Direction Projection

Use the Direction Projection tool to visualise a projected path on a map. You click / tap to define two points and allow the path to be projected across the map.

[11th July 2018] Unfortunately, due to a large price increase in back-end services, we can no longer offer some features on this page.

Direction Projection Map

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How to use the Direction Projection Tool


The Direction Projection tool could be used to work out a sight line or help in route finding. We are always keen to get your feedback in terms of how this tool helps you or enhancements that can be made to it.

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Comments For This Page

This tool is fantastic. I come back to it year after year - it's been a source of some excellent inspirations. Thank you!
By Petros Evdokas on 20th March 2024

Bearing : 97.6°....???? North east west up down?.....
On 3rd December 2022

Would like to select an origin point and enter a heading, or wind direction, to construct a line both directions from the origin.
By Ed DeVore on 20th August 2019

On 13th August 2017, have you tried it on a desktop/laptop to get used to the interface? What steps are you taking exactly and at what point does it go wrong?
By Free Map Tools on 17th August 2017

This bearing tool messes everything up trying to use this on a smart phone - I can tap to start my calculating without getting some erroneous line rendering this useless
On 13th August 2017

Bearing output has now been added
By Free Map Tools on 9th June 2017

Hi John, the bearing of the projected line is currently not displayed. We will add this to the Future Ideas and Features list
By Free Map Tools on 6th June 2017

How do you get a bearing?!
By John White on 6th June 2017

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