Walking Distance Between UK Postcodes

This tool can be used to show the walking distance between postcodes in the UK. Type in the two postcodes and click the Show button.

Map Showing the Walking Distance Between Two UK Postcodes

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Postcode 1 Postcode 2


Measure in : miles km
Distance as the Crow Flies : As the crow Flies
Walking Distance : Land Transport

How to Use Walking Postcode Tool

Type in the first and second postcode then click the Show button. The map will then display the location of the two postcodes and also show the routes for:

You will also see the distance displayed below the map for the distance as the crow flies and also by foot. You can then type in more postcodes and click the show button to see more distances.

Note : This Postcode distance finder will measure the distance between full UK Postcodes.

Format of Outward Code / Out Code

Use the format "A(A)0(0)(A)", where:

Format of Full UK Postcode

Use the format "A(A)0(0)(A)_0AA", where:

So any input of 2,3 or 4 characters is assumed to be an Out Code format and anything longer than 4 characters is assumed to be a full UK postcode.

Version History

Comments For This Page

By Dr. Zafar Malik on 31st July 2018

Useful. thanks
On 31st July 2018

Would be even better if we could input house number as well if wanted for an even more accurate walking distance
By Karen on 4th March 2018

Hi David, for cost and performance reasons, we have no plans to implement a batch feature such as this.
By Free Map Tools on 27th February 2018

This is a great tool! What would make it even more special is the ability to perform batch processing of, say, 200 pairs of postcodes! Do you intend on adding this feature and if so, when do you expect it to be available? Thanks!
By David S. on 27th February 2018

B Glover, can you confirm the start and end postcodes that were used please?
By Free Map Tools on 12th June 2017

The site would only show distance 'as the crow flies' and not walking distance. As I'm not a crow, it wasn't very helpful.
By B Glover on 12th June 2017

When inputting the journey Wd3 1LJ to WD18 0HB, the tool ignores the shortest route and uses a roundabout one that is nearly twice as long. ??
By Gerald on 11th April 2017

Hi Lisa, which postcodes are you using?
By Free Map Tools on 8th April 2017

Have entered 2 post codes but isn't giving the correct locations for either one.
By Lisa on 8th April 2017

Brilliant for working out the distance from B&B/motel to events. Thankyou
By Tess on 26th June 2016

Hi, can you explain how it doesn't work please? What do you input, what do you expect and what happens?
By Free Map Tools on 22nd June 2016

It doesn't work
On 22nd June 2016

Great site
By Kieran on 5th June 2016

Hi Arthur, thanks for the comments. This page : Measure Distance on a Map should do what you require.
By Free Map Tools on 31st May 2016

Can you allow for a draggable line or redefinable route (not using postcodes as they don't apply to coastal marshland, I think)? I wanted the distance along the North Norfolk Coastal Path from Morston Quay to Blakeney, not the shortest distance, along the busy road! Great site, though.
By Arthur on 28th May 2016

Average Walking times would also be helpful. but this is a very good site.
By Les on 5th May 2016

the map gives the wrong postcode for my street in Hull
By chris on 26th November 2015

Great stuff. Trying to buy a house that's within walking distance to the city.
On 2nd November 2014

one suggestion, would be handy to have an average of time it would take also
By lesley on 29th October 2014

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