Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius

Map of the USA where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all the ZIP codes found inside that radius.

Radius Search Map


Show Centre Marker? Show US County Borders?

Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 1000km) OR miles (maximum = 625 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place by location name or ZIP code :

Please Note : 3 or 4 digit ZIPs should be padded with zero's to produce a 5 digit number for the most accurate results. So 544 should be input as 00544.

CSV Output

ZIP Codes






Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Click on the map or type in an address or ZIP code on the center of your search. After a delay, the results will appear inside the radius. If you hover over a marker, you will see its ZIP code.

You can also find a comma separated list of the ZIP codes in the large text box in the CSV Output section.

There is a limit to the radius because excessive results can take a long time to load and some web browsers struggle to load them all.

Version History

  • 12th February 2016 : Version 3.5 - Fixed issue with radius limit not applied correctly
  • 26th July 2015 : Version 3.4 - Update
    • Combined text box now lists the distance to the ZIP code in km.
  • 23rd July 2014 : Version 3.3 - Updates
    • New backend dataset
    • Combined text box now outputs the count of the Zip Codes
  • 27th March 2014 : Version 3.2 - Minor Update
    • Output now includes all unique states and cities
  • 4th February 2014 : Version 3.1 - Minor Update
    • Toggle CSV or New line option added
  • 15th January 2014 : Version 3 - Updates
    • Option to Show US County Borders
    • The circle polygon is no longer click-able
    • Added Full Screen option
  • 14th June 2012 : Version 2 - Implemented Google Maps API V3
    • Added Show Centre Marker option
    • Added Reset Map button
  • 10th February 2010 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Previous Comments For This Page

Great free service. Using it for our solar company and now I able to keep our reps in small 10 mile circles.
By Hittem Himel on 28/04/2016

MikeK, please get in contact to discuss...
By Free Map Tools on 25/04/2016

Do you have an API for Zip codes in a Radius?
By MikeK on 22/04/2016

Matt, sorry this is not possible. You can copy/paste from the text area on this page to an empty text file.
By Free Map Tools on 21/04/2016

Is there a way to download the output as a txt file?
By Matt on 21/04/2016

Thanks very much! It looks great.
By Carol on 20/04/2016

Carol, please have a look at Find ZIP Codes Inside State County City.
By Free Map Tools on 20/04/2016

Great, will look forward to seeing it. Thanks.
On 19/04/2016

Hi Carol, we are working on a new page to perform this task, so please keep an eye on the Free Map Tools Facebook page for updates.
By Free Map Tools on 19/04/2016

Hi, I may have asked this before, but is there a way to get scfs or zip codes within a US County (or multiple counties)? I.e., list all zips in Alameda County (CALIF). Thanks
By Carol on 19/04/2016

Is there a way to add a list of multiple zip codes and get a radius break out for each zip?
By MultipleZipsPlease on 18/04/2016

Hi, what size radius do you use for the search for 45903?
By Free Map Tools on 13/04/2016

Input zip code 45903 (Lansing, MI) and a list for 85903 (Lake Tahoe) comes up.
On 13/04/2016

17 mile radius around phoenixville pa
By 17mileradphoenixvillepa on 08/04/2016

Hi i would like to create a 15 mile radius to my search . My website currently pulls data from my database through zipcode . Help please
By Justin on 07/04/2016

Hi Larry, I understand what you are looking for but it cant be done on this page as it is a bit too bespoke. It could be done as a small custom paid for job if you want to get in contact.
By Free Map Tools on 06/04/2016

I love your site here. I wish there was a way for me to do my immediate coverage area is 50 miles from a zip code and allow that to populate and my outside coverage area is 100 miles and it would populate those zips and show a different color circle for presentation. Is there any way to get the markers off the map?
By Larry on 05/04/2016

Thanks Kim
By Free Map Tools on 04/04/2016

Your Note about 5 digit zips has a typo: Please Note : 3 or 4 digit ZIPs should be padded with zero's to produce a 5 digit number for the most accurate results. So 544 should be input as 00504. The last sentence should be: So 544 should be input as 00544. (Not 00504.)
By Kim A. on 04/04/2016

Lifesaver!!! Very good timesaver. Pulled all the data I needed together.
By Dana on 04/04/2016

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