Find UK Postcodes Inside a Radius

Map of the UK where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all outcode postcodes inside the radius.

UK Postcode Radius Search Map


Show Centre Marker? Show Postcode Markers? Only Output Outcodes? Show UK County Borders?

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Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 320km) OR miles (maximum = 200 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place radius by location name or postcode :

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CSV Postcodes

CSV Postcodes with distance (postcode,km,miles)


Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Click on the map or type in an address or postcode on the center of your search. After a delay, the results will appear inside the radius. If you hover over a marker, you will see it's outcode postcode.

Any radius less than 20km will return full postcodes, anything more will return outcodes only.

The list of Post Codes inside the radius will be displayed in the textbox. You can toggle between CSV or new line output by clicking the [Toggle CSV or New line] button above the textbox.

Version History

  • 20th May 2016 : Version 16 - Fixed issue with markers not appearing
  • 16th January 2015 : Version 15 - Now outputs postcode and distance in km and miles
  • 21st January 2014 : Version 14 - Added option to show UK county borders
  • 12th August 2013 : Version 13 - Full Screen option added
  • 6th August 2013 : Version 12 - Option to only output outcodes added, for outcodes with radius less than 20km
  • 4th June 2013 : Version 11 - Now outputs full UK postcodes for radius under 20km. Implemented marker clustering to improve browser performance
  • 9th August 2012 : Version 10 - Option to toggle between CSV and new line output format
  • 15th July 2012 : Version 9 - Each marker now shows the distance from the centre point in km
  • 13th June 2012 : Version 8 - Implemented Google Maps API V3. Added optional centre point marker. Added Reset Map button
  • 27th April 2012 : Version 7 - Increased maximum radius to 320km / 200miles
  • 30th March 2011 : Version 6 - Increased maximum radius to 160km / 100miles
  • 11th February 2010 : Version 5 - Increased maximum radius to 100km / 64miles
  • 28th January 2010 : Version 4 - Updates. Miles option added for input. Centre point can now be input by address or postcode
  • 18th September 2009 : Version 3 - Updates
    • Maximum radius increased to 50km
    • Remove extra comma on CSV output
    • Clear CSV textbox on page refresh
    • Crosshairs added to map as curser
    • Map no longer pans when no postcodes are found
  • 25th June 2009 : Version 2 - Major Improvements
    • Is it inside radius? function now runs server-side and is much faster
    • Output textbox added to output all found postcodes in comma separated format
  • 21st February 2009 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

We would also be willing to look at any renewables project , we install oil log natural gas Ais and ground source heat pumps and air con
By Andy Jarvis on 14th August 2017

Saff, this isn't possible to filter out on this page. The only suggestion is to get the full postcodes then use a spreadsheet or script to extract the postcode sectors and group unique values.
By Free Map Tools on 24th July 2017

It's very helpful thanks but how can I limit to just the district number only i.e. St6 5 rather than st6 5de
By Saff on 21st July 2017

Alfred, it is only possible to do one-by-one on this website. Running in batch would have a cost. Get in contact if you wish to discuss.
By Free Map Tools on 6th July 2017

If I have a list of postcodes that I need a radius around (~150 postcodes), is there a way to run them all at once or only one by one?
By Alfred on 6th July 2017

I will try to work with you to see how is going.Thank you.
On 3rd July 2017

Hi abdulwahid, Can you explain what steps you take on this page and where it stops working please?
By Free Map Tools on 6th June 2017

Hello, why isn't this page working?
By abdulwahid on 6th June 2017

Edvin, not sure what you mean. Could you give a bit more detail please?
By Free Map Tools on 20th March 2017

Expanded List
By Edvin on 17th March 2017

Dave, please get in direct contact to discuss.
By Free Map Tools on 7th March 2017

Is there any API for this feature so i can consume it as a web service?
By Dave on 3rd March 2017

I love this website. I was in search to find out the the UK post codes within 3 and 5 miles radius and this this website gave me all required details in the format what I actually want. Thank you and really appreciate the developer of this website.
By M Asif on 28th February 2017

Do you and are you willing to share the SQL/MySQl code that calculates this?
By Stuart on 25th January 2017

Dave, for performance reasons this is kept limited. Once the radius size gets so large there is an impact on the service for all users.
By Free Map Tools on 5th October 2016

Please could we have FULL UK postcodes inside a radius beyond 20km? I need to calculate full postcode & distance up to 60 miles from a central point.
By Dave N, Bristol on 5th October 2016

Great, fingers crossed
By Liam McNulty on 1st September 2016

Gary, thanks for reporting this. Please try again (might need to F5/refresh page) and it should be working.
By Free Map Tools on 26th August 2016

Hi Not able to access the postcodes inside a radius? can you help. we use this tool and generally excellent tool for the above but saying location not found?
By Gary Hales on 26th August 2016

Thanks for this!
On 15th August 2016

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