Meeting Centre of Gravity for Postcodes

Use this tool to find the best place to hold a meeting for it's attendees by inputting their postcodes. The COG tool will then work out the centre of gravity for the meeting. This will be represented by a marker on the map.

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Further Information

Once you input the postcodes, this tool will work out where the best place is to hold the meeting. This will be a point on the map where, if all attendees could travel in a straight line to get to, would give the least combined travel time for them to meet up. You can enter full UK postcodes (incode & outcode) for more accuracy.

Yes, of course people cant travel in straight lines and they cant hold the meeting in a field, in the sea or in some strangers house if that is what the tools tells you. You are then expected to use that as a base from which to find a meeting venue close by, be it a pub, park or hotel etc..

Let us know if this tool comes in useful to you by posting a comment below. It will be interesting to find out how it is used.


Credit must be paid to DWS for a comment posted on the about page on 16th May 2008 suggesting this tool. Thanks.

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Previous Comments For This Page

I'm looking for something like this. Yes a mobile or Google maps versions would be great. I'd like to pin several locations find the center point of then all with each line displaying distance then move that centerpoint around by hand and have the lines updated. The lines could display distance and time. Primary use with public transport. Thanks
By James K on 11/10/2015

Mobile app please!
On 22/03/2015

Just found this tool, looking forward to using it when planning friends get-togethers.
By Amanda on 05/03/2015

Get bought by Tripadvisor and get integrated.
By Will S on 07/02/2015

It should work now.
By Free Map Tools on 21/12/2013

Great idea, but I click the button and nothing happens with two postcodes. Using Chrome browser.
By Rooster on 20/12/2013

This isn't correct - it may give the "Centre of Gravity", or average place (whatever that means), but it certainly doesn't give the least combined travel time.
On 24/04/2012

I get and error stack over flow at line 239
On 21/03/2012

Now working again...
By Free Map Tools on 29/11/2011

I get an error: "Stack overflow at line: 274"
On 15/11/2011

Since Printing is not allowed. Auto reproduction using the data on another machine would be very useful so that others can be sent a link/file that will reproduce the map with data again on their machines.
On 03/10/2011

Perfect! Could you combine the ability (or a shortcut to a Google search) to let me easily find a pub/park/coffee shop nearby to the final location? To enter postcodes as a comma separated list would be useful too. You've no doubt thought about it already, but to hook into the directions API and base it on road routes would be fantastic =)
By Patabugen on 05/04/2011

This is great, I'd love to be able to enter more post codes. Does anyone know of a tool to do that?
By Allen on 11/03/2011

Hi, this is brilliant. What would also be useful is to input the number of people travelling from that postcode to add extra weighting. This also helps if, like us, you're trying to find where to move to by inputting all our office locations some of which may be visited more often. Incredibly useful tool though, many thanks for developing this.
By Fat Sam of Gloucestershire on 08/02/2011

A great idea. For our employment agency it would be useful to see exactly where our applicants come from to help us decide where to set up a new branch, but that would mean inputting a hundred or more postcodes to be useful. I can see this would be helpful for some companies to find customers too.
By Kevin on 30/06/2010

Very cool! Is there one that lets you mix UK postcodes with US ZIP codes? I realize it'd probably point to a spot in the mid-Atlantic, but still.... :)
By Carl on 05/07/2009

Kurt, when you asked there was no such tool available but there is now! It is found here.
By Free Map Tools on 12/11/2008

Is there a US zip code version?
By Kurt on 05/11/2008

Excellent tool. Trying to arrange a reunion and works well. Would be good to have the option of inputting more codes though.
By Robert Miles on 13/10/2008

Franco, you should be able to zoom in using the plus ( ) icon on the top left of the map. I will look into displaying the nearest address.
By Free Map Tools on 11/06/2008

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