Find Places Within Radius

You select a type of place, a radius and location to centre your search. The map will then show where each place is and list the names below the map.

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This tool can be used to find a certain type of business, shop or store within a particular range of a central location.


  1. Select a type of place to search for
  2. Select a radius to search within ... 1km, 5km, 10km, 20km or 50km
  3. Select a centre point
  4. Click Search
  5. Once the search is complete, you can click on a marker of a result to find more deatils


The search radius has a limit of 50km. This cannot be increased.

Version History

  • 1st June 2020 : Version 2.1 - Small bug fix
  • 11th Februray 2020: Version 2.0 - Convert to Leaflet Maps
  • 29th July 2017: Version 1.9 - Additional preset radius values added
  • 8th June 2017: Version 1.8 - Output now displays number of results. Added full screen icon. Added Geolocion icon
  • 1st July 2016: Version 1.7 - You can now find the address of places found by clicking/tapping on the marker
  • 18th July 2016: Version 1.6 - Bug Fix Download KML File
  • 25th June 2016: Version 1.5 - Download KML File function added
  • 30th March 2016: Version 1.4 - If you keep the loction textbox blank, it will try to determine you current location and use it
  • 30th March 2016: Version 1.3 - New option to link to the result so you can share it with others
  • 6th January 2016: Version 1.2 - Multiple types now supported
  • 24th September 2015: Version 1.1 - New option to toggle between miles and KM
  • 23rd April 2015: Version 1.0 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

oh yes thanks, it is working now i tried this,-122.3570 but i get only 30 results, is there a way to show all results? thanks!
On 30th March 2021

Hi, did you specify a place type, a radius and a location (place name) before you clicked search?
By Free Map Tools on 25th March 2021

Hi, i click on search but nothing happens
On 25th March 2021

Can I use this tool to see my surrounding PINCODES ? E, W , N , S directions
By V udupa on 21st September 2020

By IAN MCKISSOCK on 5th May 2020

Hi how to find out 6 kilometres of surrounding areas to my location that's is all directions south north east and west
By Kota ashish on 27th April 2020

how to choose the place within 1KM. Thank you
On 31st March 2020

It doesn%u2019t let me do miles. I tried that multiple times but it never worked. And also I think that there should be like 1 km 2 km etc... Thank you for your feed back in advance.
By Random on 25th March 2020

This doesn%u2019t work.
On 25th March 2020

Ah. I see. I got it working now but only when you enter the 'city name' only. This would have been much more helpful if I can set a specific address for the radius' point location.
By Jiggs on 17th February 2020

Jiggs, sorry we are not sure what you mean. Can you clarify please?
By Free Map Tools on 16th February 2020

How I wish this tool works.
By Jiggs on 15th February 2020

It's back up and running from today...
By Free Map Tools on 11th February 2020

I wish this page worked. I have tried multiple times but it's not working.
By Yusuf on 22nd January 2020

Hello! First of all, thank you for this wonderfull tool. May I know why it is not letting us load anything right now. I cant input the area anymore and getting a Google error.
By Dee on 12th November 2019

I can\'t download the data in KML (it does not work). Could you please let me know how to do it? thank you.
On 20th May 2019

Hi Frank, the current order is done by importance/prominence. Unfortunately it is not possible to sort by rating.
By Free Map Tools on 20th May 2019

Great App! Is there a way to organize results based on popularity or star rating from Google maps? If only 20 places are shown and there are more than 20, how are the 20 picked?
By Frank on 17th May 2019

it matches my requirement, sir is it possible to develop the same in android as app
By manohar on 26th April 2019

is there an api for this???
On 1st October 2018

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