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Use this tool to convert a UK postcode to a OS National Grid Reference. Type in a postcode or a list of postcodes and click convert. The NGR for each postcode will then be displayed. Northern Ireland postcodes will use the Irish grid reference system.

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My place has had 3 postcodes allocated. This converter worked for all three no problem. Now to see the grid references to see why it keeps moving!
By Geoffrey Ashley on 23rd June 2017

Zyda, this just has more precision. So instead of AB 12345 67890 you could use AB 123 678 and loose some of the precision.
By Free Map Tools on 18th May 2017

Hello - I was expecting 2 letters and 6 digits. but instead I get 2 letters and 10 digits...? Can you help?
By Zyda on 17th May 2017

Hi, can you explain why it doesn't work? Does it return an NGR code? If so, do you think it is wrong?
By Free Map Tools on 9th November 2016

does not work
On 7th November 2016

V handy, thanks
By Mike W on 29th March 2016

On 25th January 2016

Input SA64 0BU post code and the tool returns an incorrect NGR. You appear to have a problem
By Lyndon Williams on 13th August 2015

Ace tool great
By Tom C on 23rd June 2015

Great struggled to find NGR big thanks
By NAL on 18th June 2015

Brilliant - found in seconds -needed for confirmation of a contact made in an Amateur Radio contest.
By David on 15th June 2014

By Kayln on 18th December 2013

Trying to find NGR but two different sites are giving me differnce references ?
On 16th December 2013

using this site a lot to help with wind loading on buildi (Need to know ngr for a site) Reaaly usreful
By Graeme GKMA on 6th December 2013

A very useful tool this but how about a NGR to post code convertor so I can input to a satnav to get me to remote locations.
By Peter C on 28th November 2013

BT31 3QU does not exist according to Royal Mail site.
By Peter on 27th October 2013

This makes life so much easier for getting a holding number for temporary sheep grazing!! (for which you need post code and map reference! thank you
By AliRowe on 13th October 2013

Any sign of a batch converter for Postcodes to OS Grid Refs?
By Matt on 8th October 2013

Tell me bt31 3qu, did you leave space between bt31 and 3qu? If you did then it won't show your reference. You must enter it as bt313qu!!! DOH
By Grid master on 7th October 2013

completely useless, it didn't find my grid reference or does bt31 3qu not exist
On 4th October 2013

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