Find Australian Postcodes inside State and Suburb

Find postcodes inside Australian states and suburbs. Select a state and then (optionally) a suburb.

Select a State :

Post Codes


  • Select a Australian State from the drop down list
  • A list of post codes inside that state will then be displayed in the text box
  • You can toggle between CSV and one-per-line using the [Toggle CSV or New Line] button
  • Once a state has been selected, you can then find postcode codes inside a suburb using the second drop down list of Australian Suburbs in the selected state

Version History

  • 5th November 2020 : Version 1.1 - Fixed issue with Suburb list not populating
  • 14th May 2016 : Version 1.0 - Initial version

Future Updates and Enhancements

  • Display State name alongside postcode in output box

Comments For This Page

Could we get suburb names against each of the post codes? similar to the radius based search
By Abhi on 12th April 2021

Hi Paul, thanks for reporting. Back up and running!
By Free Map Tools on 5th November 2020

The Suburb dropdown contains no data when you switch state
By Paul on 5th November 2020

Apologies if I\'ve missed it some where on the site but aside from the list of postcodes can we obtain the suburb names against the list?
On 2nd May 2019

Simi, can you confirm what steps you take?
By Free Map Tools on 16th October 2017

Doesn't let me see anything
By Simi on 16th October 2017

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