Find Australian Postcodes Inside a Radius

Map of Australia where you can specify a point and a radius to search within and return all the post codes found inside that radius.

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Step 1 : Radius km (maximum = 500km) OR miles (maximum = 310 miles)

Step 2 : Click on map OR Place radius by location :

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Step 3 : Remove duplicate postcodes? :


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Post Codes:

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Post Code,Suburbs,Distance()


Input a radius to search within in KM or miles. Click on the map or type in an address or Australian post code on the center of your search. After a delay, the results will appear in the text box. If there is a reasonable number of points, they will also be shown on the map. If you hover over a marker, you will see it's post code.

You can find a comma separated list of the post codes and suburbs in the large text box below the map.

There is a limit to the radius because excessive results can take a long time to load and some web browsers struggle to load them all.

Future Improvements

  • Display distance between centre point and marker when you hover of the marker

Version History

  • 6th May 2019 : Version 9.3 - Search by Australia postcode
  • 7th November 2018 : Version 9.2 - Added new option Show Postcode Markers?
  • 19th September 2018 : Version 9.1 - Free Text Search set as default search
  • 27th August 2018 : Version 9.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 7th April 2018 : Version 8.4 - Updates to improve postcode base point searching
  • 4th July 2017 : Version 8.3 - Combined output now sorted by distance from centre of radius
  • 7th March 2017 : Version 8.2 - Full screen control is now built in to the map interface
  • 21st April 2016 : Version 8.1 - Added Combined output to give postcode, suburb and distance from the centre of the radius
  • 28th May 2014 : Version 8 - Radius can now be dragged to perform a new search close by. Clear Map button added
  • 18th November 2013 : Version 7 - Added Full Screen option
  • 12th November 2013 : Version 6 - Implemented Google Map API V3
  • 6th August 2013 : Version 5 - Option to include duplicate postcodes
  • 1st February 2013 : Version 4 - Duplicate postcodes are no longer output
  • 5th February 2012 : Version 3 - Also outputs the suburb
  • 19th June 2011 : Version 2 - Bug fix to searching functionality
  • 16th February 2011 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Thanks for the suggestion Drew. We will look in to it.
By Free Map Tools on 4th October 2021

What a great tool, thanks. Can I suggest an enhancement? Have an option to enter wildcard filters based on postcode like 27* or *27
By Drew on 2nd October 2021

Great, dear creator of the tools, thank you very much for the efforts you have put in. Highly appreciate it.
By Ronak on 30th September 2021

Can all the street names and or street numbers be downloaded for addresses within 5km of the radius?
By Anthony on 19th September 2021

Awesome. this is just what we need! Thank you
By Warwicl on 28th August 2021

On 22nd August 2021

This is just what i have been looking for - fabulous has saved me so much time :)
By paul on 12th July 2021

Hi Nins. Sorry, this is not possible. For commercial reasons and performance reasons. We wish to be able to provide a free to use service without a few users (most likely to be using it for commercial purposes) consuming the processing the most.
By Free Map Tools on 6th July 2021

Hi, this tool is really helpful. Just wondering if I can upload multiple Australian post codes at a time (eg 70) and bring up a list of post codes that are within a 5km radius of the before mentioned 70 rather than doing each one manually?
By Nins on 1st July 2021

Hi Peter, the output is listed in the text boxes below the map.
By Free Map Tools on 2nd June 2021

Really helpful software. How do I obtain a listing of the results as I am wanting to do this for all major capital cities.
By Peter on 1st June 2021

Fantastic tool team. Thank you.
By Linda on 31st May 2021

Can we use this as an api ?
On 15th April 2021

Thank you for this tool. Super useful!
On 27th January 2021

Wonderful tool, thank you
By Fred on 5th January 2021

Great tool
On 30th December 2020

Hi Max, it assumes each postcode is a centroid. So if the mid point of a postcode area is inside, then it counts it.
By Free Map Tools on 2nd December 2020

Is this tool showing all postcodes in the area (even if they might be cut e.g. starts at 9km from the marker but postcode goes to 11km from marker when the radius is set to 10km) or only the ones that are fully "enclosed" by the radius set?
By Max on 1st December 2020

Hi, can you give a bit more detail about how it isn't working for you?
By Free Map Tools on 16th November 2020

Your map tool isnt working
On 16th November 2020

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