Create and Plot Encoded PolyLine on Map

Use the page to plot an encoded polyline on a map. You can also create your own polyline to produce an encoded polyline string of text.

Encoded PolyLine Map

Plot an encoded polyline :  Plot 


Plotted Polyline Encoded :


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How To Use

Plot Encoded Polyline

  1. Paste the encoded polyline text in to the textbox above the map
  2. Click Plot
  3. The polyline is then plotted on the map
  4. You are able to edit the polyline to create a new encoded output

Create an Encoded Polyline

  1. Click on the map to draw a polyline
  2. As you add more points, the textbox below the map will display the encoded polyline
  3. You can copy the text in the textbox below the map

Future Ideas and Features

Version History


Comments For This Page

Max, it's not possible to close the polygon if its not already closed. If the polygon was closed before it was encoded, then it will appear closed here. Export to KML has been added to the Future Ideas and Features list.
By Free Map Tools on 13th November 2020

How do you finish the polygon i.e. close the loop from last point plotted to first? Would it be possible to make the created polygon available as a .kml file?
By Max on 12th November 2020

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