Find British National Grid Reference From Map

Tool to find the British national grid reference from a map.

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Output NGR for Ireland?


Click on the map anywhere in Britain (Scotland, England and Wales). You will then see the Northings, Eastings and National Grid Reference (NGR) below the map. If you wish to find the NGR from Ireland, make sure to tick on the option "Output NGR for Ireland?".


How to convert latitude and longitude to a British National Grid Reference.

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Comments For This Page

Excellent overhead views but appears to give coordinates based on the WGS84(ETRS89) geoid which is not what the OS uses (OSGB36). Therefore consistently 100 metres inaccurate.
On 19th October 2020

Seems to be pretty accurate although some users may be used to Eastings first.
On 17th January 2019

Inaccurate?? Doesn't agree with OS by 100 metres.
On 15th November 2018

By Tanveer Ahmed on 28th February 2018

SU 0627 0158
On 28th January 2018

A quick way of getting the area I required and FREE
On 16th April 2016

Thankyou to the national grid. Brilliant customer Services, excellent electrician. Since he came out, only one side of my meter Box is on, he fixed my meter and now I don't Have any electrical serges in my home. They Are total professionals.
By Julie Walker on 30th September 2015

Great Meme
By Memealon 9001 on 13th August 2015

By MaculinCukin on 11th August 2015

5 minutes of this is enough, its useless, worst online map ever
On 1st May 2015

I believe the output from this tool is in the WGS84 co-ordinate system. If you wish to compare this to an Ordnance Survey Map you will need to convert the output to the OSGB36 co-ordinate system. In short the output is accurate, but when comparing to other maps make sure you are using the same co-ordinate system.
On 21st April 2015

Easy to use and seems accurate
By Terry Smith on 18th March 2015

Complete and utter waste of time, the Easting/Northing references are MILES out.
On 2nd February 2015

I think the calculations are not correct. I have compared the output from your map with 2 independent maps. Memory Map with OS-Maps from 2014 and UK maps with OS Maps (a free tool for iPad). The oucome is not huge, but at least a few 100 yards. However I think this is a brilliant tool and very good made. Just a slight calculation error in the NGR values ;-)
By Axel on 21st January 2015

This is pathetic
By Hwdchu on 4th November 2014

with reference to the map,is the movements voluntary of forced?substantiate your argument by mentioning three factors from the map and other factors to support the type of migration you mentioned.
By Reginald shuping on 18th August 2014

No. Detail to maps. NGR are not accurate only approx
By Alun on 2nd August 2014

Accurate to 100m is fine for me! Great free tool if you don't need a pro level accuracy - and if you need pro accuracy, you should be prepared to pay.
By Grateful, England on 28th July 2014

Its free and ok for my survey work.
On 12th July 2014

its not very good
On 3rd April 2014

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