Find Closest UK Postcode To Custom Postcode List

Use this tool to upload a list of UK Postcodes and then determine which postcode(s) on the list are closest to various other Postcodes.

Closest UK Postcode To Custom Postcode List Map


Input Data

Copy and paste a list of postcodes in to the text box below, one per line. There is a limit of 100 postcodes, anymore will be ignored.

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How to use the Closest UK Postcode To Custom Postcode List Tool

  1. Take a list of postcodes and paste them in to the text box below the map
  2. Click [Upload Postcode List]
  3. These postcodes are then processed and plotted on the map
  4. Once this processing is complete, input a UK postcode to check against and click [Search]
  5. The nearest postcode on the custom list is then returned along with the distance between it and the search postcode
  6. Repeat this search as many times as required

Other Options

  • Click [Full Screen] to see a full screen view of the map of the UK
  • Click [Clear Map] to start again
  • Click [Zoom to Fit] to zoom to all postcodes found


This tool is intended to be used for finding out the closest postcode in terms of distance from a set list of postcodes. Initially you upload a list of postcodes and then you are able to perform multiple searches against any other postcode. This will assist with a wide range of applications such as finding the nearest store, engineer or depot from a customer in the UK.

Future Ideas and Features

None at present but please feel free to make suggestions

Version History

  • 15th February 2024 V2.5 - No. of results to return field is now numeric
  • 18th January 2022 V2.4 - Now searches for postcodes that don't have a space
  • 17th December 2020 V2.3 - Bug Fix : Issue when the test postcode was one of the input postcodes. Previously the output distance was 9999km, but it now correctly returns 0km
  • 20nd January 2019 V2.2 - Bug fixes : Less than 3 inputted postcodes caused an error. Miles/km units conversion was wrong
  • 22nd October 2018 V2.1 - Bug fix : would stall on an invalid postcode
  • 18th October 2018 V2.0 - Switched To Leaflet Maps
  • 5th April 2016 V1.0 - Initial version
  • 8th April 2016 V1.1 - Minor updates. Add more text and instructions

Comments For This Page

Can you please add a mass import option so that I don't have to repeat steps 4,5, and 6? Please! would save a lot of time
On 5th May 2023

Mark, good idea. An update has been made to also search for postcodes without spaces.
By Free Map Tools on 18th January 2022

Excellent tool. I can see this has the potential to save a lot of time. Only small issue is that we often get a postcode that's been enterered without the space (for example SW194EP instead of SW19 4EP). These are currently skipped. It would be great if it was not so fussy to refuse them.
By Mark on 8th January 2022

Yasmin, this is not possible on the website, but may be possible as a bespoke service. Please get in contact if you wish to discuss further.
By Free Map Tools on 23rd August 2021

This tool is fantastic! As echoed by others I am wondering there is a free or paid for option that allows me to input multiple postcodes in the last step? I am trying to allocate a list of 700 customers to their nearest local branch (a list of 15 postcodes). At the moment as I understand it I would have to run this tool 700 times! Any thoughts?
By Yasmin on 3rd August 2021

Great tool. Please make the limit higher than 100 postcodes though.
On 14th October 2020

It has to be the full postcode
By Free Map Tools on 17th December 2019

Is there an option to use the first three digits on a postcode?
On 9th December 2019

Jayne, unfortunately not. There is no way to save them between sessions.
By Free Map Tools on 18th March 2019

Fab site - please can you say of there is a way to save your list of postcodes so you don't have to paste them in every time you use the site? many thanks :)
By Jayne on 17th March 2019

Hi Martin, We may have some options if you are interested in a paid-for API. Please get in contact to discuss.
By Free Map Tools on 15th March 2019

I need this service as a web API that can be called. We used to use the QAS Nearest service to find the nearest of our offices (custom list) to a given UK postcode. We are looking for an alternative product that does the same
By Martin on 15th March 2019

Benn, sorry that scale of data is not possible to process here.
By Free Map Tools on 24th January 2019

I have a list of 2700 postcodes I need to sort by distance! Besides running this awesome tool 27 times and compiling the results, is there an easier/quicker way??
By Benn on 24th January 2019

That makes sense actually! Since I was only trimming off the top to test it, the invalid one would've always been 10 from the bottom. Sorry and thanks!
By Ellie on 22nd October 2018

Ellie, we believe this was due to an invalid postcode causing it to stop. It should now continue processing postcodes, ignoring the invalid one. Bug fix has been applied.
By Free Map Tools on 22nd October 2018

Unfortunately it looks like the tool had broken as of the 18th-Oct update. If the list of postcodes is longer than 10, it will get 10 away from finishing the list and freeze.
By Ellie on 22nd October 2018

Excellent tool for helping us sort out our drivers. Only potential improvement would be an option to sort the list by travel time rather than raw distance since that can be a minor factor in some cases
By Ellie on 11th October 2018

This is a great tool. I think someone asked this previously, but didn't expand on it. Would be wonderful to be able to pop in say 10 postcodes at a time for the final step to speed up the result. However I have no clue how easy/complex that is. Fantastic tool and incredibly helpful.
By Jenn on 21st August 2018

By Marley on 18th January 2018

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