Find UK Postcodes Inside a Radius

Map of the UK where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all outcode postcodes inside the radius.

UK Postcode Radius Search Map



Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 320km) OR miles (maximum = 200 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place radius by location :



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Show Centre Marker? Show Postcode Labels? Only Output Outcodes? Show UK County Borders?


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CSV Postcodes

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CSV Postcodes with distance (postcode,km,miles)


Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Click on the map or type in an address or postcode on the center of your search. After a delay, the results will appear inside the radius. If you hover over a marker, you will see it's outcode postcode.

Any radius less than 20km will return full postcodes, anything more will return outcodes only.

The list of Post Codes inside the radius will be displayed in the textbox. You can toggle between CSV or new line output by clicking the [Toggle CSV or New line] button above the textbox.

Future Ideas

  • Option to select postcodes or outcodes for output

Version History

  • 3rd October 2019 : Version 20 - New button to download CSV data
  • 3rd October 2018 : Version 19 - Update to back-end UK Postcode database
  • 11th September 2018 : Version 18 - Fixed issue with postcode search
  • 28th August 2018 : Version 17 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 20th May 2016 : Version 16 - Fixed issue with markers not appearing
  • 16th January 2015 : Version 15 - Now outputs postcode and distance in km and miles
  • 21st January 2014 : Version 14 - Added option to show UK county borders
  • 12th August 2013 : Version 13 - Full Screen option added
  • 6th August 2013 : Version 12 - Option to only output outcodes added, for outcodes with radius less than 20km
  • 4th June 2013 : Version 11 - Now outputs full UK postcodes for radius under 20km. Implemented marker clustering to improve browser performance
  • 9th August 2012 : Version 10 - Option to toggle between CSV and new line output format
  • 15th July 2012 : Version 9 - Each marker now shows the distance from the centre point in km
  • 13th June 2012 : Version 8 - Implemented Google Maps API V3. Added optional centre point marker. Added Reset Map button
  • 27th April 2012 : Version 7 - Increased maximum radius to 320km / 200miles
  • 30th March 2011 : Version 6 - Increased maximum radius to 160km / 100miles
  • 11th February 2010 : Version 5 - Increased maximum radius to 100km / 64miles
  • 28th January 2010 : Version 4 - Updates. Miles option added for input. Centre point can now be input by address or postcode
  • 18th September 2009 : Version 3 - Updates
    • Maximum radius increased to 50km
    • Remove extra comma on CSV output
    • Clear CSV textbox on page refresh
    • Crosshairs added to map as curser
    • Map no longer pans when no postcodes are found
  • 25th June 2009 : Version 2 - Major Improvements
    • Is it inside radius? function now runs server-side and is much faster
    • Output textbox added to output all found postcodes in comma separated format
  • 21st February 2009 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

There are no known issues right now. Can you confirm the input the criteria you used please?
By Free Map Tools on 7th January 2020

Is there an issue with this site as when inputting the criteria to draw down on a radius and selecting output codes only, when pressing on the search button - nothing happens ?
On 7th January 2020

Hi is it possible to have the postcodes Distance by Land Transport please? Just some postcodes i need run for 40 miles and i am trying to offer free delivery on orders within 20 miles.. Thank you in advance
By Russell on 9th December 2019

Jrais, please try Find UK Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area.
By Free Map Tools on 16th November 2019

Hi can you draw the area you want a list of postcodes rather than a diameter circle?
By Jrais on 15th November 2019

Dorian, you can copy and paste it in to a text file and save it as filename.csv
By Free Map Tools on 1st October 2019

How do you export the CSV data?
By Dorian on 30th September 2019

Is there any chance this could give driving distances rather than point to point? If not, could you point me in the right direction as to where and how I could find that information (eg: OSM?).
By Malc on 1st September 2019

Hi Claire, please try : Distance Between UK Postcodes.
By Free Map Tools on 20th May 2019

Is there an option which gives time taken for travelling distance between postcodes?
By Claire on 16th May 2019

Graham, for the doughnut, this is not possible to do on this page, but you can subtract results of A from B to get the same output. In terms of speed, I agree that some searches return 1000\'s of results and web browsers do take their time to process and display all this data. We take the approach that it\'s better to let users do larger searches and wait for their browser to process it rather than put a lower radius limit on searches just to avoid comments such as \"its a bit slow\". Also, 30 miles in a less populated area will be relatively faster than a populated area i.e. the South East.
By Free Map Tools on 8th May 2019

would it be possible to do a doughnut shape search for say between 10 and 20Km? that would allow for me to build up search areas easier. worked great for me but trying anything over 30 miles is too slow. Thanks
By Graham on 7th May 2019

Hi, for the large amounts of data that can come about, the browser will sometimes be under pressure and slow down. We could limit the amount of data or the radius that can be input but then I'm sure there will be complaints about that. So this is due to the sheer amount of data.
By Free Map Tools on 6th February 2019

option for copying list of postcodes? its so big Its taking forever to scroll and select
On 6th February 2019

Is it possible to only see the first part for the cost code in the list - ie. IP1, rather than IP1 4JJ?
By Barry on 4th October 2018

Carwyn, we have just updated the data. This should now work.
By Free Map Tools on 3rd October 2018

SA33 5EZ from SA33 6EH showing no results. Postcode is correct according to Royal Mail
By Carwyn on 2nd October 2018

This is fantastic, thank you very much for putting this together.
By Oliver on 27th September 2018

Josh, it is due to the sheer amount of data trying to return. Yes, the website should cope better but at this point in time there is no quick bug fix.
By Free Map Tools on 25th September 2018

Centre & Radius: 80 miles of HU17 0RT
By Josh on 25th September 2018

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