Download UK Postcode Outcode Boundaries

Download a KML file showing all UK Postcode areas.


You can download the KML file below.

UK Postcode boundaries (703kb)


There are 124 outcodes in the UK postal system. This KML file contains 124 polygons that represent each postcode area. You can use Google Earth to open and view this data.

Comments For This Page

you're the best.
On 15th August 2021

Excellent, Thanks
By Steve Parkinson on 9th March 2021

Not quite what I was expecting. A bit disappointing.
On 7th August 2020

Sharon, sorry, not sure about where to find this data.
By Free Map Tools on 13th September 2018

Hi, I see from other comments that this data isn't as detailed as would be useful, i.e. Post Code District or sector level, do you know if this would be available in KML format anywhere?
By Sharon Brittain on 29th August 2018

These are NOT outcodes. Outcode is the whole first part of the postcode e.g. NE28, not just NE!
On 15th June 2018

Hi there We are also looking for KML files showing the postcode breakdown areas within each outward code Eg DE1, DE2, DE3, DE4 We have developed a tool in house to return a list of postcode breakdowns within a certain radius of a given postcode .. Eg All postcode breakdowns within 20 miles of DE1. However, we want to be able to visually see the postcode breakdowns on this map Do you have this KML data for us to download and utilise? Thanks Rob
On 27th March 2017

Each Outcode is the name for each placemark in the KML file.
By Free Map Tools on 26th December 2016

This is useless without the names of the postcodes.
On 26th December 2016

The KML download is fantastic but was hoping it would be possible to also include postcode districts, even if just for London (or where one could find this), e.g. "W1-14" instead of just "W" which is in itself not that helpful. Thank you very much indeed!
On 2nd November 2016

Brilliant, thanks!
On 6th June 2016

Hi Andrew, have a look at KML Layers.
By Free Map Tools on 25th June 2014

Does anyone know if there is a way to use this with Google Maps API V3? Thanks
By Andrew on 6th June 2014

These are postcode areas, which make up part of the outcode. They are are not postcode districts - those are not free
On 22nd February 2014

Hi Guys, I need to get much more detailed than the outcode boundaries. Do you have a file that gives details of full outbound codes such as RG24 rather than just RG? I need to find polygons to overlay onto Google maps, any ideas? Thanks
By Neil on 3rd July 2013

Hey guys, thanks for the KML! I wrote a script to convert the data to SVG format and thought it might come in handy for others:
By Andrew Rose on 20th May 2013

What's the difference between coordinates and coordinates8?
By Richard on 18th March 2013

So i've been using this data to render an svg out, so far so good, except the map is 90degrees clockwise :D However, Good stuff man :)
On 27th October 2012

Epic. Simply epic. Thank you so very much!
On 7th May 2012

not sure yet - I need to view it first
On 28th March 2012

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