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Use this tool to find where the visible horizon is from a point on earth using a map to show the area covered.

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This tool can be used to see the area covered by the visible horizon from a given location. As the height of the base point is changed, the visible horizon will change to suit. You can either specify a height manually or let this tool estimate the height and produce the visible horizon polygon automatically.

This will allow you to find out the distance covered by line-of-sight to the horizon.


This tool assumes there is nothing obstructing the horizon and the horizon itself is at zero elevation. In practice there may well be mountains or hills that make the visible horizon closer, or mountains or hills that start behind the visible horizon but rise up above it to become visible.


To use the horizon finder tool:

  • Decide if you wish to use the automatic elevation finder to estimate the elevation from the location or input the elevation manually
  • Zoom and pan the map to find the desired location
  • Click on the map to place a marker
  • You will then see a visual representation of where the visible horizon is
  • Click again to place further radius

External References

Horizon on Wikipedia

Version History

  • 6th December 2023 - Convert to Leftlet Maps
  • 8th January 2016 - Initial Version

Comments For This Page

Working now
By Free Map Tools on 6th December 2023

still doesn't work... alternatives please??
By Jack on 27th September 2023

Doesnt work, anyone got alternatives?
On 12th April 2023

So is this relevant to the codes for any given place on earth? I've been wondering about it.
By adminelliot @ ohboyblessed.com on 9th July 2020

this no longer seems to work, why do you keep it available if it is useless?
On 3rd July 2020

It does exist and these guys did it: https://www.scadacore.com/tools/rf-path/rf-line-of-sight/ It does not take into account for curvature of earth though. Surprised because it wouldn't affect much additional computational time on the server. >>Unfortunately not. We are not aware of such a tool. >>By Free Map Tools on 15th March 2019
By Timothy D. Legg on 20th August 2019

Unfortunately not. We are not aware of such a tool.
By Free Map Tools on 15th March 2019

Do you have tools that calculate how far into the horizon can be seen, considering the surrounding map height of the chosen point?
On 15th March 2019

this sucks, its like theres no moutains
On 10th January 2019

The Earth IS a sphere, thats why you have a limited view of the horizon from your elevation and other natural land obstacles. I like this tool, it has helped me pick some great areas to take photos and use my telescope :) Thank you
By John P on 13th May 2018

Great tool to find out from where you can see a sunset over the sea, or the other shore of a strait.
By Mariano on 13th October 2017

I'm just seeing circles of various size, as if the Earth were a sphere. Am I missing something?
On 24th January 2017

Useful tool
By John B on 4th March 2016

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