Convert NGR to Postcode

Use this tool to convert an OS National Grid Reference to a UK postcode. Type in a Grid Reference or a list of Grid References and click convert. The closest postcode for each Grid Reference will then be displayed.

Input / Output

Please input in the format "TF 01584 06833"


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British National Grid Reference System

Comments For This Page

'Please Wait' - perfect. And so polite! Oh, and pretty darn quick too. Nice one guys.
By Bill Roissetter on 17th September 2023

Thanks for the feedback Bill. This has been implemented.
By Free Map Tools on 15th September 2023

One thought though that would improve the user experience - how about a message informing the user that the conversion process was underway? I was a bit worried the first time that nothing was happening after I hit the convert button.
By Bill Roissetter on 13th September 2023

Amazing! What a brilliant solution to my very niche problem (plotting the location of WWII Pillboxes in Google Maps). Well, I did say it was niche! Happy to make a donation.
By Bill Roissetter on 1st September 2023

Having Convert NGR to Postcode in the app would be great feature. I volunteer as an emergency rescuer and often I have find places on a map quickly to attend a location
On 4th March 2023

Brilliant - and so quick
By TJ on 2nd August 2022

What is the maximum number you can batch convert and can it be export as an excel file?
By Andy M on 25th April 2022

Brilliant tool. Will there be an app?
On 29th March 2022

Great but... can't you have it displayed in a table so we can just copy the list of post codes? Thank you.
By Andy on 22nd March 2022

for me it duplicates quite a few of my grid references e.g. I submit a list of 10 and it returns 15, with some duplicates
By FB on 10th March 2022

Graham, you can list multiple in the text box by using one per line.
By Free Map Tools on 25th January 2022

Is there a possibility to do 10 different coordinates at once?
By Graham on 2nd December 2021

On 27th October 2021

You do need to include the first 2 letters. It can then be a 4, 6, 8 or 10 digit reference number (separated with a space)
By Free Map Tools on 11th August 2021

do you have to include Map letters e.g SU? do you write 3,4 or 5 figure grid reference?
By Keith H on 10th August 2021

Super Easy to use. This is what the internet is for. Simple, Straight forward and helpful. Made my walking without a GPS straightforward
By SOFCookies on 19th July 2021

always use it! makes things easy. if it doesn't work for you, make sure it doesn't have any spaces, commas at the end. hope this helps
On 25th May 2021

Hi, which reference do you put in?
By Free Map Tools on 27th January 2021

Not working
By 2021 vibes on 27th January 2021

Works well.I always use it.
On 10th December 2020

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