Find UK Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area

This is a map of the UK where you can define an area and then search to return all postcodes inside the area.

UK Postcode Inside Area Map




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  1. To define an area, click on the map to draw the edges of your search area
  2. Draw the area in a clockwise direction
  3. You can readjust markers once they have been draw by dragging them to a new location
  4. Once you have an area defined, click the [Search For Postcodes] button. After a short while the postcodes will be displayed on the map and also in listed in the textbox below the map

Other Points to Note

  • The search will take a long time when you are searching a larger area or a densely populated area
  • You can clear the map by clicking the [Clear All Points] button
  • You can switch to a full screen view by clicking the [Full Screen] button
  • Click [Zoom to Fit] to get you area to fit on the map as best possible
  • Click [Search For Outcode Postcodes] if you only wish to find the outcode postcodes (SW1,DE2,BT12 etc...)
  • You can remove the last point added to the area by clicking the [Delete Last Point] button. You can also remove an area end-point by clicking on the endpoint

Future Ideas

  • Allow KML (polygon) upload to draw the area

Version History

  • 29th August 2019 : Version 3.3 - New option : Upload KML file to pre-lod the area
  • 5th March 2019 : Version 3.2 - New option : Auto-zoom after each point added
  • 15th January 2019 : Version 3.1 - Polygon is now editable
  • 12th January 2019 : Version 3.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 11th May 2015 : Version 2.2 - Updates to the instructions for use on this page
  • 31st May 2014 : Version 2.2 - Minor updates to code
  • 21st January 2014 : Version 2.1 - Added option to show UK county borders
  • 5th June 2013 : Version 2 - Now returns full postcodes
  • 18st January 2013 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Hi! Really great tool you've written here - thanks! There appears to be an issue with drawing an area though where waypoints 'spawn' each time they are edited i.e. after drawing the initial polygon, when you add more waypoints, rather than getting just one additional waypoint, you get several. Would be great if you can fix :) Happy to send a video if that helps. Thanks again.
By Mike on 15th August 2019

make it usable ie postcode miles enter simple
On 9th August 2019

That's great - thanks!
By Tom on 7th March 2019

Tom, an option has been added to allow you to stop this. There is a new tick box below the map
By Free Map Tools on 5th March 2019

Is it possible to disable the automatic zoom to fit after every click?
By Tom H on 5th March 2019

Steph, we will add this to a Future Ideas list.
By Free Map Tools on 12th December 2018

Hello. Can the tool be modified so that it recognises KML uploads?
By Steph on 10th December 2018

hi great tool. It would be handy if you could download the coordinates and re upload later so you can make adjustments to the area.
By Gary on 13th September 2018

Robert, sorry this is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 13th March 2018

Great web tool. Any way of determining how many households are in the search?
By Robert on 13th March 2018

Hi Mark - Good to hear you found it.
By Free Map Tools on 15th February 2017

Hello again, ignore previous comment. I found what I was looking for here - Thanks for making this website, its great.
By Mark on 14th February 2017

Hello. I would like to use this postcode finder but by using a mile radius from a certain postcode (like your 'Radius From UK Post Code Map' rather than drawing it out myself (which would take a while and wouldn't be accurate). Is there any way I can dow this? I'm wanting to find all full postcodes within a 12 mile radius of Inverness. Thanks, Mark
By Mark on 14th February 2017

Hi great tool, you wouldn't happen to have any sample code would you? thanks!
On 24th April 2016

Amazing tool. Good work. Thanks.
By James. on 31st March 2016

Hi Rob, I have done some investigation in to this. There is no quick/easy solution but if you get in contact [here] I have a suggestion.
By Free Map Tools on 2nd March 2016

Hi. Im looking for a map that just defines borders of smaller sectors (EG, in the WA postcode you have WA9, WA10, WA11. In each of these, you then have smaller sectors such as WA9 1, WA9 2, WA9 3, WA9 4, WA10 2, WA10 3 and so on - I want these smaller sectors outlined). I did find an online map not long ago that showed these borders, but now they never load up :( Possible to get these on this map?
By Rob on 1st March 2016

Brilliant - thanks you
On 17th February 2016

Hi Paul, this is not possible as we do not have the dataset required to do this. So, not saying it cant be done (technically), but not here unfortunately.
By Free Map tools on 16th November 2015

Hello is it possible to find out how many addresses per selected defined area? I can find postcodes per area, but how to work out how many households/addresses? Thanks Paul
By Paul on 15th November 2015

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