Meeting Centre of Gravity for UK Postcodes

Use this tool to find the best place to hold a meeting for its attendees by inputting their UK postcodes. The COG tool will then work out the centre of gravity for the meeting. This will be represented by a marker on the map.

Meeting COG Map


Input Data

Input a list of UK postcodes. For example M60 7RA or EC3N 4DR

Postcodes must be in uppercase. Each postcode consists of two parts. The first part (outward postcode, or outcode) is separated by a single space from the second part (the inward postcode, or in-code).

  Postcode (min=2,max=10)
Postcode 1
Postcode 2
Postcode 3
Postcode 4
Postcode 5
Postcode 6
Postcode 7
Postcode 8
Postcode 9
Postcode 10


 Find COG 

Further Information

Once you input the postcodes, this tool will work out where the best place is to hold the meeting. This will be a point on the map where, if all attendees could travel in a straight line to get to, would give the least combined travel time for them to meet up. You can enter full UK postcodes (incode & outcode) for more accuracy.

Yes, of course people cant travel in straight lines and they cant hold the meeting in a field, in the sea or in some strangers house if that is what the tools tells you. You are then expected to use that as a base from which to find a meeting venue close by, be it a pub, park or hotel etc..

Let us know if this tool comes in useful to you by posting a comment below. It will be interesting to find out how it is used.


Credit must be paid to DWS for a comment posted on the about page on 16th May 2008 suggesting this tool. Thanks.

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Comments For This Page

This is quite literally exactly what I was looking for, not often that happens free of charge so perfectly, thanks a lot!
By Ben on 14th May 2023

Amazing resource! Thanks
By Wes on 17th March 2023

I'm struggling to find a tool that can help find a meeting point for 3 start points with the same/similar travel time. Would be great if anyone has seen anything like this? Thanks
By pez on 31st January 2022

Wonderful tool ! Needed to know optimal spot for patriarch's 95th party from four locations around uk !! I would propose your app could use the output of a route-finder app as a further refinement to avoid straight line travel through centre of large city !
By Ken on 3rd January 2022

Perfect. Found a pub 30 miles away from 5 of us. Smack in the middle.
By Rob on 1st December 2021

Really helpful. When I initially put a space in middle of postcode, said wrong format but only worked without space. Thsnks
On 19th November 2021

E1 postcodes should now work
By Free Map Tools on 18th November 2021

E1 postcodes in London don't work, presumably because they are 2-digit outcodes? At least mine doesn't anyway.
On 12th November 2021

Great tool - thanks!
On 11th November 2021

I too could not get this to work. I entered a postcode incorrectly at first. Then I cleared it and entered the correct code v carefully but the thing kept saying that the first postcode I entered incorrectly could not not be found. No way to clear after an incorrect entry. Useless!!!
On 23rd September 2021

Used this to find some fair meeting points between 6 friends- very useful, thank you!
By Adam on 22nd August 2021

Matt, these are found when we test. Can you try again?
By Free Map Tools on 27th March 2021

Post does not recognized: IP29 4DH YO26 7QG
By matt on 27th March 2021

Loved this, thank you :)
On 2nd February 2021

All 3 are found when tested :
By Free Map Tools on 29th January 2021

hello, I have put in three postcodes and none of them could be found. They are RG20 5PD, BA12 8AB and GU30 7la. I have tried them with a without a gap and in upper and lower case but all are rejected
By Richard Dalgleish on 28th January 2021

Hi Sue, could you provide some or all the 3 postcodes you input?
By Free Map Tools on 29th November 2020

Really wanted this to work but hasn't recognised any of my 3 postcodes
By Sue Wright on 29th November 2020

Great idea, but does not work. Didn%u2019t recognise all 3 postcodes I entered from different areas of the country.
By Matilda on 13th November 2020

Both YO25 9TG and PL19 9AN work fine when tested :
By Free Map Tools on 2nd October 2020

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