Convert UK Postcode to Latitude / Longitude

Use this tool to convert a UK postcode to a latitude longitude pair. Type in a postcode and click convert. The lat/lng will then be displayed.

Convert Single Postcode

Postcode :


Convert Batch of Postcodes

List the postcodes below, one per line then click the Convert button. The postcodes will then be geocoded in batch. There is a maximum of 100 rows that can be processed in one batch.


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Comments For This Page

Use this every week, Very useful!
By Serpin Satongari on 19th May 2017

Fantastic and useful tool. Thank you
By Aaron Wiles on 10th March 2017

Would like to see a user option to configure the output to include the Post Code or the order of the data? Is this possible to enhance?
By Peter Davison on 20th January 2017

Would definitly be an improvement if it could export to excel :-) but copy and paste seems to work OK.
By Karen on 26th October 2016

be good if you could export batch results to excel
On 30th August 2016

batch codes should convert all on one line!
On 20th July 2016

Yes. What other country are you looking for?
By Free Map Tools on 19th July 2016

does it work only for UK?
On 19th July 2016

Can we have mins and seconds please
On 22nd June 2016

Thanks for reporting this. There was an issue with the batch converter when a partial postcode was input. This should now be fixed.
By Free Map Tools on 20th June 2016

if i type ab10 into the single postcode converter i get one answer, if i then type ab10 into the batch converter i get a different answer?
On 18th June 2016

Just great, works a treat.
On 27th April 2016

needs secons and minutes and not just decimals
On 5th February 2016

It is not giving me exact result
On 4th December 2015

James, thanks for the feedback. The accuracy of this has now been improved.
By Free Map Tools on 22nd September 2015

This does not work! It gives incorrect values. E.g. The Latitude, Longitude of ip9 is: 41.5183582,-8.481690800000024 NO IT IS NOT
By James on 17th September 2015

On 12th August 2015

The Latitude, Longitude of B312FP is: 52.4259691,-1.9557052999999769
By Derek Waller on 3rd July 2015

Very easy so hopefully there is an app as my Sat Nav only seems to want Long/Lat info and usually I have only a postcode
By Mags W on 8th May 2015

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