Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area

Map of the USA where you can specify a custom area to search within to return all the ZIP codes found inside that area.

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Click on the map to start drawing an area. Once you have defined the area in which you wish to search, click the [Search For Zip Codes] button. After a small delay, the results will appear inside the area. If you hover over or tap a marker, you will see its ZIP code.

You can also find a comma separated list of the ZIP codes, states and cities in the text boxes below the map in the CSV Output section.

You can filter states in/out of the result set using the State Filter control. You can also edit and adjust the area afterwards to refine your search area

Future Updates

  • None Currently

Version History

  • 1st March 2017 : Version 3.0 - Introduced option to filter by state. Search now happens live as you move and edit the search area
  • 23rd August 2016 : Version 2.4 - Added labels to the markers to show the ZIP code on the map
  • 18th August 2016 : Version 2.3 - Only ZIP boundaries are shown for ZIP codes found. Clicking on the boundary or the marker will cause the ZIP code of that area to be displayed below the map
  • 21st July 2016 : Version 2.2 - New option to toggle markers on and off. Changes to overlay transparency
  • 11th April 2015 : Version 2.1 - Now outputs county and timezone
  • 31st May 2014 : Version 2 - Minor updates to code
  • 5th April 2014 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Glad to hear its working for you again.
By Free Map Tools on 22nd March 2017

Map is working now! You guys are great. Complete life savers.
On 21st March 2017

Please try again... an issue was found and fixed.
By Free Map Tools on 21st March 2017

The map is not loading for me either, I have tried clearing cache, browsing history, using different browsers (Chrome and IE). Other maps work on the site, just this one not loading.
On 21st March 2017

I love this tool but the map is not loading. I cleared my cache and also tried Edge (after trying chrome), still not loading
By ag on 21st March 2017

Hi, can you try clearing your temporary internet files (internet cache) or try a different web browser?
By Free Map Tools on 21st March 2017

It's not loading now.
On 21st March 2017

Hi, we have now added a State Filter to allow you to control which US States are included/excluded. Hope this helps...
By Free Map Tools on 2nd March 2017

I agree with the suggestion to filter out states. I use this tool to pull in zip codes for my company's services and need to isolate one state at a time. Otherwise a perfect tool! Thanks!
On 27th February 2017

This is absolutely amazing! Thank you!
On 29th January 2017

Excellent and easy to use. A nice to have feature would be the ability to filter by state or to follow a geographic feature (i.e. highway) but these would be minor enhancements to an otherwise super useful tool.
On 19th January 2017

Is there a way to zoom in on the map much more easily, similar to what google maps does of double clicking. Or at least give me the option to filter by state.
On 15th December 2016

By Sydney Milford on 6th December 2016

I did not realize there was a save and load area function on this website, in the upper right! This has saved me a ton of time, thank you for these tools.
By Garrett on 1st December 2016

Is there a way to combine this with the How Far Can I Travel? to get zip codes within an area defined by distance? Right now I am doing it manually by comparing the How Far Can I travel map area to points manually created on this map.
By Garrett on 1st December 2016

pretty big area let me know if its to much if I should narrow it down more
By Lucas Morton on 7th November 2016

Very nice tool
By DRC on 27th October 2016

Hi Eduard, the best you can do is use this page to get USA cities. It is not currently possible to find the cities for other countries.
By Free Map Tools on 25th October 2016

And I hope to get cities of other countries. Is it possible? I am sorry for many question. thanks
On 24th October 2016

Thank you for your wonderful map tool. But is there any getting cities name tool? I hope to get only cities, states and countries. Please help me. Thanks
By Eduard on 24th October 2016

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