Meeting Centre of Gravity for ZIP Codes

Use this tool to find the best place to hold a meeting for it's attendees by inputting their US ZIP Code. The COG tool will then work out the centre of gravity for the meeting. This will be represented by a marker on the map.

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Further Information on ZIP Code COG Tool

Once you input the USA ZIP Codes (2 up to 10), this tool will work out where the best place is to hold the meeting. This will be a point on the map where, if all attendees could travel in a straight line to get to, would give the least combined travel time for them to meet up.

Yes, of course people cant travel in straight lines and they cant hold the meeting in a field, in the sea or in some strangers house if that is what the tools tells you. You are then expected to use that as a base from which to find a meeting venue close by, be it a bar, park or hotel etc..

Let us know if this tool comes in useful to you by posting a comment below. It will be interesting to find out how it is used.

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Comments For This Page

this very good
On 10th July 2021

Hey, can you do one for Singapore?
On 19th April 2020

Daniel, sorry, that is not possible.
By Free Map Tools on 2nd October 2019

Any way to use this for more than 10 participants?
By Daniel Feenberg on 1st October 2019

Hi, we have no way to find places/businesses on this page. You could use the map to find a town name, then use a search engine to find restaurants in that town.
By Free Map Tools on 13th August 2019

Is there a way to see what restaurant is at that mid-point for a church gathering of about 20 people? I've located the mid-point but wonder how do I find out restaurants in that area? Thx
On 11th August 2019

I am also interested in uploading (or pasting) 200-300 zip codes. Our school is considering renovating, and they would need a temporary school for a year or more.
On 1st May 2019

Exactly what we needed...except we need to upload zip codes...we have 275 of them we need to find a geo centric location for
On 22nd April 2019

Nichole, a bug was found to hang it if an unrecognised ZIP code was input. This is now avoided and it will finish then display the ZIP code that cannot be found.
By Free Map Tools on 29th January 2019

I only put in 5 zip codes. Received an immediate error but continuously says loading.
By Nichole on 29th January 2019

It should now work again.
By Free Map Tools on 13th January 2019

I put in six zip codes. The tool does not give me results. It continues to say "loading"
On 7th January 2019

Excellent tool! I'm using it for our Coast Guard Auxiliary unit to explore what meeting locations would be most suitable for our group. Like others, I would like to see the number of zip codes expanded, actual driving routes included as an option, and possibly including the ability to input street addresses rather than just zip codes, but like I said, it really is an excellent tool!
By Chase on 15th August 2018

This is great. My challenge is I have need to do this for 25 zip codes with numbers of members in each zip code. I tried it with the highest number (4 or 5 per zip code) but left out all of the ones with only 3, but they outnumber the rest.
By Jeff on 29th September 2017

Hi Fred, we will put this on the Future Improvements and Ideas list.
By Free Map Tools on 30th August 2017

Is it possible to add a ranking or weighting for each zip code? Perhaps weight the zip code by a percentage (23%, 18%, 10%, etc.) or an absolute number (117, 86, 72, 51, etc.)?
By Fred on 29th August 2017

Hi Ken, not at the moment. We will add this to Future Improvements and Ideas
By Free Map Tools on 20th March 2017

Is there anyway to put a list of zip codes in? Trying to find the center of a delivery area with 46 zip codes.
By Ken on 20th March 2017

Dee, numbers have now been added to the location markers.
By Free Map Tools on 7th September 2016

The points aren't number this isn't helping me any.
By Dee on 4th September 2016

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