Find Cities and Towns Inside User Defined Area

Draw an area in the map. The map will then show any cities/towns within the area.

Find Cities Within Area



Click/tap on the map to defne an area

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This tool can be used to find cities and towns within an area. Note, there is no clear way to determine what is a town or city on a global scale so the results on this page may include or exclude some places. Get in contact if you see a big mistake and we will do our best to update the system.


  1. Draw an area on a map by clicking or tapping the outline
  2. Click / Tap Search
  3. Once the search is complete, you will see the list of towns and cities below the map. You can also tap on a marker of a result to find more details


The search has a limit of 500 results

Version History

  • 9th Februray 2020 : 1.0 - Initial version

Future Ideas and Enhancements

  • None yet...

Comments For This Page

Is it possible to increase the search limit? Otherwise a great tool!
On 25th August 2020

Nice tool!
By ohyeahitsyournotboiahhhhhh on 9th June 2020

Sorry, its the city/town name only.
By Free Map Tools on 27th February 2020

Similar to your radius search tool, is it possible that with the city/town name to include the zip code and county name?
On 27th February 2020

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