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Use the ranger finder tool to find out the end point on a map when you specify a start point, a bearing and a distance.

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How to use the Range Finder Tool

  • Type in a required Bearing (between 0 and 360 degrees)
  • Type in the distance of the range to find in kilometers
  • Click on the map to specify the base point
  • The end of the range will then be displayed
  • You can click over and over to specify more than one base point
  • Click clear map to clear all markers from the map


Please note that the range finder tool uses great circle distances. This means that on this flat map the expected end point may not be exactly as you expect on screen especially over large distances, but this is a truer estimation of the actual end point in real life.

Future Ideas and Features

  • Option to display a line between each point
  • Option to use the resultant point as the start of the next calculation without having the click back on the map. This allows a multi-path route to be plotted.
    • Create an on-the-fly log of this route in text format

Version History

  • 11th November 2013 - Implemented Google Maps API V3
  • 16th October 2007 - Basic version with bearing (deg) and distance input (km)

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Isn't working for me either 07/02/2015.
On 02/07/2015

Isn't working for me.
On 07/02/2015

i suggest that you should also include a "spread" function for broadcasting ideals please. and also if you could fill in the spread with color or outline, and allow it to be resizable via click
By neaster on 06/10/2012

suggest miles
On 24/08/2012

this is nice
By walter guinjicna jr. on 29/06/2012

Suggest coordinate entry for starting point.
On 21/10/2008

Driving long distances over multiple days, might be useful to be able to plot circle ranges over multiple days, such as on flying maps.
By Casey on 19/07/2008

Even without being able to click on an endpoint, it's sufficient to try a few numbers and refine a guess at a bearing. (This was the first thing I found when attempting to figure out from a photo where a lightning strike might have been...) Thanks!
By _Mark_ on 24/06/2008

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