Meeting Centre of Gravity for ZIP Codes

Use this tool to find the best place to hold a meeting for it's attendees by inputting their US ZIP Code. The COG tool will then work out the centre of gravity for the meeting. This will be represented by a marker on the map.

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Further Information on ZIP Code COG Tool

Once you input the USA ZIP Codes (2 up to 10), this tool will work out where the best place is to hold the meeting. This will be a point on the map where, if all attendees could travel in a straight line to get to, would give the least combined travel time for them to meet up.

Yes, of course people cant travel in straight lines and they cant hold the meeting in a field, in the sea or in some strangers house if that is what the tools tells you. You are then expected to use that as a base from which to find a meeting venue close by, be it a bar, park or hotel etc..

Let us know if this tool comes in useful to you by posting a comment below. It will be interesting to find out how it is used.

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Comments For This Page

Excellent tool! I'm using it for our Coast Guard Auxiliary unit to explore what meeting locations would be most suitable for our group. Like others, I would like to see the number of zip codes expanded, actual driving routes included as an option, and possibly including the ability to input street addresses rather than just zip codes, but like I said, it really is an excellent tool!
By Chase on 15th August 2018

This is great. My challenge is I have need to do this for 25 zip codes with numbers of members in each zip code. I tried it with the highest number (4 or 5 per zip code) but left out all of the ones with only 3, but they outnumber the rest.
By Jeff on 29th September 2017

Hi Fred, we will put this on the Future Improvements and Ideas list.
By Free Map Tools on 30th August 2017

Is it possible to add a ranking or weighting for each zip code? Perhaps weight the zip code by a percentage (23%, 18%, 10%, etc.) or an absolute number (117, 86, 72, 51, etc.)?
By Fred on 29th August 2017

Hi Ken, not at the moment. We will add this to Future Improvements and Ideas
By Free Map Tools on 20th March 2017

Is there anyway to put a list of zip codes in? Trying to find the center of a delivery area with 46 zip codes.
By Ken on 20th March 2017

Dee, numbers have now been added to the location markers.
By Free Map Tools on 7th September 2016

The points aren't number this isn't helping me any.
By Dee on 4th September 2016

Amy, this has now been added.
By Free Map Tools on 15th February 2016

Really need the address of the central point. almost useless without it.
By Amy on 14th February 2016

Hi Texan, I see the same as you. Narrowing it down, the ZIP 76224 seems to be the problem one. Investigating 76224, I believe this *may* not be a valid ZIP? Not sure if you agree? I could be wrong.
By Free Map Tools on 12th February 2016

Throughly confused how one of my zips codes (76137, 76148, 76224, 23116, 23111, 23059, 23060, 78717, 10001, and 98101) dropped on Reno, NV... Because all of those should be in around Fort Worth and Austin, TX, Richmond VA, Seattle WA, and New York, NY.... Very Cool toy.
By Texan on 11th February 2016

Thanks for the tool. There are several COG tools out there and all operate on a straight line basis. I get the argument that in most cases COG and actual driving time/route calculation would be approx the same, but it is surprising that there is not a single tool that provides a meeting place based on multiple drive time calculations (as opposed to straight line). I guess it's a very intensive calculation... but if anybody is aware of such a solution I would love to see it posted! Thanks.
By FM on 7th October 2013

Most areas of the US have sufficiently uniform road density over the distances that people are likely to drive to meetings that I do not think that the straight line versus road distance is really an issue. I have a group/board that is considerably more than 10 (about 20). I would very much like to see this expanded to more than 10 addresses. Please let me know if there is access to a version that can calculate the center of gravity of a greater number of points.
On 13th August 2013

I love this idea - however I have 800 zip codes to upload to find several meeting places. Is there another program that allows for more than 10 zip codes being entered? I've searched with no luck - this is the link that keeps coming into my search results. Thank you
By Kari on 12th August 2013

Many of your other tools allow the inputting of street addresses. That degree of specificity would be a useful addition to this tool.
By Catbus on 17th June 2012

My primary use is to acquire the actual zip codes. The visual is not useful -- and probably the limiting factor.
By Monica on 22nd February 2012

Hi Jim T, can you list the 6 you used please?
By Free Map Tools on 25th January 2012

Tried 6 zip - immediate 'Could Not Find'. Network comm issue?
By Jim T on 25th January 2012

John on 14/12/2011, it should now be fixed!
By Free Map Tools on 4th January 2012

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