Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius

Map of the USA where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all the ZIP codes found inside that radius.

ZIP Code Radius Search Map



Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 1000km) OR miles (maximum = 625 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place radius by location :

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Show Centre Marker? Show Zip Code Labels?

ZIP Markers? US County Borders? Show ZIP Boundaries for ZIPs in radius? Exclude PO Boxes ?

CSV Output

State Filter

States To Include :

ZIP Codes






Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Click on the map or type in an address or ZIP code on the centre of your search. After a delay, the results will appear inside the radius. If you hover over a marker, you will see its ZIP code.

You can also find a comma separated list of the ZIP codes in the large text box in the CSV Output section.

There is a limit to the radius because excessive results can take a long time to load and some web browsers struggle to load them all.

Suggested New Features

  • Filter Cities listed by defining a minimum population level
  • Option to plot multiple ZIPs to build up a number of radius areas [1 vote]
  • If ZIPs found are 90% or more of a city, suggest returning all ZIPs for that city

Version History

  • 17th October 2018 : Version 4.5 - Bug Fix - Resolved issue with Copy To Clipboard button not working
  • 6th October 2018 : Version 4.4 - Update - count of ZIPs now reacts to filtering in/out states
  • 20th September 2018 : Version 4.3 - Bug Fixes
  • 11th September 2018 : Version 4.2 - Fixed issue with marker tooltip and pop-ups not appearing correctly. Fixed issue with Exclude PO Boxes option having the inverse effect
  • 10th September 2018 : Version 4.1 - Fixed issue with maximum radius, issue with state filter and issue with some ZIP codes not being found
  • 28th August 2018 : Version 4.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 7th April 2018 : Version 3.12 - New option [Exclude PO Boxes]
  • 1st April 2017 : Version 3.11 - Bug fix for selected states functionality
  • 20th March 2017 : Version 3.10 - Output can be filtered to include/exclude selected states
  • 3rd October 2016 : Version 3.9 - Option to show/hide ZIP code markers
  • 20th September 2016 : Version 3.8 - Latitude and longitude can now be specified for the centre of the radius in step 2
  • 18th August 2016 : Version 3.7 - ZIP boundaries are shown for ZIP codes found. Clicking on the boundary or the marker will cause the ZIP code of that area to be displayed below the map.
  • 11th August 2016 : Version 3.6 - Centre marker is now black in colour
  • 12th February 2016 : Version 3.5 - Fixed issue with radius limit not applied correctly
  • 26th July 2015 : Version 3.4 - Update
    • Combined text box now lists the distance to the ZIP code in km.
  • 23rd July 2014 : Version 3.3 - Updates
    • New back-end dataset
    • Combined text box now outputs the count of the Zip Codes
  • 27th March 2014 : Version 3.2 - Minor Update
    • Output now includes all unique states and cities
  • 4th February 2014 : Version 3.1 - Minor Update
    • Toggle CSV or New line option added
  • 15th January 2014 : Version 3 - Updates
    • Option to Show US County Borders
    • The circle polygon is no longer click-able
    • Added Full Screen option
  • 14th June 2012 : Version 2 - Implemented Google Maps API V3
    • Added Show Centre Marker option
    • Added Reset Map button
  • 10th February 2010 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

I can handle all of Del, Phila, parts of Chester and Montgomery County's
By Tom Golden on 9th June 2020

SO HANDY! Love that this exists!
By MRA on 8th June 2020

Need Zip code for the given radius
On 7th June 2020

Fantastic tool! This is exactly what I needed to pull a report for work.
By Christa D on 4th June 2020

Option to plot multiple ZIPs to build up a number of radius areas
On 1st June 2020

I am using this tool to QA zip code extraction from a process in ArcGIS. It appears that there is a significant difference between a 10mile radius here and in my software (about .36 miles). What projection are you using? What else can account for this difference?
By YahooSirius on 27th May 2020

Sorry, that is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 27th May 2020

Is there a way to grab zip codes OUTSIDE a radius? For example, 50+ miles from x?
On 27th May 2020

Is there a way to list the distance based on miles and on the crows flies instead of a straight line.
On 22nd April 2020

Is there a way to sort the zip codes low to high?
On 1st April 2020

Alok, please get in contact to discuss.
By Free Map Tools on 30th March 2020

Can we have api for the same to integrate in our app
By Alok on 30th March 2020

Hi Paul, is the area a circular radius or a custom shape?
By Free Map Tools on 23rd March 2020

I%u2019m looking for a program that I can input the addresses and zip codes of all my customers and then enter the zip code of a prospect and the program tells me which customers are in the area. Can this program do that?
By Paul on 22nd March 2020

[+1 upvote] Option to plot multiple ZIPs to build up a number of radius area. Thinking QSR Delivery could determine if there is an optimal Delivery Radius for specific locations to reduce overlap but ensure coverage - a summary view of a 'region' instead of one at a time.
By Kevin on 21st March 2020

The zip codes I would like to start with are, Watsonville 95076 Aptos 95003 Capitola 95010 Castroville 95012 Freedom 95019 Gilroy 95020 Hollister 95023 Gonzales. 93926 King. City 93930 Los Banos 93635 Gustine 95322 Newman 95360 Morgan Hill 95037 Los Gatos 95030 95032 95033 Salinas 93901 93905 93906 93907 93908 93962 Monterey 93940 93943 Moss Landing 95039 Marina 93933 San Juan Bautista 95045 Santa Cruz 95060 95062 95064 95065 95066 Soquel 95073 Antioch 94509 94531 Benicia 94510 Brentwood 94513 Oakley 94561 Pistburg 94565 Campbell 95008 95304 95376 95377 95391 Tracy 95070 Saratoga 95336 95337 94503 94589 94590 94591 94592
On 11th March 2020

Vic, yes there is. Sorry, not documented too well, but ... User Menu at top right of this page > Settings > Toggle KM to Miles > Apply [done]
By Free Map Tools on 3rd March 2020

Nice Tool. Is there a way to output distance in the combined table in miles and not km?
By Vic on 1st March 2020

we do the San Antonio and surrounding areas , Houston and surrounding areas Corpus Christi and surrounding areas
On 20th February 2020

All ZIP codes are represented by a centroid point, and if this is in the radius then its counted as 'in'
By Free Map Tools on 13th February 2020

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