Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area

Map of the USA where you can specify a custom area to search within to return all the ZIP codes found inside that area.

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US County Borders? Show ZIP Boundaries for ZIPs in area? ZIP Markers?
Show Zip Code Labels? Auto-zoom after each point added?

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Click on the map to start drawing an area. Once you have defined the area in which you wish to search, click the [Search For Zip Codes] button. After a small delay, the results will appear inside the area. If you hover over or tap a marker, you will see its ZIP code.

You can also find a comma separated list of the ZIP codes, states and cities in the text boxes below the map in the CSV Output section.

You can filter states in/out of the result set using the State Filter control. You can also edit and adjust the area afterwards to refine your search area

Future Updates

  • None Currently

Version History

  • 15th April 2021 : Version 4.3 - New Option to Upload a KML file (single polygon only)
  • 20th May 2019 : Version 4.2 - New setting added > Auto-zoom after each point added?
  • 10th May 2019 : Version 4.1 - Fixed bug loading US County Borders. Fixed bug with Show Zip Code Labels. Fixed issue loading saved area from user menu
  • 8th May 2019 : Version 4.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 28th March 2017 : Version 3.1 - Small update, no longer re-searches automatically after a right click delete
  • 1st March 2017 : Version 3.0 - Introduced option to filter by state. Search now happens live as you move and edit the search area
  • 23rd August 2016 : Version 2.4 - Added labels to the markers to show the ZIP code on the map
  • 18th August 2016 : Version 2.3 - Only ZIP boundaries are shown for ZIP codes found. Clicking on the boundary or the marker will cause the ZIP code of that area to be displayed below the map
  • 21st July 2016 : Version 2.2 - New option to toggle markers on and off. Changes to overlay transparency
  • 11th April 2015 : Version 2.1 - Now outputs county and timezone
  • 31st May 2014 : Version 2 - Minor updates to code
  • 5th April 2014 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

This has been an incredible tool for our business!! I LOVE the search zips by radius feature and the list of zips by user defined area. Incredible!
On 9th May 2024

Very helpful tool!
By William F. Tucker on 1st April 2024

Having trouble uploading the KML file. I have tried multiple times and have tried using different KML files and it just spins and spins. Advice?
By Kim on 15th March 2024

Fantastic tool, thank you for the resource.
By Karl on 24th January 2024

zaw, please get in contact to discuss.
By Free Map Tools on 23rd January 2024

is there a way to call as API
By zaw aung on 20th January 2024

By A on 10th January 2024

Fantastic Program, saved me tons of work!
By Deceptionist on 28th November 2023

Looks like the user defined area is not allowing to select any points
On 22nd September 2023

I have tried a couple of KML files. they are pretty large for a KML (15kb smallest) but out of the one I have tried, none of them will load the zip code list. When I click to load the Zip Codes, the button just stays on "Please Wait"
By David R. on 8th August 2023

David, things are working the same as they did a few months ago. Can you try it again? try a different KML file as a reference test?
By Free Map Tools on 8th August 2023

I am not able to load in my KML file and receive a list of the zip codes from the polygon. When I tried a couple months ago it worked, but now nothing loads in after I click "Search for Zip Codes".
By David R. on 7th August 2023

It would be great if there is a way to download the list and map afterwards!
On 28th July 2023

I highly recommend this page. Very accurate. A life saver!
By Jeff E. on 12th June 2023

Did exactly what I needed and saved me so much time. Thanks!
By Andrew on 8th June 2023

These are the areas we will travel too with NO adder
On 31st May 2023

Bad don't use
On 21st May 2023

MO, see attached zip codes for New York
By Joe Weigand on 18th May 2023

We are working on this area
By Nigel Williamson on 17th April 2023

Been on please wait for 5-10 minutes
On 16th March 2023

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