Tunnel to the Other Side of the Earth

Have you ever wondered which part of the other side of the earth is directly below you? Find out using this map tunnelling tool.

Map Tunnelling Tool

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Manual Input

Input the latitude and longitude of a point on the left map and see its corresponding antipode on the right map.

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How to use the Map Tunnelling Tool

Drag map 1 or 2 by clicking and holding the map as you move it. When you let go and finish dragging the map the other map will then show you where about's on the earth the far end of the imaginary tunnel will be. In effect it will show you what is at the other side of the earth.

To make things easier, you can also zoom the map in and out.

You can adjust the height of the map by using the small, medium and large buttons.

You can also change the map view using the Map, Satellite and Hybrid buttons. This works independently for each map.


This is a Antipodes Map. An antipode of a point on the earth is the region on the Earth's surface which is diametrically opposite to that point. The two points which are antipodal to one another are considered to be connected by a straight line or tunnel through the centre of the Earth.

Version History

Future Developments

Ideas and improvements that are due to be implemented in the future. If you think of any ways of improving this tunnelling tool or spot any bugs, then please get in touch.

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Happiest man alive but there again always have been even though everything!!! Being alone in the corridors of school while they all played, The laughter behind my back for saying ridiculous things but was right all along. Whatever happens to me I know I wasn%u2019t supposed to be here! Thank you for everything I%u2019ve been blessed with the most amazing childhood and family I can%u2019t thank you enough By the way I can%u2019t download nowt %uD83D%uDE02%uD83E%uDD23 xx
By Martyn john Deathridge on 19th May 2024

It's giving me longitudes greater than 180, which Google maps doesn't accept. For instance 39.459,-31.127 gives me -39.459,-211.127. You should be able to correct this issue with this function: corrected_longitude = (longitude % 360 + 540) % 360 - 180 Or if you want something more performant: while(lon < -180){ longitude +=360; } while (lon > 180){ longitude -= 360; }
By Kevan on 5th May 2024

Excellent, I even found my apartment.
By CRISTIANO RONALDO SEWEY on 24th November 2023

By HI:BY BAKER on 14th February 2023

Location Modisi, Indonesia
By Billi Pamondolang on 9th February 2023

Great work guys %u270C%u270C%u270C
By YRSHAHI on 19th January 2023

Rome IT is further NORTH than NYC NY
By Gulf Stream on 15th November 2022

ion the sea =(
By s on 11th August 2022

Apparently of You dig straight through Long Island, New York you'll get pretty close to Australia? Pretty interesting
By Ghostly on 19th July 2022

I have to put in latitude and longitude. I just want to put in Virginia and have it do the work for me.
By coco on 5th June 2022

On 22nd May 2022

Well done and thanks. John. From Perth. Australia.
On 19th April 2022

Something is wrong with the latitude finding. The map is showing antipodes in the Northern Hemisphere for points in the Northern Hemisphere. Longitude seems to be working correctly, though.
By Michael Seifert on 16th November 2021

This is completely wrong. Points in the northern hemisphere must always yield results in the southern hemisphere, but that is not happening.
By Gary Novosielski. on 30th September 2021

31dt August 2021 bugfix is not fixed. it still moves when zooming in and out. it went from the netherland to turkey when zooming out.
On 15th September 2021

kept jumping. useless and buggy.
By KK6VDR on 25th August 2021

Works fine but why the mercator projection
By funny_picklerick_bluehairman_f on 30th April 2021

On 25th October 2020

To answer the question "At what point on each of the main highways of Taiwan do they cross the (virtual (antipodal)) Argentina / Paraguay border?" What we need is an overlay!
By Dan Jacobson on 10th October 2020

Hi, its in decimal DMS, for example the Eiffel tower would be 48.8583 and 2.2944
By Free Map Tools on 25th September 2020

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