Find ZIP Codes Inside State, County and City

Search for USA ZIP codes inside a state, county and city. You can select a state to find all ZIPs in a state, but then drill down further by finding the ZIPS inside a county, then ZIPs inside a city.

Select State :

ZIP Codes


  • Select a USA State from the drop down list
  • A list of ZIP codes inside that state will then be displayed in the text box
  • You can toggle between CSV and one-per-line using the [Toggle CSV or New Line] button
  • Once a state has been selected, you can then find ZIP codes inside a county using the second drop down list of US Counties in the selected state
  • Once a county has been selected, you can then find ZIP codes inside a city using the second drop down list of US Cities in the selected county

Version History

  • 4th June 2020 : Version 1.2 - Bug Fix
  • 23rd June 2016 : Version 1.1 - Bug Fix
  • 19th April 2016 : Version 1.0 - Initial version

Comments For This Page

Excellent tool. Very easy to use. Thank you.
On 1st June 2023

Please can I get the list of all Counties, Cities and Zipcodes of an entire State?
On 10th June 2022

Aaron, this should already be possible. If you select a State then a County but not a city the output window will list the ZIPs from the County.
By Free Map Tools on 21st March 2022

could you please add the option to not choose a city , that way i can just get all the zip codes in the county? that would be helpful. i understand that some zip codes overlap county lines , yet i would still say to include any zip code that has even a slight portion within the desired county
By Aaron R on 21st March 2022

Thanks for reporting. It should be working again now.
By Free Map Tools on 4th June 2020

As of June 3rd, 2020, it's not populating the county field drop-down after selecting the state.
By Thomas on 3rd June 2020

Hi, the closet thing is this page : Find ZIP Codes Inside a Radius.
By Free Map Tools on 23rd January 2017

Love your site! Is there anywhere like this page to do a reverse lookup using a set of ZIPs to get city/state/county? Thanks for providing such great info!
On 17th January 2017

Should be working again...
By Free Map Tools on 23rd June 2016

Dropdown doesn't seem to do anything?
On 23rd June 2016

Thanks for this. Let's me find ZIP codes inside a county
By Adam on 6th May 2016

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