/long values include mapping applications such as:

List Status

Outcode Postcodes Current List : 2974

Full UK Postcode Current List : 1738223

Non Geographic Postcodes

Non geographic postcodes are listed below. Note these will have a latitude of 99.999999 and a longitude of 0.0000000

AB99, BT58, CA99, CM92, CM98, CR44, CR90, GIR, IM99, IV99, JE5, M61, ME99, N1C, N81, NR99, NW26, PA80, PE99, RH77, SL60, SO97, SW95, SY99, WD99, WF90


Full UK Postcode Latitude Longitude Download

Outcode Area Postcodes (AB1,B2,BT7 etc..)

Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2016

Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and database right 2016

Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2016

Using This Data

To import to a web based MySQL database we would recommend BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer

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Hi Robert, yes there are no (little) Isle of Man postcodes. This is something we are looking to get sorted.
By Free Map Tools on 13th April 2017

Brilliant resource, thank you. Seems to be missing IM7 (Isle-of-Man) data. Many thanks, Robert
By Robert on 12th April 2017

James, point taken. Thanks for the feedback.
By Free Map Tools on 5th April 2017

Hi, great site thanks. Is it worth adding an extra bullet point note under the full postcodes files to state that it includes non geographic postcodes and what their long lat values show as?
By James on 5th April 2017

IS there anywhere that provides mapping for historic/discontinued postcodes to their replacement?
By Mark on 4th April 2017

Hi, there is no charge.
By Free Map Tools on 24th March 2017

Is this completely free of charge ? Can I use it for development for my company please ?
By Piotr on 24th March 2017

On 14th March 2017

Hi, PAF is not free. Is there any free database including door numbers and address details. Thanks
By Afzal on 22nd February 2017

Hi Mark, You can get that database from -
By Divyansh Saxena on 13th February 2017

Hi Mark, sorry, it doesn't go to this level of detail.
By Free Map Tools on 23rd January 2017

Hi, This is great. is there any that includes door number and street name for all postcodes
By Mark on 18th January 2017

Hi Oliver, there are no limitations apart from the attributions :
Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2016

Contains Royal Mail data Royal Mail copyright and database right 2016

Contains National Statistics data Crown copyright and database right 2016
By Free Map Tools on 29th September 2016

Hi, great site. Am I allowed to use the post code data in my professional work? Are there any limitations on using this data for clients? Thanks
By Oliver on 28th September 2016

Hi James, no, not at hand. Its a case of taking the large postcode file and applying a filter.
By Free Map Tools on 7th September 2016

Hi, Do you have a file of lat and long by sector ie "HX3 9" Thanks in advance
By James on 7th September 2016

Beua, I suggest using one of the contact methods on this page :
By Free Map Tools on 5th September 2016

Hi, do you know any way of getting the lap/long of a UK postcode changed? We are in a very rural location and the postcode covers a wide area. However as the postcode centre is at the end of our private track we get everything including HGVs arriving here! If we could change it to the end of our lane where there are signs delivery drivers might then look at the signs. Thanks in advance.
By Beau on 5th September 2016

Hi Francisco, we will get back to you and give feedback once we have done some tests and checks. The data is sourced from official sources and updated regularly.
By Free Map Tools on 10th August 2016

I found around 650 postcode with wrong coordinates comparing with other table that I had, how good is this data? some postcode examples B9 4AU, MK11 4AL, PH33 9AF . Thank you anyway for this fantastic site.
By Francisco on 9th August 2016

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