Convert NGR to Postcode

Use this tool to convert an OS National Grid Reference to a UK postcode. Type in a Grid Reference or a list of Grid References and click convert. The postcode for each Grid Reference will then be displayed.

Input / Output

Please input in the format "TF 01584 06833"


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British National Grid Reference System

Comments For This Page

Just used this tool to convert grid references to postcode since the walking book I am using gives the start position as a grid reference. Works a treat - excellent tool thank you
By Dave w on 15th July 2019

Just the Job. Suggest zeroing in on the result! Just a thought. Thanks
By Barney on 4th February 2019

Is anyone actually administering this page? There's questions waiting for answers.
On 16th October 2018

Thank you, this is such a useful tool.
By Nat on 15th October 2018

It appears there is input list limit of 100 NGRs. I have 2,405 NGRs to convert to postcode. Is there a quicker and easier (free) tool that will do the job?
By Phil on 8th October 2018

Philip, try Input the address without the postcode and let that page tell you what it is.
By Free Map Tools on 4th March 2018

I found the exact grid reference for our property and entered it.The post code then came up which is the post code we already have,however this postcode is assigned to a property some 900mtrs away and is not on the same road as ours.I need a pinpoint postcode for our property.Can you help me?
By Philip on 4th March 2018

My earlier (below) comment was wrong. All post codes were in accurate order but there was some stuttering from 2-6 times on occasions. Removing these stuttered duplicates gave me a complete and accurate list, which could be pasted.
By Dave C on 12th February 2018

Excellent if you have a list of different grid refs to convert to post code, but any known duplicates listed apart in the grid ref list, are listed together in the postcode list, which knocks the list out of sequence, and needs then manual sorting. Otherwise it's Brilliant
By Dave C on 11th February 2018

Superb tool
By Kevin Outram on 2nd January 2018

After wasting time trying different sites to convert Grid Ref to a post code, your site is a dream. Thanks.
By Georgw S on 20th December 2017

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