Find Canadian Postcode Inside User Defined Area

Map of the Canada where you can draw a custom area and then perform a search and return all the Canadian post codes found inside the area.

Find Canadian Postcode Inside User Defined Area Map



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Only return Forward Sortation Area (FSA). Locations are averaged

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Draw a free form shape on the map to define the area. Once you have drawn the area, click the [Search For Postcodes] button. After a short delay, the system will then return all Canadian postcodes contained inside that area. If you hover over a marker, you will see it's post code.

You can find a comma separated list of the Canada post codes in the large text box below the map.

There are also buttons [Clear All Points], [Zoom to Fit] and [Full Screen] to assist you.

Version History

  • 15th January 2019 : Version 3.1 - Polygon is now editable
  • 12th January 2019 : Version 3.0 - Changed to Leaflet Maps
  • 22nd January 2016 : Version 2.2 - Added option to only output FSA component of post code
  • 13th October 2015 : Version 2.1 - Database of postal codes updated
  • 31st May 2014 : Version 2.0 - Code optimisation
  • 14th May 2014 : Version 1.0 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

This is very useful! I will use it to create a catchment-area checking script to quickly determine which hospital is responsible for my patients. Thank you!
On 18th February 2019

The new polygon tool is very difficult to use. Also, the user is unable to make simple changes to the shape without clearing the map and starting from scratch.
On 15th January 2019

Hi, can you give some examples of the postcodes that were outside?
By Free Map Tools on 5th April 2018

Not really working. Returns postal codes completely outside of the area I selected. :(
On 4th April 2018

Such a great tool, thank you!
On 28th March 2018

The map loaded but then disappeared, now all that is showing is the following message: "Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details."
On 12th June 2017

Thanks very much for this, super helpful!
By Jesse on 6th June 2017

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! This is awesome, you have save me so much time!
By Jason on 12th April 2017

This is an incredibly helpful tool. Thank you!!!
On 1st February 2017

Christian, the hanging is due the the web browser trying to load in 1000's of postcodes at once. I have now added an option to only return FSAs so this should help speed things up.
By Free Map Tools on 22nd January 2016

Great tool but seems to freeze when I select an important radius (Toronto Metro). I agree with : Would it be easier to do this for FSAs (forward sortation area, i.e. first half of postal code) instead of postal codes? That way the data set is reduced by a couple of orders of magnitude from say 10000's to 100's? Thanks! By Ramie on 29/06/2015
By Christian on 22nd January 2016

Hi, can you try a different web browser and see if this works?
By Free Map Tools on 5th October 2015

Hi. The radius map of canada is not showing up
By on 2nd October 2015

Would it be easier to do this for FSAs (forward sortation area, i.e. first half of postal code) instead of postal codes? That way the data set is reduced by a couple of orders of magnitude from say 10000's to 100's? Thanks!
By Ramie on 29th June 2015

Hi Mike, I have looked at your examples. I see what you mean. I think is is down to the precision of the data. At a certain level of detail, the locations of post codes are generalised and hence all appear in one location close by. This then leads on to such all or nothing type results. There isn't much we can do in terms of improving this with our current data set.
By Free Map Tools on 25th June 2014

Thanks for responding! I'm looking for postal codes in Surrey, B.C., Canada. A good example: A rectangle between 96th Ave and S Fraser Perimeter Rd (left border 128th St, right border King George Blvd). I get 814 results here. A bad example: A square between 96th ave and 104th ave (left border 152nd st, right border 160th st). I get 0 results here.
By on 25th June 2014

Hi, can you give an example if this inconstancy please? (a good example and a bad example). We can try and work out if it is an issue in the code or the data.
By Free Map Tools on 24th June 2014

Having an issue with it not always finding postal codes. Sometimes it will, sometimes not. Size and shape doesn't seem to affect the outcome. Is there anything I can do to make it work more consistently? This would be such a great tool if it was a bit more reliable.
On 23rd June 2014

Hi, Please try Find Canadian Postcodes Inside a Radius.
By Free Map Tools on 20th June 2014

I am trying to pull a list of cities/postal codes within a 100 mile radius of Toronto. I drew must custom "circle" and clicked Search for Postal codes. It has now said, "Please Wait" for over 4 hours. Do you have any suggestions to get this information?
On 19th June 2014

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