Find Australian Postcodes Inside a User Defined Area

This is a map of Australia where you can define an area and then search to return all postcodes inside the area.

Australian Postcode Inside Area Map



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Click on the map to define an area inside which you wish to find all Australian postcodes. Draw the area in a clockwise direction.

Once you have an area defined, click the [Search For Postcodes] button. The Australian postcodes will then be displayed on the map and also in listed in the textbox below the map.

  • You can clear the map by clicking the [Clear Map] button.
  • You can switch to a full screen view by clicking the [Full Screen] button.
  • You can remove the last point added to the area by clicking the [Delete Last Point] button. You can also remove an area end-point by clicking on the endpoint.

Future Ideas

  • Option to map to LGA (Local Government Area)

Version History

  • 15th January 2019 : Version 4.2 - Polygon is now editable
  • 12th January 2019 : Version 4.1 - Bug Fixes
  • 6th January 2019 : Version 4.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 7th March 2017 : Version 3.1 - Option to remove duplicate postcodes. Full screen control is now built in to the map interface
  • 8th June 2016 : Version 3 - Now outputs suburb as well as postcode
  • 31st May 2014 : Version 2 - Minor updates to code
  • 2nd December 2013 : Version 1 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Hi, can i have source code of get-australian-postcodes-inside-polygon.php ? I'm learning about finding zipcode in polygon area. Thank you so much!
By Son on 2nd July 2019

When I included Groote Eylandt in the defined area it omitted any post codes on the island. This caused issues and inconvenience and ended up wasting time. Could you please ensure that all post codes selected are generated including on islands. It would be much appreciated. Thanks
By TW on 19th March 2019

BM, we cannot change back. We cannot afford to on this free-to-use site. An update has been made to allow the polygon to be edited.
By Free Map Tools on 15th January 2019

Should not have changed this tool, we can cannot drag the point markers into position when zoning your desired area, makes things very difficult, please change back.
By BM on 14th January 2019

Hi Miguel, thanks for the suggestion - this is an interesting one! We will look in to feasibility
By Free Map Tools on 31st October 2018

This is amazing. What about a reverse function - you add in a set of postcodes, and then it'll highlight (or drop a pin) in each area?
By Miguel on 30th October 2018

LGA option has been added to the Future Ideas list.
By Free Map Tools on 13th September 2018

Hi there It would be great if you mapped to LGA (Local Government Area) too. Is this on the cards? Cheers
On 12th September 2018

pls get me Australian post code
By raymond nkahereonye on 28th June 2018

This tool literally saves my sanity! Thank you!!!
By Kelly on 13th May 2018

Hi there, love this tool! Just wondering where you get your data from/how current is it?
On 9th April 2018

Hi zak, which field to you refer to?
By Free Map Tools on 12th March 2018

is there anyway you can make it so i can input postcodes into the field?
By zak on 12th March 2018

Hi Paul, this sounds like what you talk about : Find Australian Postcodes Inside a Radius
By Free Map Tools on 19th November 2017

Excellent solution thanks. Has anyone come across a mapping solution that allows you to highlight a ring of postcodes, and then to get a list of every postcodes within that ring?
By Paul on 19th November 2017

Thank you so much! This is perfect for what I need, I have been looking for a while and had nearly given up thinking I could only search within a radius. Awesome tool :)
By Colleen on 8th April 2017

Alkimos WA 6038 should now appear in the correct location
By Free Map Tools on 14th March 2017

Hi Great page. Question. When i do a radius around 6170 i get 6038,Alkimos 6167,Anketell 6167,Bertram 6167,Calista 6167,Casuarina 6167,Kwinana Beach 6167,Kwinana Town Centre 6167,Medina 6167,Orelia 6167,Parmelia 6167,Postans 6167,The Spectacles 6168,Cooloongup 6168,Hillman 6168,Rockingham 6169,Safety Bay 6169,Shoalwater 6169,Waikiki 6170,Leda 6170,Wellard 6038 is way off. is this an error maybe?
By Dekka on 13th March 2017

Robbo, this has now been added.
By Free Map Tools on 7th March 2017

Hi. This page is very helpful, but is it possible to remove duplicated postcodes (as you can on the 'within a radius' page)? I lose a lot of time manually removing them... Thanks!
By Robbo on 6th March 2017

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