Find Place With Radius

You select a type of place, a radius and address to centre your search. The map will then show where each place is and list the names below the map.

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This tool can be used to find a certain type of business, shop or store within a particular range of a central location.


  1. Select a type of place to search for
  2. Select a radius to search within ... 1km, 5km, 10km, 20km or 50km
  3. Select a centre point
  4. Click Search
  5. Once the search is complete, you can click on a marker of a result to find more deatils


The search radius has a limit of 50km. This cannot be increased.

Version History

  • 29th July 2017: Version 1.9 - Additional preset radius values added
  • 8th June 2017: Version 1.8 - Output now displays number of results. Added full screen icon. Added Geolocion icon
  • 1st July 2016: Version 1.7 - You can now find the address of places found by clicking/tapping on the marker
  • 18th July 2016: Version 1.6 - Bug Fix Download KML File
  • 25th June 2016: Version 1.5 - Download KML File function added
  • 30th March 2016: Version 1.4 - If you keep the loction textbox blank, it will try to determine you current location and use it
  • 30th March 2016: Version 1.3 - New option to link to the result so you can share it with others
  • 6th January 2016: Version 1.2 - Multiple types now supported
  • 24th September 2015: Version 1.1 - New option to toggle between miles and KM
  • 23rd April 2015: Version 1.0 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Hi Steven, technically this sounds possible however this is a bit outside the scope/purpose of this page. We will take your comments on board to see if an new tool(page) can be developed.
By Free Map Tools on 14th January 2018

Hi - great resource of map tools... thanks very much. On the 'Find Places Within Radius' would it be possible to add an option where you could upload a custom list of places, say by post code, so you can search just within these? For example, a list of specific stores or venues.
By Steven Carson on 11th January 2018

Where there should be over a thousand takeaways, only 20 are showing.
By Maan on 2nd November 2017

Limit needs to be higher than 20 (for when searching in dense cities)- great tool otherwise
On 5th September 2017

Needs more than T also use numbers not letters
On 13th August 2017

Radius values for 1,2,3,4 & 5 km are now in place
By Free Map Tools on 28th July 2017

I need to map out individual mile radius information, i.e. how many schools within 1 mile, 2, 3 etc. Your map only allows me to search 1 and 5. This is less than helpful unfortunately for a good tool.
On 28th July 2017

I was having this same problem with google maps. But if I search in close proximity(1 mile) I get a hospital less than a mile away. But then if I expand to 20 miles, the nearby hospital goes away and it lists one over ten miles away as the nearest. Google preferential searches have ruined this feature. June 2017
On 15th June 2017

A Movie Theatre is a cinema. A Theatre is where you see a live production!
On 11th April 2017

There is [Movie Theatre]
By Free Map Tools on 14th March 2017

How about theatres?
By Sian on 14th March 2017

whats wrong with restaurants? a premier in is not a restaurant. :-P
By James Ray on 13th March 2017

Misses out the most important function! No option to search Tourist destinations on the map!
By sparks on 8th March 2017

What's 26.6 km near from #18 Horseshoe st. Zone 4 central signal village, taguig city?
By Car on 19th February 2017

Hi, how long (seconds) does the map take to load? Thanks
By Free Map Tools on 23rd January 2017

I found that the map took too long to load and when I pressed every other instruction I had to press it twice.
On 23rd January 2017

Great tool
On 25th October 2016

where i can get code for search specific location within certain radius using this?? which will only not display map but restrict map to search(autocomplete) within only specific location within certain radius
On 21st July 2016

hey.thanks for reply. where i can get the exact code for this.
By vaishali on 21st July 2016

Perfect; thank you!
By Alex on 21st July 2016

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